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Posted by DHAdmin on July 11th, 2012 at 2:28 pm

Blizzard shared a couple new pictures of the character profile system today. I think the profiles look really well down and am excited for their upcoming release.

Blizzard Quote [source]

We’ll soon be adding a new feature to our official Diablo III site. Profiles will let you review all of your character information at a glance, share it with others, and check out the accomplishments of the other heroes out there.

You’ll be able to look at your heroes (or your friends’ heroes) from any page on the Diablo III site through our personalized menu. If you’re curious about the exploits of your fellow forum posters, it’ll be a simple matter to click over to their profiles and feel envious of their gear or how long they’ve managed to keep their Hardcore characters alive.

Our first profiles release will include these two elements:

  • A career tab that displays all of your heroes, how far you’ve progressed in the Diablo III campaign, how many foes you’ve slain, the names and playtimes of your fallen Hardcore heroes, and more.
  • A heroes tab that shows off your equipment (including dyes, socketed gems, all equipment bonuses, etc.), your attributes and skills, the skills and equipment of your Followers, and more.

We’re planning to add tabs that’ll show off your artisans and achievements as well. Profiles will be available on the site sooner rather than later, but you should feel free to share your suggestions and thoughts in the comments section below or in the Website Features forum.

See you in Sanctuary!

- Blizzard Web Team

Commodities are now live on the Real Money Auction House!

Posted by DHAdmin on July 10th, 2012 at 1:20 pm

Check here for item price tracking

The following commodities are available for trading in the real-money auction house:
  • Gems
  • Dyes
  • Crafting Materials
  • Blacksmithing Plans and Jeweler Designs
  • Pages of Training

The ability to trade gold as a commodity is not currently included.

Today is the first we will be tracking the prices of commodities on both the gold and real money auction house, expect the first update tonight and every day from now on.

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Scheduled Maintenance - July 10th

Posted by DHAdmin on July 9th, 2012 at 2:59 pm

Patch 1.03b goes live after tommorows maintenance, and rumor has it commodity's will be functional on the real money auction house after servers come back up. I hope the rumors are true!

Blizzard Quote [source]

We will be performing scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, July 10th. Maintenance will begin at 8:00 AM PDT and conclude at approximately 12:00 PM PDT. During this time, servers and many web services will be unavailable.

Thank you for your patience.

New Diablo fan art posted on the official website

Posted by DHAdmin on July 6th, 2012 at 11:05 am

The Diablo community has some really talented artists, unfortunately the same can't be said for me.

Blizzard Quote [source]

The Diablo Fan Art Section has been updated with four new pieces of fan artwork.

Would you like to share your artistic talents with the community? Submit your fan art today!

Blizzard talks end-game

Posted by DHAdmin on July 3rd, 2012 at 3:29 pm

This is the first time a Blizzard employee has ever commented about the issue of end-game content. They are quite aware that more is needed than the current "item hunt" and are looking to implement various systems in the future to improve upon the game beyond PvP.

Blizzard Quote [source]

We recognize that the item hunt is just not enough for a long-term sustainable end-game. There are still tons of people playing every day and week, and playing a lot, but eventually they're going to run out of stuff to do (if they haven't already). Killing enemies and finding items is a lot of fun, and we think we have a lot of the systems surrounding that right, or at least on the right path with a few corrections and tweaks. But honestly Diablo III is not World of Warcraft. We aren't going to be able to pump out tons of new systems and content every couple months. There needs to be something else that keeps people engaged, and we know it's not there right now.

We're working toward 1.0.4, which we're really trying to pack with as many fixes and changes we can to help you guys out (and we'll have a bunch of articles posted with all the details as we get closer), and we're of course working on 1.1 with PvP arenas. I think both those patches will do a lot to give people things to do, and get them excited about playing, but they're not going to be a real end-game solution, at least not what we would expect out of a proper end-game. We have some ideas for progression systems, but honestly it's a huge feature if we want to try to do it right, and not something we could envision being possible until well after 1.1 which it itself still a ways out.

A user on the forums had this to say:

Thank you very much for this informative and honest answer. Though to be honest what this answer really reveals is "we didn't have a real end game ready or in mind and aren't sure how to retain customers, the game was released before it was quite ready, possibly because of the giant outcry from the fans"

Bashiok replied with

Blizzard Quote [source]

Hindsight is 20/20 I suppose, but we believed pre-release that the item hunt would be far more sustainable, and would work to be a proper end-game for quite a while. That didn't turn out to be true, and we recognize that.

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