Season 15: Boon of the Horadrim Begins 9/21

by DHAdmin on September 19th, 2018 at 11:45 pm
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The 15th Season of Diablo III has started!

For those of you who are looking forward to a brand new start, we have decided to write a post detailing everything you need to know before you begin your journey. Each season comes with exciting additions and its very own Theme. So keep on reading to find out what those are!

season 15 main

Season 15 Theme

In the previous season, we introduced the seasonal buff as an experiment, and in Season 15 we'll continue with it, and it will run from start to end. This means you will get double for every Horadric Cache acquired through bounties in this new Season. That's right, you get two times the bounty in an Act each time you finish five bounties, which is a full set. This will give you not just one Horadric Caches, but two!

This effect comes with two things you need to take note of:

  • First of all, the difficulty level will benefit the bonus cache; it will be as though you have finished the bounties two times.
    • However, this will not affect the rewards contained in the Horadric Caches; it will not alter the number of individual rewards or drop rates.
  • Secondly, it does not affect any bonus cache acquired from completing Challenge Rifts; this form of cache is not like the others.

If you need to refresh your mind on what rewards are found in a Horadric Cache, read this Game Guide for further details. It contains all the details about the Bounty System and Legendary items exclusive to particular bounties.

To celebrate this season's theme, more celebrations might happen all over the globe, on top of of doubling the spoils of Horadric Caches.

Season 15 - New Cosmetic Rewards

As it was with past seasons, new cosmetic rewards will be available in Season 15 as well, which you can acquire as you play the Season Journey.

On top of giving the exclusive Conqueror Set new Glove and Chest slots, there will also be new portrait frames whose theme will be based on the struggle called the Eternal Conflict. We have also thought about helping out all excited cosmetic pet collectors. As you journey throughout the Sanctuary, having great adventures, Belphegor will be more than delighted to keep your coin for you!

Season 15 - Journey Rewards

If you have reached Conqueror every time in your Season Journey due to diligently vanquishing demons in previous seasons, you probably have some additional stash tabs at the moment. If you are one of the players who have yet to earn the four stash tabs that can be acquired in the Season Journey, you are in luck! Reach the Conqueror tier and complete the below-mentioned tasks:

  • If you have any Ancient Legendary item containing a gem that is level 50 or above, augment it with Kanai's Cube
  • 3 Legendary Gems must be leveled to 55
  • On Torment XIII difficulty, vanquish a level 70 Malthael in less than one and a half minutes
  • Conquests must be finished this Season
  • On Torment XIII difficulty, kill Greed
  • If you have any Legendary item, reforge it with Kanai's Cube
  • On Torment XIII difficulty, complete a Nephalem Rift of level 70 in less than five minutes
  • Advance through the Greater Rift and reach level 60 by yourself (solo play)

Season 15 - Seasonal Conquests

When it comes to Conquests, they will also be rotated this season! Coming back this new season is Sprinter/Speed, who will challenge you to finish Act 1-5 of the main campaign in Diablo III in less than one hour at level 70! Then there's Avaritia/Avarice, who will turn all that glitters into gold – only if you finish a 50 million gold streak in the Inner Sanctum of The Vault or its outside. Worlds Apart/Boss Mode is a special type of race, where you have 20 minutes on Torment X to beat all the Diablo III bosses at the maximum level. If you are a fan of unconventional builds, you can go on a solo mission and finish level 45 of the Greater Rift without equipping any Set items. Lastly, Masters of Sets/Masters of the Universe will require you to complete eight separate Set Dungeons at Mastery Rank for your class set knowledge to be stretched; it's time to double down on being a collector!

Season 15 - Haedrig's Gift

When you finish some specific chapter throughout the Season Journey, the Class Sets in those chapters will be rotated because of Haedrig's Gift. You can see the list of Sets that are available below. And if there's anyone who doesn't know how it works, here's the rundown:

You will be awarded 3 Haedrig's Gifts when you finish chapters II, III and IV in the Season Journey. Some pieces from a single Class Set you own will be included in every gift. This is the only way you can earn a Class Set using this method every Season across Non-Hardcore and Hardcore, meaning you must select the Gifts wisely!

When a Haedrig's Gift is opened, the set you will earn will be determined by your selected character's Class. Using the same character to open all Gifts will give you the entire Class Set.

For the 15th Season, here is a list of available sets:

  • Crusader - Roland's Legacy
  • Monk - Raiment of a Thousand Storms
  • Barbarian - Wrath of the Wastes
  • Witch Doctor - Helltooth Harness
  • Necromancer - Bones of Rathma
  • Wizard - Tal Rasha's Elements
  • Demon Hunter - Unhallowed Essence

Season 15 gift set


When does the 15th Season begin?

Although it depends on time zones, the 15th Season starts on 21st September on a Friday @ 5pm in North America (PDT), Europe (CEST) and Asia (KST).

When should Playstation 4 and Xbox One players expect the Season to Start?

If you are a console player, you can expect the Season to begin @ 5pm Pacific Time worldwide; it doesn't matter what region you're playing the game in. Since the PlayStation 4 and Xbox are different hardware platforms, please note that each of them will have separate Leaderboards.

When is the 15th Season coming to an end?

Currently, our estimates indicate that the 15th Season will come to an end on 16th December on a Sunday in North America (PDT), Europe (CEST) and Asia (KST).

Why is the conclusion date of the 15th Season only an estimate?

In the past, we have always sent notifications to our players two weeks before the Season is set to end. But after hearing feedback from the community, we have decided to use the Season First Look blogs to provide players with detailed Seasonal information from now onwards. Also, keep in mind that since the date is just an estimate, it is subject to change at any moment. Though we will continue to notify players two weeks prior to the Season's end, we will do everything we can to hit the date as provided in this post.

When are you erasing the non-Seasonal Leaderboards?

We have connected non-Seasonal Leaderboards to something known as “Eras,” which take place between six and 12 months. The Era we are in now started on 9th November.

Where do the previous Era and Seasonal records go?

Personal bests earned from Season 1 have been deleted since Season 1. Personal bests achieved from Season 6 and onwards will be deleted starting from Season 15. When the next Era begins, we will also delete personal bests from the Era prior to that one.

What happens to past Seasonal Leaderboard records?

Seasonal Leaderboard records are not being cleared and will remain archived both in game and on our website.

The 15th Season is around the corner! Do you have any goals in mind? How do you like our new Seasonal theme? Will the fact that you can acquire more exclusive bounty Legendaries, recipes and Kanai's Cube crafting materials affect the way you approach this new Season?

We are more than delighted to hear from you. Drop your comments in the section below!

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