Successfully solo'd Inferno Diablo!

Posted by Member sabin on 11/3/12 12:39 AM #1
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He was quite a pushover with my barb:

The most dangerous enemy for me was definitely the keywarden in silver spire 1. Even with my pretty high eHP/LoH, he got me down around half life when I killed him. The only pack I felt I needed to skip was mallet lords with the fast affix.
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 11/3/12 12:41 AM #2
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Congrats on getting him down :)
Posted by Member Khan on 11/3/12 08:58 AM #3
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Congrats! What an achievement!
Posted by Member shniggies on 11/3/12 11:49 AM #4
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seriously, congrats man, good job
Posted by Member Detski on 11/3/12 03:00 PM #5
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Well done!
Posted by Member sabin on 11/3/12 06:36 PM #6
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Thanks, guys. If anyone else needs help taking him down add me in game, I wouldn't mind beating him again.
Posted by Member razer22 on 11/3/12 08:53 PM #7
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GJ man! So what's the next thing for you in HC?
Posted by Member sabin on 11/3/12 09:34 PM #8
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Posted by razer22 at 11/03/2012 08:53 PM

GJ man! So what's the next thing for you in HC?

Well, I'm trying to eventually hit 100% achievements (95% total so far), so I'll probably switch focus to SC for a bit. I'm not sure what to do next in HC, maybe beat inferno with another class or try and go for ubers.
Posted by Member yphanh2002 on 11/5/12 05:19 PM #9
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Congratz man !
Posted by Member Bort on 11/8/12 01:23 AM #10
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Well done.

I'm lacking a bit... only made lvl 60 yesterday so that achievement seems unreal to me. :)
Posted by Member Bort on 12/12/12 10:44 PM #11
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Hooray!!!! I can finally add my picture to the thread.

I can say this was by far the most satisfying screenshot to make by far!

After killing Belial only two days ago I decided to just go for it.
When Ghom went down without a hitch I was getting hopeful.
Act 3 went smooth.
Act 4 caused one or two panicky moments. But I was able to avoid that nasty keywarden by hugging the wall in Spire 1 (and getting lucky)
Also, when I saw an elite Mallot Lord pack I also worried. Did not try to fight at all. Saw the blue Mallet Lord enter the top corner of the screen and I just turned tail.

All the Act 4 bosses were nice and easy, even Diablo.
Posted by Member sabin on 12/12/12 11:05 PM #12
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@Bort Congrats and welcome to the club!

I was the same way - if you play conservatively, then you'll end up good enough to clear the game by the time you choose to fight Belial. Smart move avoiding the A4 KW and mallet pack.
Posted by Member eastdragon42 on 12/13/12 12:59 AM #13
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@Sabin, @Bort,

Congratulations to both of ya on defeating Diablo in hardcore mode! Which is something I don't think I will ever attempt to do.... ;-)
Posted by Member Khan on 12/13/12 04:04 AM #14
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Great job!
Posted by Member ninjax on 12/13/12 04:22 AM #15
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Nice! I played HC in d2, but not enough time (or nerves) to do it again in D3.... yet

Posted by Member yoyo on 12/13/12 08:28 AM #16
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Nice job Sabin! I have always wanted to build a HC player but the occasional SC lag and DC deaths have discouraged me. I might just do it anyway. lol Great achievment.
Posted by Member sabin on 12/13/12 09:29 AM #17
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@eastdragon42 @ninjax @yoyo You guys should give it a shot. HC can be a lot more exciting. Just go into it with your main goal being to see how far you can get before you die. I actually looked forward to re-leveling when I lost my 2 DH's. It's a nice break from farming SC with your main.

You can also try to gear for lag/disconnects (my barb is very beefy and enchantress has pretty good stats to down mobs herself), but nothing will keep you 100% safe, which has some good sides IMO. If I pulled a large group of mobs my heart would start beating fast knowing that a DC could be dangerous, while there'd be no tension if I trusted the connection as my LoH would keep me safe.
Posted by Member Bort on 12/13/12 10:25 PM #18
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To add to what sabin said.

Items you loot feels like its worth something again. My monk is geared with only 2 legendary items, all the rest are rares. So finding items still has meaning.

I had one battle on my last run in act 4 where I ran into a rare fallen angel mob with fast frozen and horde. At one point I looked up and realized my health is very low, my spirit is all but spent, and every last of my castable skills is on cooldown. And I can't outrun them. Well... adrenaline kicked in, and nothing beats the feeling when you see the end coming and then survive. Obviously there is also very few things that beat not seeing the end coming and then not surviving. ;)

And I have very bad latency. Most evenings I average 350ms. So excluding big spikes or total disconnect you should be able to gear up enough to survive the occasional bump.
Posted by Member EnzyOne on 12/14/12 07:29 PM #19
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My latency is the only thing stopping me from trying hardcore. I sometimes have problems in Inferno.

Bloody Australia!
Posted by Member eastdragon42 on 12/18/12 11:57 PM #20
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@Sabin & @Bort: Hmm... maybe some day if SC actually starts to get boring & my Internet actually becomes somewhat stable, then I'll consider it. Though since I'd like to hit paragon 100 on my DH first & that's probably not going to happen for a looooong while....I guess we'll just have to wait & see. :)

@EnzyOne: Is it really that bad in Australia? I'm heading there for the holidays this weekend & am bringing a laptop so I can play every now & then..! (Oh well, maybe I'll just browse the AH & in my spare time instead...)
Posted by Member EnzyOne on 12/20/12 03:33 AM #21
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@eastdragon42 It can be. Our broadband services are behind the times. Give it a go, hope it does work out for you!

Oh, and I hope you love the heat. 40 degrees celcius for Christmas Day. =)
Posted by Member eastdragon42 on 12/20/12 03:44 AM #22
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@EnzyOne: hahaha, thanks for the warning! Packing suntan lotion & lots of shorts & tank tops...! :)
Posted by Member Bort on 12/20/12 10:05 PM #23
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@eastdragon42 @EnzyOne I live in South Africa. I'm willing to bet you anything that our broadband service is far worse than Australia. I mean, great latency for me is 350ms. And I survived through HC, so don't let that stop you.
Posted by Member EnzyOne on 12/23/12 06:20 AM #24
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@Bort I plan on giving it a go once I get 5 classes to level 60. =)

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