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Posted by Member MrMalev on 10/18/12 07:12 AM #1
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So, for the last couple of months, I've been checking this site, seeing that people are actually really nice to each other (something hard to come by these days) so I thought "What the heck, maybe someone can give me a good advice".

I've a barb, and even if it's hard for me to admit it, I kinda suck :P.

I don't play as often as I would like (college's killing me) and even tho' I know how to use my build, I'm stuck and I don't know what to do atm! I don't play pubs, and I don't have many people to play with on my Friend List, so I mostly play solo.


That's my barb, I was wondering if you guys could give me a hand telling me what should I buy to improve my gear, and/or any tips on how to play.

Now, this is the hard part, cause playing 'dress the barb' is not very difficult. The though part comes when I tell u that I only have 2.2mil (Currently selling a bunch of stuff on the AH, and farming when I can, so who knows, maybe tomorrow I find something worth a lot?).

Thanks in advance, I hope u can excuse my terrible English btw.
Posted by Member NightCrawler9 on 10/18/12 08:31 AM #2
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Biggest problem I see is you seem to not have much crit chance added from your gear. That's probably what's causing you to have problems running the build. It runs on critting a bunch, so if you can't do it enough, well you can't whirlwind for very long.

As for pieces you should look to improve, I would first start with getting a chest piece with strength on it. Or if you don't want to get another one then switch the amethysts out for rubies. I find 30K life is plenty so don't be afraid to give up life. I'd also try to find a replacement for your rare ring, mainly one with crit chance on it.
Posted by Member phamalot on 10/18/12 08:54 AM #3
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I am a brand new member here and completely agree with your observation about this community.

First, I'll second what NightCrawler9 wrote; the only way this build works is to crit...A LOT. For my barb I first noticed a major difference once I was able to get 35% crit (unbuffed).

Second, when are you trying to WW? I see a lot of players not succeeding because they WW too frequently. For this build, you need to start with a couple of Bashes (if you have no fury) and then use Sprint to get all four tornadoes up. It is critical to keep Sprint up as long as possible (like, ALL the time). Actually, you don't even "need" to use WW at all-it's just a super nice complement for this build.

Third, I wouldn't spend any gold on upgrades right now. Players are finding SOOO many more legendaries (compared to pre-1.0.5) that prices on good rares will most likely drop soon.

Good luck hunting. I'm sure you'll be "Spinning to win" in no time at all!
Posted by Member MrMalev on 10/18/12 09:54 AM #4
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Thanks @NightCrawler9 and @phamalot , I switched my ring for one with Crit Chance, reaching 36% unbuffed (switched it a couple of hours ago, but it's probably going to take a while till it shows on the page).

But you guys got me wrong! I know how to use the build, but I don't know what should I upgrade with my low budget.

I'll look into buying a chest armor with Strg (and vita if possible).

Also, quick question, Should I use MP? If so, which act should I farm and what MP should I set?

I didn't test much in PTR (due to college e.e), so I'm not sure which MP would apply better to me.

Once again, thanks for the responses :)
Posted by Member NightCrawler9 on 10/18/12 10:40 AM #5
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You can check out my profile to see what my barbarian is like. I've been running with it on mplvl 3, but did one run on 4 yesterday. Three is perfectly fine for me right now. I think you could pull it off too, but it might be a bit of a challenge so mplvl 2 might be better for you.
Posted by Member shniggies on 10/18/12 01:19 PM #6
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I honestly don't know barbs all that well, but from a quick peek, i would say to upgrade the gloves/ammy/boots in that order

where were you farming before the new patch? if you were in act2 or 3, then like @nightcrawler9 mentioned, you can be on mlvl2 or 3 on those acts

i'm a wiz and was farming act3 comfortably on the 104 patch, but now on mlvl3 on act3, its pretty difficult
however, i can pretty much roll through act1 on mlvl5 (not trying to brag, just trying to put the diff acts in perspective)

add me, i may have something for you... i got lots of mules with lots of junk that i probably should get rid of...
Posted by Member douvinsky on 10/18/12 05:57 PM #7
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I haven't looked into your gears, and I am not a barb player except that recently I tried to rush a 60 barb out in 12.37 hours.

Upon reaching 60 I did try to upgrade some gears on my barb, cheaply just to see how she goes. I did throw in a few millions but I found that I can get most of the ok armors cheap, and I expect they will only get cheaper. Trial run is that she did well in Act 1 1.04 that is. Run like the wind was overpowered to me as I just run and run and run and the elites will die somehow. You can start comparing your gears with mine and see if we are far from each others in terms of gearing (btw sold my Mainhand lol). Socket weapons and crit gems are good and may require most of your gold budget I suspect. I can take a look in your profile later and see, but I am not an expert in this and I am interested to see others' advices too if I am going to resume my barb someday.
Posted by Member douvinsky on 10/18/12 06:09 PM #8
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Btw i will look at your gears later because it is very hard to do so on my iPhone outside home, and please excuse my English too :)
Posted by Member MrMalev on 10/18/12 08:10 PM #9
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Thanks for the feedback guys!

I used to run Act III, but I had some trouble (depending on my 'luck' I'd die a couple of times, or a dozen). Had no problem with Act II, but I hate Act II (I don't think I'm the only one, but for some reason, I really dislike Act II. I liked Act II from D2 better :/), so I used to run Act I mostly (no deaths, ofc lol) and some times Act III.
I should mention that my gear was different at that time, but not that far away from what it is now.
Btw, I added you. :)

Checked your gear! And not to be cocky or anything, but I think I'm a bit ahead there. I've around twice of Vita and more crit chance and AR. Although u have more Strg than me, without a mainhand (that's kinda sad for me :P).
From a foreigner to another, no problem on the English aspect haha (but I guess that's not up to us to decide :P).

I just got back from college, and I'm tired as hell, but as soon as I can I'll give it a try on the MP and I'll try to upgrade my gear.
Once again, thanks :).

EDIT: If anybody wants to, feel free to add me ing. :).
Posted by Member douvinsky on 10/18/12 11:43 PM #10
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Good to know that your gears are decent. What I was trying to say is that with my barb's ok gears she is already handling 1.04 act I well, so if your gears are better and your chosen skills are fine you should be better than my Barb. I would recommend to farm at least mp1 so that you have a chance for the best item in game. See how your barb go with act I. Btw I haven't tried 1.05 with my barb, so I wouldn't know if she can handle act I mp1 with the same ease.

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