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by DHAdmin on September 6th, 2018 at 3:24 am
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So, we meet again, nephalem. As another Diablo III season draws to a close and as we prepare to roll out the next one, we thought it would be wise to take a breather and recap your achievements in preparation for the new season.

A couple of things happen to your characters, gear and progress at the end of each season, as you already know. But don't stress! We are going to summarize everything you need to know, such as when the next season will start and when the current one will end.

Table of Contents:

The Season 14 Rollover

If you are not new to Season 14, you are aware that all your Paragon experience, gear and gold doesn't just go away. So, what really happens to all that stuff you grinded so hard for during the Season? Well, to put it simply, you get to start the new Season with all of it! If you have a non-Seasonal hero, here are all the prizes at your disposal.


  • All non-Seasonal characters will inherit all the gold earned in the currently ending Season.


  • Where appropriate, all Seasonal heroes become either Hardcore mode or non-Seasonal normal heroes. This means you don't have to make space for them by deleting other characters in your roaster. When the rollover is complete, all Seasonal heroes will still occupy the slot they were in on your roster. You can turn non-Seasonal characters into Seasonal level characters when the new Season begins by using Season Rebirth.

Paragon Experience

  • The raw sum of the Paragon levels you have acquired does not roll over, but the sum Paragon experience you acquired does.
  • For instance, as you advance through the Paragon levels, you will need more and more experience points to keep advancing, meaning if the Paragon level of your Seasonal heroes is at 300, and the Paragon level of you non-Seasonal heroes is at 400, the new Paragon level for your non-Seasonal hero won't be 700; it will be lower.

Blood Shards

  • All the Blood Shards you have accumulated throughout the season will be given to your non-Seasonal heroes, same way gold is given.
  • Any Blood Shard cap on non-Seasonal heroes will momentarily be waived on all Blood Shards acquired during the Season once it ends. The Blood Shards can be spent anyhow you like; just bear in mind that until all the above-cap blood shards have been spent, you won't be able to acquire new ones.

Season 14 Items

  • When entering a non-Seasonal game mode, all equipped and inventory items will remain with the hero.
  • Non-Seasonal heroes will also get their items stored in your Seasonal stash via the game's mail system. The items have a validity period of 30 days, which starts at the end of the Season. Your non-Seasonal heroes need to claim them before the validity period is up. PC gamers can open the stash by entering the game, finding the Mail icon (found at the bottom left corner of the screen) and clicking it. Console gamers need to go to the town hub and access the mailbox there to get these items.
  • If your Seasonal heroes beat the Greater Rift 70 and unlock Primal Ancient items, your non-Seasonal heroes will still be able to access them at the end of the Season (only if your non-Seasonal heroes couldn't access the items, meaning they weren't previously available to them).

Artisan Progress and Recipes

  • If the level of non-Seasonal Artisans is lower than that of Seasonal Artisans when the Season ends, the non-Seasonal Artisans will gain the level of the Seasonal Artisans.
  • The non-Seasonal Artisans will also acquire all the recipes of Seasonal Artisans if they don't have them already.

Shared Stash

  • Your non-Seasonal heroes will acquire any purchased Shared Stash tabs or slots when the season ends.


  • Your non-Seasonal achievement profile will automatically receive any achievement progress and achievements earned over the course of the Season. This is a real-time transfer, meaning it happens during the Season and you don't have to wait for the Season to end. As you progress through the Season, the game constantly updates your achievement point total accordingly.

Kanai's Cube

  • When appropriate, non-Seasonal characters will get Legendary Powers that were unlocked with Kanai's Cube using a Seasonal Character.
  • When the new Season ends, All Legendary Powers unlocked with Kanai's Cube during the previous season will not be available to Seasonal characters.

Season 14 Rewards

  • Exclusive leg and boot transmogrification appearances will be unlocked when players reach level 70 using a hero. When a Seasonal hero reaches level 70, the appearances will automatically unlock, and both non-Seasonal and Seasonal heroes will be able to access them (doesn't matter even if the Season hasn't ended yet). You can access the Transmogrification tab by going to Myriam the Mystic.
  • When you finish several Seasonal journal chapters, you will be able to unlock an exclusive cosmetic pennant and portrait frames.

Note:The non-Seasonal game mode will receive all the appropriate progress, rewards and heroes. At the end of the season, non-Seasonal heroes will receive all achievements, gold, items, Blood Shards, Stash space, recipes and Artisan levels. Likewise, Hardcore non-seasonal heroes will acquire everything that you earned with Hardcore-Seasonal heroes.

Season 14 Conquests

When the season ends, Conquests will not roll over since they can't be accessed by non-Seasonal heroes. This means all Conquests you earned in the current season will have no effect on your total non-Seasonal Achievement points.


Season 14 Leaderboards

When the Season is over, all Seasonal Leaderboards will be reset and you won't be able to rank up until the start of the next Season. However, PC players will still be able to view in-game Leaderboards from past Seasons. They will also be able to compare Seasonal records from the past and present Seasons using a drop-down menu. Likewise, console players can access past Season ranks for viewing as well.

Previous and current Seasonal Leaderboards on our website are also available for PC players.


Furthermore, when the Season ends, all non-Seasonal Greater Rift Leaderboards will be reset on PC after some time. But PC players can still use non-Seasonal heroes to compete in the Era that is presently active, even if they have recently rolled over, without waiting for the next Season to begin.

Season 14 End and Season 15 Start Dates

In between Seasons, you can use the Leaderboards to review the progress you have made and sift through the Seasonal rewards you have earned. This is an opportunity to enjoy your post- and pre-Seasonal loot hunts and bask in the glory of what you have accomplished.

The following dates will mark the end of Season 14:

  • Europe:September 16, Sunday @ 17:00 CEST
  • North America:September 16, Sunday @ 17:00 PDT
  • Asia:September 16, Sunday @ 17:00. KST

Shortly after the following dates, Season 15 will begin:

  • North America:September 21, Friday @ 17:00 PDT
  • Europe:September 21, Friday @ 17:00 CEST
  • Asia:September 21, Friday @ 17:00 KST

For every console player, Season 15 will start on 21st September at 5pm PDT on Friday; it doesn't matter what region they're in. On a side note, PlayStation 4 and XBox One Leaderboards will still be separated.

Keep an eye on our preview blog if you want to know more about exclusive rewards and themes for Season 15, which will be available soon. We are more than excited to see you in the new Season!

Are You Prepared for the Season Rollover?

How did Season 14 end for you? What Conquests did you complete? How well did you do in the Greater Rift? What other thrilling accomplishments do you wish to tell us about?

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