Giveaway! Need Gold? 3 x 5million

Posted by Member gnawol on 11/21/12 11:36 AM #1
Posts: 349

The winners are in,

Congratulations to the below 3 Members


Hit me up in game ( lowang#1209 ) to claim your gold

Stay tuned for another giveaway soon :-)

Hi All,

In The spirit of giveaways on-going at the moment, I will do a quick gold giveaway

Prize is 5million Gold (Softcore, AMERICAS ONLY) per winner, 3 Winners in Total (just in case you don't win @anuiran give-away next week, at least you may have had a chance to win here ;-) )

Entries as usual, leave a comment and 11AM EST tomorrow I will pick & notify the winners

Peace and good luck
Posted by Member phamalot on 11/21/12 11:41 AM #2
Posts: 105

Holy Giveaways Batman!
Posted by Member NightCrawler9 on 11/21/12 11:45 AM #3
Posts: 444

As usual, I'm definitely in for this.
Posted by Member eleganthobo on 11/21/12 11:48 AM #4
Posts: 125

who doesn't need more gold?
Posted by Member hdvision on 11/21/12 11:54 AM #5
Posts: 83

count me in for this.
Posted by Member shniggies on 11/21/12 12:06 PM #6
Posts: 909

dang lo, you're like the santa claus i never had

DUDE, i just noticed that your ID here is the reverse of your d3 account... mind blown!
Posted by Member yoyo on 11/21/12 12:14 PM #7
Posts: 191

You are truly a gentlman and a scholar kind sir.


lol, I didn't catch it at first either.
Posted by Member Stukthrtl on 11/21/12 12:17 PM #8
Posts: 282

Haha, good catch @euggie! I'm in!
Posted by Member mowuffe on 11/21/12 12:19 PM #9
Posts: 116

pick me pick me
Posted by Member sabin on 11/21/12 12:22 PM #10
Posts: 338

Nice, I'm in.
Posted by Member Undertaker on 11/21/12 12:22 PM #11
Posts: 103

Wow that is very nice of you i would like to be counted in on this too
Posted by Member batmanila on 11/21/12 01:07 PM #12
Posts: 15

Stay golden Ponyboy.
Posted by Member Argento on 11/21/12 02:31 PM #13
Posts: 33

Wow, giveaway central. You rock!
Posted by Member gwc123 on 11/21/12 02:40 PM #14
Posts: 8

Gnawol is a lean mean givin machine :)
Posted by Member h311o on 11/21/12 02:40 PM #15
Posts: 204

I like to participate in your giveaways @gnawol and hope la fortuna will help a bit
Posted by Member Shihiko on 11/21/12 03:55 PM #16
Posts: 62

Comment for a chance to win as usual...?
Posted by Member Naughtynat07 on 11/21/12 04:43 PM #17
Posts: 5

my hand is up...way up...:)
Posted by Member razer22 on 11/21/12 05:53 PM #18
Posts: 194

Wow, so many giveaways in the past month. I am almost overwhelmed...
Posted by Member Rakotobe on 11/21/12 06:01 PM #19
Posts: 23

goodies & Shinies
Yes please!
Posted by Member Buzzell on 11/21/12 06:48 PM #20
Posts: 296

And I'm in this one too.
Posted by Member Baldy on 11/21/12 06:56 PM #21
Posts: 706

Why not...i have never turned down a freebie. I don't so think anyways...

All made possible by the "Good guy from Dubai"!!
Posted by Member douvinsky on 11/21/12 07:00 PM #22
Posts: 1445

Please count me in!

I need all that glitters!
Posted by Member zerokewl on 11/21/12 07:31 PM #23
Posts: 816

I could use a 5 million gold note! Thanks for offering this.
Posted by Member baccarat0809 on 11/21/12 07:43 PM #24
Posts: 376


I hear a shiny, new Zuni Marrow calling my name with dat 5 MILLION BUCKS.


(in other words, I'm in)
Posted by Member muhawk83 on 11/21/12 07:52 PM #25
Posts: 20

These are amazing, I need to start getting online a little more often!

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