What have you found? Reaper of Souls edition.

Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 5/26/14 02:41 PM #26
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Super happy with this thunderfury, haven't rerolled it yet either.

Posted by Member mentok1982 on 5/27/14 06:58 AM #27
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I only played for like 2 hours and 30 minutes last night but I found some good stuff.
At one point, I left a Torment 2 rift with 4 legendary items.

Here are 2 interesting weapons that need sockets:

Gesutre of Orpheus
2,157.4 DPS
1319-1763 Damage
1.40 APS
+1126-1406 Arcane Damage
+17% Damage to Arcane Skills (this raises my Arcane bonus to 50%)
+634 Intel
+8% Resource Cost Reduction
+14 Max Arcane Power
Reduces the cooldown of Slow Time by 61%

Sun Keeper
2,088 DPS
1469-2011 Damage
1.20 APS
+1153-1426 Holy Damage
+657 Intel
+727 Vitality
+24% Damage to Elites (Would raise me up to 39%)
+79% Gold Find
+168 XP on Monster Kill
Posted by Member mentok1982 on 5/28/14 07:41 AM #28
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I gambled for 7 rings last night and I got 2 legendaries. I got a Cold damage Stone of Jordan (29% elite damage) and my first level 70 Occulus (9% attack speed). I will post the full stats for both tomorrow.

I also found 2 more plans. Demon Claw and the Mantle of the Rydraelm.
Posted by Member ClericID on 5/29/14 12:57 AM #29
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Well after a couple months hiatus due to RL. I have been playing avidly for the last three days. So much newness.

I managed to pick these up from one of those horadric caches.


Rerolled plus to armour and managed to get AR one the third reroll. From my current shoulders. Massive upgrade.
Posted by Member mentok1982 on 5/29/14 07:26 AM #30
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I ended up getting three 2H weapons in one rift last night. I kept a socketed 2,800 DPS sword that I could enchant some strength on for a barb or crusader.

Here are those ring stats I promised:

Stone of Jordan
+77-146 Damage
+18% Cold Damage
+475 Intel
+29% Elite Damage
+5116 Life after Kill
+9 Max Arcane Power

Occulus Ring
+458 Intel
+92 Resist All
+9% Attack Speed
+13% Elite Damage Reduction
+148 XP on Monster Kill
+20,976 Health Globe Bonus
Posted by Member God123 on 7/14/14 08:25 PM #31
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Deathseer's Cowl Helmet
716 Armor
+682 Intel
+1810 Life per Hit
+11% Wave of Force damage
+150 Cold Resist
15% chance on being hit by an Undead enemy to charm it for 2 seconds.
One Empty Socket
I kept this because I want to test the special property.

The plans I found are:
The Helm of Rule
Mark of the Magi (Staff)
Spite (Mojo)
Posted by Member MRWOODS on 2/24/15 12:35 AM #32
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Okay, so this isn't some great piece of armor or spectacular goody, but I was wandering through Leoric's mansion and clicked on the fireplace. Out popped Leoric's Shin Bone. What in the world is that used for? It isn't something you need to craft an item, it isn't something for one of your followers and I already have the staff of herding so I know you don't need it for that. Any and all suggestions are welcome. Right now it is sitting in my stash. I swear, if there is something strange to be found in a game, I find it.
Posted by Member Bort on 2/26/15 11:25 AM #33
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What you need is:
mushroom (found in cathedral 1 act1)
Wirt's Bell (bought at little girl vendor in act 2),
liquid rainbow (found in mysterious chest in mysterious cave in dalghar oasis) act 2,
and erm... can't remember the last part's name, from Chiltara in Icefall Caves act 3.

And the shin bone.

Combine all of this together to create the Staff of herding, that will open the portal to Whimsyshire, the pony / teddybear stage in act 1.

Posted by Member long123 on 7/22/15 01:28 AM #34
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I have not had the chance to enchant a socket on this yet but check this out!
Posted by Member mentok1982 on 12/22/15 09:24 AM #35
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I am playing Diablo 3 again. I started it up like 4 days ago.

Kanai's Cube and some of the 2.4 changes that are being made drew me back in.
The first thing I did was the Kanai's Cube quest, then I gathered enough materials to extract 3 legendary powers.

Last night I managed to complete a level 22 greater rift in a little over 11 minutes.
I am playing on Torment level 3 but I may increase that to level 4 soon.

Anyway, the reason I am posting this is because last night I found my first Ramaladni's Gift!
I didn't know how to use it so I just left it in my stash. I just finished looking up how to use it and I a very excited to use it on one of the following weapons (which I don't have yet):

Rimeheart because I freeze enemies all the time.
Unstable Scepter (new in Patch 2.4) Arcane Orb's explosion triggers an additional time. Rolls with 50-65% Arcane Orb damage and Arcane Orb is my primary damage attack. I currently have +30% Arcane Orb damage and 33% more Arcane damage on my Wizard.
Posted by Member mhoflin on 1/24/17 11:04 PM #36
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Look, I havve been playing D3 for a while now and I cannot find Odeg the Keywarden - NEED HELP!!!! As a matter of fact, I have been looking for any of the Keywardens and no matter what or when I go, there are none to be found! Is this just Bull or are thee actual wardens and if there are, what is the key to be in the right spot (area) at the right time? No one is talking to me, so I am now asking you. I wouldn'
t ask admin if I didn't have to but np other avenue works.
Posted by Member fakemanager39 on 4/7/18 01:15 AM #37
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