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Posted by Member timbarton411 on 7/11/12 09:21 PM #1
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I love the market tracker, I have been looking for one for a while!

I am wondering if it is automatically updated or if someone updates it manually? If its automatic then we could really use some more data points and more functionality in the time range.

Is anyone else in here interested in commodity trading to make tons of gold? I find that I enjoy buying and selling commodities more than actually playing the game. I buy them when they are low, sell them when they are high.
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 7/12/12 01:16 AM #2
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Hey @timbarton411 thanks for the interest! We are looking to include a few more statistics in the Auction Price tracker (It only went live two days ago) if you have any suggestions of what you would like to see, please share!

Edit: The data points currently are the average price for that day of trading, and because there has only been two days of us tracking - only two data points exist currently. We could perhaps update prices more than once a day, but for a history it makes sense to have 1 average trading price per day.
Posted by Member timbarton411 on 7/12/12 02:03 PM #3
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Ah, so it is automatically updated, It would be so awesome if you could have it update every hour! This would be so useful for people like me who buy thousands of commodities at low parts of the day and sell high in peak hours.

Thanks, and I much appreciate the awesome tool.
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 7/13/12 03:31 PM #4
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Every hour is something we want to do, as it would allow subscription notifications to be more useful. Right now we are working on compare stat which you can see on some items like this one ruinstroke.

As I said it's in early stages, do you have any ideas of features you would like to see @timbarton411?
Posted by Member timbarton411 on 7/13/12 04:13 PM #5
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The compare stat is pretty cool.

As far as other ideas for features:
A sound notification for subscribed items, so we can run to the AH and buy 6000 gems :D
A minimum and maximum price for the last week, (perhaps represented as a horizontal line on the graph).
Both of these would only be useful for hourly updates though.
Posted by Member timbarton411 on 7/14/12 09:21 PM #6
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You should remove the comparison for low price items like flawless square gems, no one will ever buy them from the RMAH because of the 25 cent minimum.
Posted by Member Tautology on 7/15/12 08:39 AM #7
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A function I'd wouldn't mind seeing is an ability for a user to enter their own numbers onto a commodity page. It would then spit out "It is X% cheaper to buy this item in the real-money auction house" for those user entered numbers. That could represent what the user is seeing live or something that user is considering (posting above/below market for example). That data would just be temporary and not saved. It would help with "what if" situations.

@Anuiran: Your personal sale history hasn't been updated for the past week. I'm curious if that's because nothing has sold for real money or because you haven't updated it. If it's the latter, are planning to continue updating it? I ask because if there's one thing I really want to know above all is what is actually selling on the RMAH. And that is impossible to figure out without someone offering up a bit of sale data like you have been doing.

Actually that makes me think of a site function I'd really like to see. Allow users to create a personal private page like your sale history. The Blizzard sale history is useless. I'm currently using a kludge system of taking screenshots before things sell then moving the jpg into different folders to keep track. But I hate it and would love something better. That would then allow users to share it with other forum users if they wanted.

BTW great job so far.
Posted by Member Tautology on 7/15/12 08:43 AM #8
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@timbarton411, Do you know of a way to prevent being disconnected after buying a few thousand commodities? It's not a big deal but it is annoying.
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 7/15/12 12:20 PM #9
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@Tautology yeah I have just been busy with other things, sale history has been neglected. I have all the stuff saved on my computer so wont be hard to update it, Glad you like it!

The idea for entering numbers is interesting, currently we are just working on making the tracker updated hourly and more accurate and provide a few more stats.

Posted by Member timbarton411 on 7/15/12 07:40 PM #10
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Posted by Tautology at 07/15/2012 08:43 AM

@timbarton411, Do you know of a way to prevent being disconnected after buying a few thousand commodities? It's not a big deal but it is annoying.

I thought I was the only one with that problem! From what I can tell, if you press enter too many times in quick succession it will kick you off for flooding, or it could be the mass buyout that you said. This is a big problem for me since I move really fast in the AH, so fast in fact that I accidentally bought 4 flawless square emeralds from the RMAH for $1.07, buying so fast I thought I was in the gold AH!
Posted by Member timbarton411 on 7/18/12 06:00 AM #11
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Can you add "Tome of Jewelcrafting" to the tracker when you get a chance?
Posted by Member ertitoagus on 7/19/12 06:34 AM #12
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any possibility of EU tracking too? :)
Posted by Member peaceoutide on 7/19/12 11:00 AM #13
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The tracker is awesome, great work.

It'd be useful to have a search feature or ordering option to show which items have the biggest price disparity in the RMAH vs gold.

Specifically, if something is more than 15% cheaper on the RMAH compared to gold, I'm going to be very interested.
Posted by Member timbarton411 on 7/20/12 12:00 PM #14
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It looks like the hourly update stopped about 8 hours ago
Posted by Member timbarton411 on 7/20/12 06:57 PM #15
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Nice, its working! hopefully prices go up I want to sell about 60,000 rubies :D
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 7/21/12 01:15 AM #16
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Posted by ertitoagus at 07/19/2012 06:34 AM

any possibility of EU tracking too? :)

If there is enough interest we would do it, but currently we are happy with just tracking North America and making sure everything is working well.
Posted by Member timbarton411 on 7/21/12 07:35 AM #17
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Great work, you are truly brilliant! The only thing we need is a search feature as mentioned above. Or better yet a "custom page" that users can set up so that they have all of their items of interest at a glance. I dunno how difficult that is, let me know.
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 7/21/12 01:26 PM #18
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You need to be thanking @kojasou !

Search is disabled currently on the website, but something we will have back up soon. Custom page is an interesting idea.
Posted by Member timbarton411 on 7/21/12 04:33 PM #19
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Wow nice job kojasou! You are quite the programmer.
Only one thing: gold is on favorites by default and cant be removed.
Posted by Member D3CoC on 7/22/12 07:26 AM #20
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Thank you very much for this tool, I tried to track at least the emarald jewels andtomes with a spreadsheet, however it is quiet cumbersome. So I'm very glad that you provide such a good tool.

I would also like to see the EU prices, as suggested by ertitoagus above. And I would like to ask if it is possible to have the hourly points for the weekly and 2-weekly graphs to get a feeling if/where are the trends for buying/selling in the morning or evening. This may also be valuable for those foreign timezoneswhere you get a natural advantage if all good buying is done in the morning a gal from California may have an easy time buying in EU ...

Thanks again for this great tool, keep it going
Posted by Member idsmoker on 7/22/12 01:50 PM #21
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Thanks for all the work that you (all of you involved in this project) have put in! I greatly appreciate it, and especially like the "favorites" page.

As for suggestions for changes...

It really depends on what your goals are for your site. For the following suggestions, I'm assuming that you want to focus on your, unique as far as I can tell, ability to automatically pull data from the Blizzard auction houses.

For Commodities, I would love the ability to get a hold of the raw data. Perhaps a function that would allow me to select a set of commodities, a date range, and a format for the file (although starting with the single default CSV format would be sufficient). This would let me, and hopefully others, to integrate the data into our own analysis tools. Couple this with a section on the forum for folks to post their tools, and at least some of your feature requests might go away so that you can focus on continuing to improve the infrastructure, like continuing to reduce the base data polling interval and adding the remaining commodities (lower grade materials and the remaining plans).

I would also recommend breaking your current "Crafting" category into smaller groupings such as "Legendary Plans", "Rare Plans", "Jewelry Plans", "Materials", "Pages/Tomes", etc.

For Equipment, being able to specify a set of search criteria and view/download the historical data for how much such items have sold for in the past would be fantastic (and something that Blizzard should be doing itself!). As someone who has earned the occasional paycheck doing data analysis/mining, I know that the only way to provide this sort of functionality would require you to mirror a significant percentage of Blizzard's auction house data. Depending how you are currently doing your data gathering, stepping up to this level, would almost certainly bring you to Blizzards attention, so perhaps you should focus your efforts on Commodities for now.

Once again, thanks for providing this data.
Posted by Member ertitoagus on 7/23/12 09:32 AM #22
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EU tracking may begin soon; Anuiran and I will discuss this later today. I also have plans to improve the graphs, I understand they are a bit limited at the moment.

thanks thanks thanks thanksssssssssssssssssssssssss x 100000000 :)))))))))))))))))

And again, amazing and useful work, you guys must be so proud of this :)
Posted by Member smoovemove on 7/24/12 05:45 AM #23
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I just registered and I think you are doing fantastic job guys, I wanna learn more about this tool and keep up the good work
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 7/24/12 01:52 PM #24
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Ran into some issues, will be fixed in about a hour.
Posted by Member Klassick on 7/24/12 11:23 PM #25
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If your only playing the AH to make money or gold why still play a game like d3? Unless your under age, get an online broker account. Use your interest in trading to make more money than you would make short selling commodities on d3. Granted it's more complicated than the amateur graphs here but if your sole interest is trading that's what you should be looking for.

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