Awesome Music Thread

Posted by Member Buzzell on 9/19/12 01:23 PM #1
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Regardless of Diablo, as this is off-topic. Recommend awesome music here.

I must recommend the Avett Brothers. They're definitely my favorite band.
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 9/19/12 01:32 PM #2
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Posted by Member mowuffe on 9/19/12 02:17 PM #3
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Skrillex is my go to choice these days
Posted by Member Khan on 9/19/12 06:12 PM #4
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Skrillex, Rage against the machine, swedish house mafia, tiesto, verdi, the buddha bar series, the list goes on and on...
Posted by Member Metta on 9/19/12 07:30 PM #5
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If I'm going to listen to one band while playing Diablo, it MUST be Metallica. I could do an entire run only listening to Metallica.

That being said, I'm usually listening to some combination of Rock/Metal/Techno. Drum n' Bass seems really good too. Just a couple that haven't been listed: Sub Focus, The Glitch Mob, Kavinsky, Pendulum, Agent Alvin, Infected Mushroom, Phutureprimitive, Wolfgang Gartner, Nero, Plump Djs, Breakbot, Zircon
Posted by Member mowuffe on 9/20/12 06:23 AM #6
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@Metta I love Infected Mushroom
Posted by Member Baldy on 9/20/12 03:34 PM #7
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Posted by Metta at 09/19/2012 07:30 PM

If I'm going to listen to one band while playing Diablo, it MUST be Metallica.

I'm right there with you, brother. I also love Killswitch Engage, Mastodon, Testament, White Zombie, Tool (another fav), Russian Circles, Pantera, Dry Kill Logic, Disturbed, Deftones, Animals as leaders.
Posted by Member Buzzell on 9/20/12 05:14 PM #8
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All these damn metalheads.
Posted by Member Metta on 9/20/12 08:01 PM #9
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haha metal is awesome...

Mastodon is amazing... maybe by 2nd favorite behind Metallica. Can't go wrong with a little AC/DC and Zeppelin either!
Posted by Member Buzzell on 9/26/12 06:05 AM #10
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I think that Tool is pretty good, but that's probably half do to their super psychedelic album art.
Posted by Member Methrin on 9/28/12 06:50 AM #11
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Rammstein & Die Antwoord lately.
Posted by Member Baldy on 11/12/12 04:31 PM #12
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For some reason Tool's 10,000 days has been on a loop on my ipod the last couple weeks. Anyone else love this album?
Posted by Member NightCrawler9 on 11/12/12 05:26 PM #13
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Stone Sour's newest album has been what I've been obsessed with for the past month or so. Easily their best one yet.
Posted by Member yoyo on 11/12/12 05:39 PM #14
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Five Finger Death Punch, Chevelle, Skindred. Gotta say this forum has some good taste.
Posted by Member shniggies on 11/12/12 07:50 PM #15
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mozart, beethoven, vivaldi :)
Posted by Member Metta on 11/12/12 08:55 PM #16
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My personal favorite is Lateralus because it came out when I was in high school and well, high school was depressing and it sort of filled the void. I couldn't get into 10,000 Days because it was just way too slow for me and not angry enough. The rage of "The Grudge", the lyricism of "Schism", the groove of "Parabola", the visceral drumming of "Ticks and Leeches"... it was Tool at its best IMO.

I've been listening to Mastodon's Blood Mountain and man, it's probably the closest to a masterpiece I would ever call a metal album.
Posted by Member Baldy on 11/13/12 08:14 AM #17
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I never really got into Blood Mountain. My first exposure to Mastodon was, ironically enough, from Metallica's Guitar Hero release a few years ago. Blood and Thunder sent me along the Mastodon road and I haven't looked back since.

I'll have to give Blood Mountain another listen, if it's as epic as you say it is then it just might be after all.

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