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diablo immortal characters ios announcement

Celebrate with us! The Diablo Immortal team is giving all players who pre-register an exclusive cosmetic set. To celebrate 30 million players pre-registering to play Diablo Immortal on Android, iOS and Windows PC the radiant Horadrim Cosmetic Set will be granted!

Gamers may purchase a limited time beta version of Diablos Innoruim via their App Store or Google Play Store. Starting March 28th 2022 iOS users may order their copy of DM from Apple’s App Store with a free in app purchase or by simply making an account.

The team is proud at creating an opportunity for additional battle-ready adventurers that want combat Skarn’s deadly demonic forces with success under his leadership. The time to pre-register for Diablo Immortal is now!

You can sign up on their website or through the Google Play Store. We cannot wait until you play as one of Sanctuary's greatest warriors. Exploring its vast story mode with friends in multiplayer coop modes that will test your skills against newly introduced bosses. The Angel Of Death and General demonstration map designers who are eager players themselves.

 Good luck everyone, you're going straight into hellfire!


The people of Sanctuary need your help! The land is under attack by evil forces that want nothing more than for it to be destroyed. All available allies must come together and swing their axe in order restore this land. You can stop them, but only if you sign up for Diablo Immortal before 30 million other players do so as well. A difficult journey awaits those who venture into the dark depths below us all. However great risk brings even greater reward.

Modeled after the Brotherhood of the Horadrim, an ancient collective of mages and wizards selected by archangel Tyrael, the Horadrim Cosmetic set blankets those who wear it in gilded excellence. Forged in light for only the most devout adventurers, the set morphs to its wearer’s martial expertise, creating a distinctive look for each class.

*Players from the following regions cannot pre-order Diablo Immortal on iOS from the App Store but can still download and play Diablo Immortal on PC, Android, and iOS once it releases on June 22 PT for: Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macao, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. Diablo Immortal will also release on the same date in Vietnam but on PC only.

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mephisto a character from diablo 2

Welcome to the Diablo II! It's a place where you can make your own destiny. A world of thrilling adventure and ongoing exploration awaits those whose greed is limitless, as they search for gold in every corner.

The first competitive Ladder season in over a decade is upon us. This time around there are significant updates for each class that will promote new strategies on your next trip to Sanctuary. Among the changes are various reworks of classes as well as fresh Horadric Cube Recipes! Study up with all this newly penned knowledge You can put into practice when playing against demons who dare not face their might first hand.

New Rune Words that will spice up your gameplay experience like never before.  Horadric Cube Recipes just waiting in storeroom closets across Tyria if only you could get your hands on them. But no matter what kind ore or magical secrets these ancient treasures hold certainly they'll prove invaluable when confront in monsters.

Before you venture out on your journey to the Blood rhyme sanctuary, there are a few things that will make it easier for yourself. We'll do some updates in order not only show what's happening but also prepare players. Keep watching these posts as every new update brings us one step closer towards finally being free from this hellish fire nation.


ladder details of Calacirya

The Diablo II: Resurrected competitive Ladder system has started! The newly launched ladder provides an optional ranked mode of the game through a series special mode. They are available for selection with unique leader boards where players compete to strategically gain experiences.

The game modes are designed to be fun and challenging, with the goal of gaining experience within a limited time frame. When Ladder season ends, players can store their hard-earned treasured loot in non-ladder mode for future to use.


Classic Ladder is the most popular version of ladder play that encompasses playing with four acts. Hardcore classic ladders are a type where you only have one life and it's tough, but not impossible! Expansion Ladder is also known as "hardcore" or just plain old-fashioned challenging gameplay. There are five different stages in all including 'The Lord Of Destruction' which makes this particular branch much more difficult than any other kind out there.

diablo 2 detailed ladder modes


Select Diablo II; Resurrected content will be exclusively for Ladder modes. Players can use /ladder and /helpladder chat commands to retrieve season start and end information. Ladder information is made available in the leaderboard UI, and for console, players will be updated upon loading into each game. At the end of a season, your Ladder character will be converted to a non- Ladder character, along with any Ladder -exclusive items your character has equipped or in their inventory.

You can use chat commands like /ladder and /helpladder to get information on when it starts. Once you have finished playing your character will convert over into non-Ladder mode with any exclusive items equipped or inside inventory.  Make sure not miss out by getting them while they're still available this time around. You have got time until the start of next season to get your seasonal items from a shared stash tab! If you don't, they'll be lost forever.


diablo 2 live stream announcement

In celebration of the first Ladder season for Diablo II Resurrected Blizzard hosted a special broadcast and race between content creators from North America, Australia as well as Korea. The connection interruption caused some issues with teams but MrLlamaSC was first to finish ahead of their competitors. The two minutes gap before server issues caused them to lose some time in this leg though which is why Kano and Mekalb finished their run after MrLlamaSC.

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Diablo III Celebrates 10 Years

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Diablo III Celebrates 10 Years

diablo 2 characters are fighting

Today is a special day because it's exactly 10 years ago that the Nephalem arrived in New Tristram. They were there to investigate reports of falling stars and their discovery would lead us on an adventure into High Heavens where we met Diablo, The Lord of Terror himself!

Despite his defeat at our hands, he didn’t give up hope.  Ten more years later after still making us valuable protectors for all those who need protection against any nightmare brought forth from the burning hells.

Thank you, Blizzard! The company has been celebrating their 10th anniversary since the release of Diablo III in 2013. To show undying appreciation for all your support over these last ten years they're giving a mid-season buff ahead of schedule.

What We Expect from New Season Theme?

new season theme screenshot

The fight against the Horrors of Nephalem's Past has been an exhilarating one, and we're happy to see so many of you have enjoyed it. Many players will continue their journey through The Nightmare in search for vengeance on those who killed them or valuable items they may find along the way! Feedback around this new area has been positive with players enjoying battling its horrors while gaining experience and powerful loot along the way!

The Echoing Nightmare will be a permanent fixture in Diablo III. This new challenge will be available for year-round play. It's never too late to try out this new and exciting end game experience! There are still plenty of days left before the game is removed. Go ahead - make your way through The Echoing Nightmare today.

Mid-Season Double Bounties Event

diablo 2 map and bounties

The hunt for Sanctuary’s most wanted just got a whole lot more lucrative! All bounties will be doubled from now until Season 26 ends. Here is how you can score some of the coveted Ring Of Royal Grandeur:

You won't want to miss out on this chance! After you've completed all five bounties in an act, twice the Horadric Caches will be yours. That's double the chances for that essential piece of gear needed by your Nephalem Build.

But this isn't just any old cache.  It's tailored to your specific level! This means that if you're playing on normal difficulty or higher then there'll be more difficult enemies inside waiting for you to collect their bounty.

The Horadric Caches are scattered throughout Sanctuary and contain some very rare items. Some of these include powerful gear, like Ebony Mail or socketed Crystals. Don’t forget there is also always a chance that you will find an exclusive Legendary piece!

diablohub.com - What's going on with Diablo IV?

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What's going on with Diablo IV?

Diablo IV preview

It seems a long time ago that Blizzard Entertainment announced that Diablo IV would be made. And that's because it is. The first we heard about Diablo IV was during BlizzCon 2019. At the same event, Overwatch 2 was also announced but has also yet to be released, with some now saying it won't come out until 2023. It's clear that Blizzard Entertainment is not going to be rushed when creating new gaming content, despite many fans getting restless and frustrated.

Some fans were overjoyed to see a new Diablo slot game that can be found at slot sites like this. But the slot has nothing to do with the Diablo franchise – although it is a fun game to play nevertheless. So what’s going on with Diablo IV? Are we any closer to being able to play this long-awaited game, and what will it include? We’re here to answer these big questions.

What will Diablo IV include?

Diablo IV feaures

Diablo IV will allow players to make their way through the game, completing quests in the world of Sanctuary. The daughter of the Lord of Hatred – Lilith - will also be returning to cause havoc during the game.

Some features we have seen before are rumoured to return to the Diablo IV game. This includes procedural generation dungeons, loot-focused character building and re-playable. Some of the newer features to be added to Diablo IV include open-world gameplay and less linear structure, as well as Player Vs Player (PVP) conflicts and interactions.

The main element of the Diablo series will be ever-present. Players must complete quests by picking up more potent weapons and equipment to prepare them for future, more complex challenges and quests.

When will Diablo IV be released?

Diablo IV still doesn’t have an official release date from Blizzard Entertainment. So, any date you’re told right now is pure speculation and guesswork. Blizzard has been quizzed on the Diablo IV release date multiple times, and they have suggested not to expect that game to come out in 2022.

This means both Diablo IV and Overwatch 2 were announced at BlizzCon 2019, and both are not expected to be complete for over three years since this announcement.

Why is Diablo IV taking so long?

There could be a number of reasons why Diablo IV is taking so long to be made. Of course, these games are complex and difficult to produce to a high standard, so Blizzard will want to make sure they get it right, even more so after such delays.

Another big reason for the delay is that the lead game designer and game director, Jesse McCree and Luis Barriga, respectively, are no longer Blizzard employees as of July 2021. This was off the back of a lawsuit against the company relating to sexual misconduct by senior staff.

Are Lootboxes Classified as gambling and What Problems Lie Behind Them? Diablohub.com

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Are Lootboxes Classified as gambling and What Problems Lie Behind Them?

Not many people are familiar with the term "lootbox". At the same time, most people have encountered lootboxes more often than they might realize. Have you ever played a shooter video game or social media game like "Candy Crush" or Cityville?" If so, you have most definitely encountered the lootbox concept.

What is a Lootbox?


Let's assume you enjoy playing video games, particularly shooter games. You reach a critical point in the game when you are out of lives or ammunition or something else you might need to keep the game going forward. Then you realize there is this icon you can click that offers you the opportunity to purchase the virtual things you will need in order to continue the video gaming experience. That stuff you can buy is called "loot." The page you are looking at is called the lootbox.

After that explanation, a light probably went on in your head. You have most likely been dealing with lootboxes for years without knowing what they are called. Now you know. With that in mind, we can now address the titled questions in a way you might understand.

Are Lootboxes Classified as Gambling?

Lootboxes exist as a means for gaming software developers to make extra money. They need the revenue because many of the online games they have created are free to the public, be it through social media or a free download. Buying virtual merchandise from a software developer is nothing more than a consumer transaction for the gamer. To answer the titled question, no, lootboxes are not classified as some form of gambling.

To further clarify, gambling is a risk/reward enterprise. Gamblers have to risk their hard-earned money for the chance to win more money. Lootboxes do not create any risk. If a gamer makes a lootbox purchase, they are doing so to fulfill a want or need. It's really no different than buying a pair of needed shoes or buying popcorn at the movies. The game loot is intended as a means to enrich or sustain the gaming experience.

What Problems Lie Behind Them?

We have established that lootboxes unto themselves have nothing to do with gambling. However, lootboxes can create and contribute to addictive behaviors. In that way, lootboxes have something very much in common with gambling. Since kids do lots of gaming and also get hit with lootbox offers, we all need to be concerned about the entire concept behind lootboxes.

As we inferred above, gaming software developers make some of their money by licensing games to free gaming websites. The free gaming websites extend the offer to play to the general public. They typically make their money through ads located on the gaming site.

The games that fall into this category might come with limited lives, supplies, or time constraints. These virtual shortages can create anxiety among highly motivated gamers who are committed to finishing what they start. When they reach a shortage of something they need, the fact they can remove that shortage for a few dollars is quite tempting.

A responsible and rational person might hit the lootbox once in a while as nothing more than paying for some additional entertainment value. Unfortunately, gamers who are vulnerable to gaming addiction might see lootbox purchases as a must, or they face the trauma of not being able to continue on with the game they are playing. That is a sign of gaming addiction, and it's quite different than an online gambling addiction.

addictive gambler

If someone has an online gambling addiction, they will have ways to combat the addiction. In the UK, the UK Gambling Commission drives online operators to become members of the GamStop Self-exclusion scheme. That program gives online gamblers a way to tell licensed online gambling operators that the gamblers need help staying away from online gambling sites. The program works so well that registered gamblers who change their minds are forced to choose UK online casinos not on GamStop ban as an alternative for their gambling activities.

Gamers don't have the same access to a really strong self-exclusion process when their video gaming goes awry. The availability of lootboxes for the purchase of virtual merchandise can exacerbate addictive behavior. With little to no protection, compulsive video gaming ends up looking just like compulsive gambling. That is exactly the reasoning opponents of the lootbox concept use in their efforts to eliminate or regulate lootboxes.

Protecting the Children

Here in 2022, children are more precocious than they were 20 years ago. Not only can they play video games at a high level at a young age, but they also know how mommy and daddy use debit/credit cards to make online purchases.

You have to remember, kids are vulnerable to everything and everyone. They have no way to filter out bad decisions from good decisions. If they want loot from a lootbox, they aren't concerned about cost. All they know is they have a want/need and will seek ways to fulfill that want/need. If mommy and daddy say no to the lootbox purchase, it's not beyond some kids to find ways to make the purchase anyway.

While it's clear lootboxes have no direct connection to gambling, they can become a contributing factor to addictive gaming behavior that looks and feels like online gambling addictive behavior.

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