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Diablo-themed Casino Games and Cards

Original Diablo has inspired many studios to develop their own dungeon-crawling action adventures. Nowadays, the IP is so big that many non-action games want to pay homage to this title. Of course, Blizzard owns this IP, so it’s difficult to just name your game Diablo, by any true fan will spot the easter eggs and design direction that act as a silent nod to the franchise. This is very evident in the iGaming industry, where a lot of free slots have apocalyptic themes. You can find these games on online casinos with free pokies that accept Australian players. Players don’t need to sign up or download any software in order to play pokies for free, just visit the websites and press play. 

Here we will talk about different games that are heavily inspired by Diablo. Most of these are going to be casino slots and card games. Of course, you should only play for fun, but if you decide to play for real money, pick a licensed casino. Once again, you can find trusted online casino sites through reviewers like ALDC (Aussie Low Deposit Casinos). You get to learn about the best operators, the games they host, and other relevant features. So, let’s see what are some of the best games inspired by Diablo.   

Brief Overview of Diablo Universe

Diablo takes place in the fictional world called Sanctuary, where brave heroes fight for mankind against the evil hordes of Hell. Diablo is one of the main antagonists or one of the seven prime Evils. In a way, the inside world is inspired by the Christian religion and concepts like the seven deadly sins, apocalypse, different levels in hell etc. As such there are many games that also use similar sources of inspiration:

• Darksiders
• Dante’s Inferno
• Devil May Cry
• Hades
• Path of Exile

That being said, Diablo definitely set a standard on how to explore these concepts in an action-adventure genre. Just Diablo 3 is over 10 years old, while the first instalment was released back in 1997. So, if anyone wants to argue that some of the games that are included could also be inspired by different titles, we can confidently say that you are wrong. Diablo did it first. 

Diablo-themed Slot Machines

There are many horror or hell-themed slots out there. However, a lot of them have whimsical designs and don’t even try to look scary. Still, there are a few studios that delved into this theme using a different approach. Their design really resembles the art style that Blizzard used to create Diablo Universe. 

Judgment Day Megaways

One of the more recently released slot games by Red Tiger. The goal is to summon horsemen of the apocalypse and get power-ups. The font and symbol design in this game is extremely similar to Diablo Immortal. It’s very obvious where the inspiration comes from. 

Book of Inferno

A slot by Quickspin that features hell, demons, and dark tomes. The main symbol here is Demon Huntress, which is a playable hero class in Blizzard games. Additionally, the Lady of Hell symbol resembles Lilith from the latest Diablo game, while the Commander of Hell and Lord of Hell look like low-rank demons for some reason. 

Champion of the Underworld

This is a slot by Yggdrasil, and it’s about the underworld colosseum and fighting monsters. It’s not as closely related to Diablo as the other two entries. However, thanks to the artistic direction and theme, the slot qualifies for the list. 

Diablo Poker and Blackjack

man is playing poker game

There aren’t any Diablo-themed poker or blackjack games in online casinos. Luckily, there is a poker set you can buy that is completely inspired by Diablo 3. You get a Diablo briefcase and multiple decks of cards with the artwork from the original game. You also get dice and chips, which means you can play any other casino card game with this set.

This can be a great practice in case you plan to participate in poker tournaments. These tournaments are also available online and it’s easy to sign up and compete. Just make sure you understand all of the rules, and don’t forget to show up on time.

Diablo Style Card Game - Deck of Souls

For anyone who loves Diablo and TCG, there is a brand new release called Deck of Souls. The game plays like a turn-based RPG, but you can only use abilities based on the cards you have drawn. Moreover, you get to customize your character and equip different gear pieces. Each gear piece gives you unique abilities that you can use in combat:

• Draw more cards
• Deal more damage
• Increase your health or stamina

It’s a fun concept that blends the two genres together and allows you to get really creative with builds.


There are definitely more games out there that are inspired by the same concepts as those in Diablo. However, most of them are dungeon crawlers or rouge-like action adventures. The goal here was to showcase how even unrelated genres were influenced by this IP. In a way, it’s proof that this is one of the most impactful franchises in the gaming industry.   

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