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Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 11/3/12 02:55 PM #1
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The next contest will begin on the 15th on this month, I am also looking for any suggestions on how to change the set up from the previous contests.

Oh and I have some other plans that I am starting next week. ^.^
Posted by Member shniggies on 11/3/12 03:10 PM #2
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oooo new contest...

how about you pick a random achievement (one that you don't have yet of course) and we have to find you in game and do the achievement together? that is the prereq to enter the contest
maybe not the ones that require salvaging items, or picking up 100m gold, but finding certain uniques/champ monsters

just an idea

whats the prize btw? XD
Posted by Member Khan on 11/3/12 03:25 PM #3
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If its a gold prize, I voluntarily abstain since I was the grand prize winner the last time.
Posted by Member Jhonka on 11/3/12 03:41 PM #4
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I suggest giving me a present, since the 18th is my birthday! :-P

But in all seriousness, the last gold contest was what got me posting on this site in the first place (previously I just trolled / watched the tracker). I think gold is a pretty strong driving force, since you never really know who will win or what items they'd want. Another idea might be the currently most valued blacksmithing recipes, but once again, with gold you can just buy those yourself.

I think the biggest issue is having maybe a panel of judges decide which posts are valuable, and which are trash. If you want the contest to bring in more steady, reliable members, we should encourage that somehow. I'll keep trying to think about what that might entail.
Posted by Member Shihiko on 11/3/12 04:46 PM #5
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What is the flexibility of the contest formats? I mean other than giving people items/gold what else would you be able to do... Run 9 Inferno Machines on a high MP with the winner?
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 11/3/12 05:03 PM #6
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@Shihiko yes that's possible, but since I can't do MP10 that's not really a guaranteed prize.
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 11/3/12 05:19 PM #7
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Also happy birthday @Jhonka :)
Posted by Member whitejack on 11/3/12 05:57 PM #8
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Is the contest available at Asia Time Zone?
Posted by Member eastdragon42 on 11/3/12 09:08 PM #9
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Like Jhonka, I stumbled across this site & followed it for awhile before actually posting. I really liked the AH tracker (the best one I've found on the Internet so far) & finally registered to leave a post because of one of the giveaways (the star emerald one last week, in fact--which I still need to try & grab...), so a contest would definitely be a good thing for attracting users. & I would love to try to participate in one (though like whitejack, I am in the Asia Time Zone, which might make things like doing runs for infernal key machines a bit harder to time).

As someone who has never hit the 2 million gold mark (& have only reached 1 million gold maybe thrice?) and whose equipment is basically scrounged together through lucky auctions or gifts from friends or friendly strangers, I would agree that prizes of gold are definitely extremely welcome. Blacksmith recipes, jewel crafting recipes, gems, legendary items, set items, etc. are all very welcome too, as I've had very bad luck in getting drops of those items (to date I've only gotten 3 legendary items, 1 set item, 1 jewel crafting plan, & 1 blacksmith plan as drops in this game...) :-(

Is there a good place on the site to review all of the previous contests that have been held, w/o scrolling through the forums? I'm curious what all has already been done...

btw, thanks for maintaining such an awesome site, Anuiran! :)

Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 11/3/12 10:44 PM #10
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August Giveaway
September Giveaway
Posted by Member Stefanovich13 on 11/3/12 11:17 PM #11
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I don't think I did the September one, but I did do the August one, and I think that was a pretty good format. I do think that gold giveaways would be good. It enables the winner(s) to get what they need rather than just have a chance at something they can use.
Posted by Member eastdragon42 on 11/3/12 11:26 PM #12
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Posted by DHAdmin at 11/03/2012 10:44 PM

August Giveaway
September Giveaway

Thanks for the quick reply, Anuiran--however, those are just the lists of winners. What were the actual "contests" that one had to do in order to win...? Cause in your original post asking for "suggestions on how to change the set up", I thought you were looking for contest ideas in addition to ideas on the prizes themselves?
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 11/3/12 11:47 PM #13
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Oh, I forgot since the contests are over the entry page is gone. It was basically just a checkmark of requirements.

(1) Post on forums
(2) Add an item to auction house favorites)
(3) Enter contest button shows up if those requirements have been finished.
Posted by Member Metta on 11/4/12 12:30 AM #14
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I suggest that there won't be any money, but when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness.

Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 11/4/12 12:32 AM #15
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Caddyshack? @Metta
Posted by Member Detski on 11/4/12 05:46 AM #16
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I vote for gold. That way people of all classes and builds can get the gear that they want.
Posted by Member Stukthrtl on 11/4/12 10:59 AM #17
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I vote Unid Leg/Sets. Want to get a dual soc manticore and nats goodies :)

That way we have chances at items most people have to spend hundreds of millions on. Maybe a bit of gold on top in case of the items rolling low
Posted by Member Shihiko on 11/4/12 06:15 PM #18
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Unid Legendary and Sets sounds good to me... Though I have a few in my stash, tried to ID some earlier today and didn't get great rolls. Mempos still worth about 10m.
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 11/4/12 06:19 PM #19
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I don't like unid's as they are too random, first place could get horrible items. Yet 50th place gets a 2billion gold item.
Posted by Member Metta on 11/4/12 09:57 PM #20
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Gunga Galunga.
Posted by Member Stukthrtl on 11/5/12 07:24 AM #21
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@Anuiran: I can understand How about you just find a bunch of godly stuff.. haha.

sorry i can't come up with any other ideas atm
Posted by Member shniggies on 11/5/12 11:52 AM #22
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are you taking input on what the contest should be? or what the prize should be? or both?

i think top3 winners join you a game and you should act like a goblin and run around dropping items
Posted by Member mowuffe on 11/5/12 12:23 PM #23
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i think top3 winners join you a game and you should act like a goblin and run around dropping items

ROFL i want to see that streamed!
Posted by Member MrMalev on 11/5/12 12:36 PM #24
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Posted by Detski at 11/04/2012 05:46 AM

I vote for gold. That way people of all classes and builds can get the gear that they want.

Seems fair to me.
Posted by Member shniggies on 11/5/12 02:22 PM #25
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i was watching a stream on twitch where they were giving stuff away. what they did was like a treasure hunt, where different legendaries were dropped off at random places in ponyland and select winners were added to join the game

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