What have you found? Reaper of Souls edition.

Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 3/25/14 02:09 PM #1
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New stuff, new thread.


Those are my first note worthy legendary item. Got them from an act 4 bounty bag.
Posted by Member mentok1982 on 3/27/14 11:02 AM #2
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I have not had the chance to enchant a socket on this yet but check this out!

Odyn Son
1,603.2 DPS
1111-1561 Damage
1.20 APS
+860-1096 Lightning Damage [853-1296]
Lightning Skills deal 20% more damage [15-20]%
+600 Vitality [525-625]
Chance to deal 18% Area Damage on Hit [16-24]%
Monster kills grant +132 XP [100-139]
29% chance to Chain Lightning enemies when you hit them.

I think I will replace the Area Damage with a socket. I wish I could change the Vitality to Intel as well.
Posted by Member mentok1982 on 3/28/14 07:51 AM #3
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I found my first two level 70 legendary items last night!
I am using the staff as my current weapon, but I am not using the amulet right now.

The Traveler's Pledge Set Amulet
+61-138 Damage [60-160]
+641 Intel [626-750]
+18% Life [14-18]%
Regenerates 2,283 Life per Second [1864-2476]
+2,892 Thorns [2667-3498]
+32% Crowd Control [20-40]%

The Broken Staff Staff
2,505.2 DPS
1,977-2,578 Damage
1.10 APS
+1,271-1,524 Lightning Damage [1177-1788] (Will change to Arcane once I get the materials I need.)
+1,109 Intel
+9% Resource Cost Reduction [8-10]%
+146 XP per Monster Kill [140-200]
Ignores Durability Loss
Empty Socket
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 4/2/14 03:48 AM #4
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I got a lot of items recently from opening 100 Horadric Caches but I have to say my new favorite item is Mad Monarch's Scepter.
Posted by Member mentok1982 on 4/3/14 07:44 AM #5
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I found this Skorn last night.

Skorn 2H Axe
2,538.2 DPS
2,051-2564 Damage
1.10 APS
+1,272-1,619 Damage [1,177-1,788]
+956 Intel [946-1,125]
37.5% chance to Bleed for 395% weapon damage [34-39]%
+179 XP on Monster Kills [140-200]
Level Requirement Reduced by 17 [2-30]
One Empty Socket

I might give this to my Crusader and let him enchant the Intel into Strength.
Posted by Member mentok1982 on 4/9/14 08:41 AM #6
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I found two level 70 set plans last night. One was Sage's Journey and I think the other one was Aughild's Rule.

I also was able to craft a Hallowed Baton because I found an Angelic Shard.

Now I just need to get enough Forgotten Souls so that I can enchant a socket onto it.
Posted by Member zerokewl on 4/11/14 10:35 AM #7
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Kalada just hooked me up this morning. I've been buying chest items for awhile and after at least 3 buys where I filled my toon bag with chests I got a blackthorne chest!!! Running in HC so I have not made it to torment yet, so this is my first set item. Will post pic tonight. Rolled decent, although it rolled with monk ally + damage. I re rolled that once and stuck with the +15% sweeping wind modifier. Seems good.

Having upload issues
446 Vit
91 AR
Sweeping winds damage +15%
5170 life after kill
Globes +22,033
3 sockets
Sur coat
[img]http://postimg.org/image/vfnvc8ibr/[/img]Sur Coat
Posted by Member mentok1982 on 4/15/14 11:40 AM #8
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I found my first legendary source over the weekend!

+299-350 Damage [262-394]
+9% damage to Fire skills [7-10]%
+7% damage to Lightning skills [7-10]%
+10% damage to Arcane skills [7-10]%
+636 Intel [626-750]
+730 Vitality [626-750]
+10% Crit Chance [8-10]%
+32% Gold Find [32-35]%
+14 Max Arcane Power [13-14]

I am going to enchant this thing until I can get AP on crit. It could take a lot of tries...
Posted by Member mentok1982 on 4/17/14 07:45 AM #9
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I found 3 keepable legendaries last night!

Countess Julia's Cameo Amulet
+19% damage to Fire skills [15-20]% (I want to change this to Arcane or to 10% Crit Chance)
+718 Intel [626-750]
+5% Attack Speed [5-7]%
+18% Life [14-18]%
+77% Gold Find [71-80]%
Prevents all Arcane damage and heals me for 23% of the amount prevented

This amulet is really cool. If an elite has arcane beams I travel from arcane beam origin point to arcane beam origin point soaking up the healing!

Shi Mizu's Haori Chest
726 Armor
+422 Intel [416-500]
+445 Vitality [416-500]
+11% Life [10-15]%
+11% Blizzard Damage [10-15]% (I want to change this to 3 sockets.)
+5,658 Life after Kill [4252-5942]
While below 21% Life, all attacks will be Critical Hits

Sebor's Nightmare Belt
856 Armor
+437 Intel [416-500]
+489 Vitality [416-500]
+10% Life [10-15]% (I want to change this to a skill buff or life regen.)
+382 Armor [373-397]
+1 Gold Pickup Radius [1-2]
Haunt is cast on 5 nearby enemies when you open a chest.
Posted by Member mentok1982 on 4/18/14 07:40 AM #10
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I found the plans for Fleeting Strap (Attack Speed belt!) and for the Guardian's Jepoardy set last night.
I also found these new bracers which I am actually wearing because they are better in every way than my old ones.

Warzechian Armguards
390 Armor
+426 Intel [416-500]
+479 Vitality [416-500]
+6% Crit Chance [4-6]%
+19% damage to Fire skills [15-20]% (I want to change this to Arcane but for now it is 1,818 Life per Hit)
+1 yard to Gold Pickup Radius
Every time you destroy a wreckable object, you gain a short burst of speed. (+50% movement speed for 4 seconds)
Posted by Member mentok1982 on 4/18/14 01:44 PM #11
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Oh I almost forgot! I found this last night as well:
Posted by Member mentok1982 on 4/21/14 07:59 AM #12
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This popped out of a regular chest like 2 minutes into my Saturday play session!

Chantodo's Force Source
+313-378 Damage [262-394]
+711 Intel [626-750]
+8.5% Crit Chance [8-10]% (I will enchant this up to 10 once I get enough Forgotten Souls)
+3 Arcane Power on Crit [3-4]
+35% Gold Find [32-35]%
+13 Max Arcane Power [13-14]
+181 XP from Monster Kills [140-200]
This is the current source I am using. I was so happy to find the level 70 version of the pre-patch source I loved so much.

I got these items a few days ago I think.
Nemesis Bracers Bracers
747 Armor
+444 Intel [416-500]
+379 Armor [373-397]
+4.5% Crit Chance [4-6]% (This has been enchanted, not sure what this affix was before.)
+12% Movement Speed [10-12]%
+1,764 Thorns damage [1525-2000]
Shrines will spawn an enemy champion.

Tasker and Theo Gloves
526 Armor
+710 Intel [626-750]
+100 All Resist [91-100]
+6% Attack Speed [5-7]%
+2,256 Life per Second [1864-2476]
+34% Gold Find [32-35]%
Increase attack speed of your pets by 44%
Posted by Member mentok1982 on 5/1/14 07:33 AM #13
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It is a natural trifecta (that I can enchant into a perfect trifecta by increasing the crit damage to 100%!) and it rolled 318% percent on the special effect out of a possible 320%!

Btw, all the damage dealing skills I use are arcane skills. :)

Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 5/1/14 02:42 PM #14
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That's an insane moonlight ward. God damn @mentok1982
Posted by Member mentok1982 on 5/7/14 09:26 AM #15
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I finally got my first legendary (not my first bounty bag only legendary, my first legendary) from a bounty bag.
It ended up being an item you can only get from a bounty bag.
I got the Gloves of Worship.

It did not roll well, but I may keep it when I want an XP shirine to last for 10 minutes.

Posted by Member razer22 on 5/7/14 03:35 PM #16
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@mentok1982 Can you use the gloves like the nemesis bracers? Just put them on to get the effect and then switch back afterwards?
Posted by Member h311o on 5/8/14 12:50 AM #17
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Posted by razer22 at 05/07/2014 03:35 PM

@mentok1982 Can you use the gloves like the nemesis bracers? Just put them on to get the effect and then switch back afterwards?

No you can not.
I tried it and as soon as I took them off the whole buff was gone not only the extended duration :(
Posted by Member mentok1982 on 5/8/14 06:37 AM #18
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Posted by razer22 at 05/07/2014 03:35 PM

@mentok1982 Can you use the gloves like the nemesis bracers? Just put them on to get the effect and then switch back afterwards?

As long as you are not in a really challenging difficulty, you should be fine for 10 minutes with less DPS. If the shrine buffs your attack speed, toughness or reource regeneration the DPS loss will be less of an issue.

Posted by Member Bort on 5/10/14 04:00 PM #19
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Thought I just had to share this with the world.

After 3 days of key hunting, and getting ppl to do ubers this was my reward:


I just had to laugh...
Posted by Member mentok1982 on 5/14/14 10:37 AM #20
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I found this last night:

Rogar's Huge Stone Ring
+483 Intel [416-500]
+440 Vitality [416-500]
+1,971 Life per Second [1864-2476]
+7% Resource Cost Reduction [5-8]%
+198 XP on Monster Kill
Increase your Life per Second by up to 100% based on your missing life.

Posted by Member mentok1982 on 5/15/14 12:23 PM #21
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I found this totally ballin' Hand Crossbow last night:

Danetta's Revenge
2,593.1 DPS
1154-1933 Damage
1.68 APS
+1028-1219 Cold Damage [858-1304]
+677 Dexterity [626-750]
+5% Attack Speed [5-7]%
+1.45 Hatred per Second [1-2]
+184 XP on Monster Kill [140-200]
Vault gains the effect of Rattling Roll rune.

Posted by Member theoryzero on 5/15/14 01:02 PM #22
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Last night I found this belt:

Harrington Waistguard
+484 Intelligence
+498 Vitality
+390 Armor
Increases Poison Dart Damage by 10% (Witch Doctor Only)
+ 32% Extra Gold from Monsters
Opening a chest grants 124% increased damage for 10 seconds

and these pants
Swamp Land Waders
Poison Skills deal 16% more damage.
+ 478 Intelligence
+ 498 Vitality
Increases Corpse Spiders Damage by 12% (Witch Doctor Only)
+146 Cold Resistance
Reduces duration of control impairing effects by 40%

I thought the reduction of control impairing effects was interesting, 40% is pretty significant. I don't have a poison build for my WD, currently my gear is centered around Fire. Plus, I found Corpse Spiders to be utterly useless on D3: RoS (I used to use it in Vanilla D3).
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 5/16/14 02:59 AM #23
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Finally got my first Shard of Hate, now I need a Thunderfury!


Pretty happy with it.
Posted by Member zerokewl on 5/16/14 08:52 AM #24
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I got a shard too! Hard to post images via phone, butD progress link hope it doesn't get updated as I am working on bringing my toughness up a whole lot for HC T3+ runs...

Summary of found items last night
Shard of fate (9% damage[enchanted from vit], socket, 637 dex)
WKL (25% light, 10% damage[enchanted from spirit regen], socket, 722 dex)
Band of the rue chambers (dex 432, atk spd 5, CD 47, CH 5.5[enchanted from ?])
SoJ (1st one redid physical damage to lightning)
Thunder vigor (light 15, dex 417, vit 425, life% 15 [enchanted from +dashing strike])

I CANNOT wait to get online again! Warning for all...Learn plans ASAP..I had 3 of the same drop in 2 pack kills..
Posted by Member mentok1982 on 5/21/14 11:03 AM #25
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I found 3 plans and like 7 legendaries last night. Here are the legendaries that I didn't break down:

Chantodo's Will Set Wand
2,157.2 DPS
1277-1658 Damage
1.47 APS
+1084-1301 Arcane Damage
+711 Intel
+5% Attack Speed
10% Resource Cost Reduction (Enchanted into a socket on my second attempt.)
+8529 Life after Kill
+14 Max Arcane Power
Because of its 250 Intel set bonus when used with my Chantodo's Force it does not lower my DPS too much when compared to my Gift of Salaria (2,351 DPS) sword. I am still using my sword for now though.

Vyr's Swaggering Stance Set Boots
933 Armor
+448 Intel
+443 Vitality
+396 Armor
+10% Energy Twister damage
+157 Poison Resist
+25,193 Health Globe healing bonus
This is my second Vyr piece. I already have the gloves.

St. Archew's Gage Gloves
563 Armor
+637 Vitality
+100 All Resist
+7% Attack Speed
+8% Resource Cost Reduction
+1 Yard Gold Pickup Radius
When there are 5 enemies within 12 yards of you, gain an absorb shield for 22% of your maximum Life for 6 seconds. This effect may occur once every 30 seconds.
I kept this because I want to test the special property.

Deathseer's Cowl Helmet
716 Armor
+682 Intel
+1810 Life per Hit
+11% Wave of Force damage
+150 Cold Resist
15% chance on being hit by an Undead enemy to charm it for 2 seconds.
One Empty Socket
I kept this because I want to test the special property.

The plans I found are:
The Helm of Rule
Mark of the Magi (Staff)
Spite (Mojo)

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