Hardcore Diary Part VII: Bumble Bee the Monk

Posted by Member douvinsky on 3/18/13 08:26 AM #1
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A second HC 60 is born!

Thanks to @yoyo who came tanking (not that I can shoot) for me for the last 3 levels. An exciting part is just when I hit 60, a rare pack of Phasebeast started attacking me, and I had to think about losing a new 60 lol.

9 hours 44 minutes play time come from:

Posted by Member yoyo on 3/18/13 09:08 AM #2
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Yeah, that was crazy. They all teleported past me and started attacking you the second you hit 60. I guess that was their way of welcoming you to hc 60. Haha, nice job staying alive man. Oh and btw that was a champion pack. Which make your survival even more epic. :)
Posted by Member douvinsky on 3/18/13 08:50 PM #3
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I still can't differentiate Champion and Rare lol.

Anyway got my monk to 471k EHP and decent 39k DPS. Anytime you need a tank pm me!
Posted by Member douvinsky on 3/18/13 10:04 PM #4
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I am currently running with the following build. This is quite different from my SC TR version, and is a good change.

A) Primary & Secondary

1. Fist of Thunder/ Thundering Clap
- for the fast spirit regen and high LoH coeff (150%/150%/75% for the 3 combo attacks?).

2. Wave of Light/ Explosive Light
- spirit spender, AoE

Explosive Light:
Release bursts of energy that deal 914% weapon damage as Holy to nearby enemies.

For uber later, I could probably use

Blinding Light:
Critical Hits Stun enemies for 3 seconds.

B) Survival

3. Serenity/ Ascension
- oh no 4 sec button

4. Breath of Heaven/ Blazing Wrath
- Healing beam + 15% extra damage

C) Allies & Mantras

5. Mantra of Healing/ Circular Breathing
- for some life regen/ shield & 3 spirit per second to fuel more Wave of Light

6. Mystic Ally/ Earth Ally
- I read that this skill is helpful when a disconnect happens. I hate disconnection knowing what they can do to my character at Hardcore. So, I am choosing this over Cyclone.

Earth Ally

Imbue the ally with the essence of earth. Maximum Life for you and the ally is increased by 10%. The ally also gains the ability to create a wave of earth, dealing 60% of your weapon damage as Physical to a single enemy and forcing that enemy to attack the ally for 3 seconds.

1. One with Everything - what to do when you don't have enough gold to buy all the AR gears
2. Near Death Experience - basically this is why I am leveling up my monk as the 2nd toon. I do need a 2nd chance!
3. Chant of Resonance - chosen for the addtional 2 spirit regen for Wave of Light.
Posted by Member douvinsky on 3/20/13 02:22 AM #5
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Up my EHP to over 600k, while DPS is still crawling at 42k.
Posted by Member douvinsky on 5/10/13 01:13 AM #6
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The journey must continue.

My WD, who then dead at P(67) to game freeze, leaves Bumble Bee a Witching Hour and the following AB items:

(My WD's last few words to my monk was like, "Hey, sorry for the cosmopolitan, cold, fire, lightning, you decide!".)

Posted by Member douvinsky on 5/10/13 01:21 AM #7
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Also, going to play co-op games in 1.08, hence made some changes to the skills:

Most importantly is switching out Thunderclap to Quickening rune for spirit regen, hence releasing the passive Chant of Resonant, to give way to a more defensive "Siege the Initiative".

Posted by Member douvinsky on 5/10/13 01:32 AM #8
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And now comes the Auction House part. I think my options are:

A) Full Blackthorne's Set for EHP
B) Mempo + WH, 2 piece Inna (Pants for speed, Chest), and 2 piece Nat (Boots + Rings) for DPS. No BT pants here to provide LoH, so need LS on weapons/ LoH from jewelry.
C) 4 piece Inna + 2 piece Nat DPS/ Spirit saver
D) 2 piece Blackthorne's Set (Boots and Ammy) + 2 piece Inna, + Mempo/ WH

I haven't decided on which option to burn my golds. AH is still down so no idea on the best buy for each options. Any comments, please let me know!
Posted by Member zerokewl on 5/10/13 10:01 PM #9
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I know innas 4 piece doesn't seem great but it is!! I vote for that. Not too bad on price to get your owe resist to get the ehp you'd need.
Posted by Member douvinsky on 5/13/13 02:19 AM #10
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Tried 4 piece Inna.

Found some sweet Blackthorne's...........so at the end I settled with Cosmopolitan Set:

1) Inna Helm (for spirit) + Inna Pants (for movement speed), Dex bonus
2) Blackthorne's Surcoat + Blackthorne's Belt, Vit bonus
3) Nat's Boots + CD Nat's Ring, 7.0 CC Bonus

Up my DPS to 99k (excluding SoJ bonus), did some MP3 co-op games. My current style of play is a mixture of Bell + TR. Bell for elites and TR for movement mainly. I still need more AR to dump my OWE so that I can focus on more spirit regen passive.

Posted by Member douvinsky on 5/13/13 02:46 AM #11
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Picked these up at what I thought are value buy at the AH

Nat's Boots, Ring
125m, 90m

Blackthorne's Surcoat, Belt with AR
100m, 20m (!)

Skorn with perfect LS:

Posted by Member zerokewl on 5/13/13 07:13 AM #12
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That Soren is frickingSICK
Posted by Member douvinsky on 5/15/13 01:19 AM #13
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Went on a shopping craze for UNID Inna Radiance today. Bought three in total, paid 7m, 8m, and another 8m.

First two is rather brim quality, glad that I still manage to sell them for a gross total of 2m+. Third one is something better, high vit roll and decent lightning resist (my choice of single resist).

Looted also a Slayer with Str, CD, LS, Socket, black,..........

Posted by Member Baldy on 5/15/13 08:11 PM #14
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Posted by zerokewl at 05/13/2013 07:13 AM

That Soren is frickingSICK

Typing from your phone, Zero? Or, just a lil tipsy? ;)
Posted by Member douvinsky on 5/16/13 07:11 AM #15
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Found my first A2 key, and also beat Belial on MP3 co-op.

Reminder to myself............don't Bell the KW while he is spinning unless I have serenity on.
Posted by Member zerokewl on 5/16/13 07:41 PM #16
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Posted by Baldy at 05/15/2013 08:11 PM

Posted by zerokewl at 05/13/2013 07:13 AM

That Soren is frickingSICK

Typing from your phone, Zero? Or, just a lil tipsy? ;)

Phone then. Tipsy now.
Posted by Member douvinsky on 5/18/13 09:24 AM #17
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P36, and starting to see more legs now. Mostly brims. One Nat's Boots sold for 18m.

Bought 12 x UNID Inna Radiance at 6m each from a "distributer". About half of them is instant brims. The other half got a mixture of AR, double resist, single resist + SR, so overall can still breakeven.

With Perma-TR, starting to see more killing streaks! Gotten 250 Massacre as new record without trying for it intentionally.

Posted by Member douvinsky on 5/18/13 11:18 PM #18
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Looted a Mojo in a pub game MP1, didn't bother to portal to ID before the run finished.

It turned out to be a GG Frog. If my WD were still alive she would love this!

Posted by Member zerokewl on 5/19/13 09:23 AM #19
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Maybe she can live through my WD?? That is an awesome frog. Hit me up before selling pls.
Posted by Member douvinsky on 5/19/13 07:17 PM #20
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Sure do.

As discussed I am going to do some premium pricing to fish the rich and impatient. There are only 7 listed in AH now with pricy tags except the lowest two with 60m and 125m with worst stats. Mine comes with max CC, str and dex for those WD who are overly concerned with these, so might get some premiums from it.

I am currently doing a price check at JSP too with no responses so far.

If it does not sell over the next weekend, we can discuss on RMT prices. It would be 50% off from what I think would be a sure sell AH price (i.e. not premium prices, but a price tag which says "buy me now" in the AH).
Posted by Member zerokewl on 5/21/13 04:52 AM #21
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Thank you! gaining 8l life is huge. plus more when i use life% gem in helm
Posted by Member douvinsky on 5/21/13 05:43 AM #22
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Spent 26m on 2 UNID WKL and 1 UNID Fist of Az.......sadly all brims.
Posted by Member douvinsky on 5/22/13 06:48 PM #23
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After hitting P(40), I was thinking about tuning up my MF in pub MP1. Afterall I was usually ahead with TR and killed stuff faster, but I don't think the efficiency gained from killing stuff faster outweight the additional MF% gained should I switch in some gears.

Anyway, found this Blackthorne's Spurs put in the AH by some nice soul for 200k, so together with my old BT pants and my existing 2 piece BT battle gears, I can wear a full set of Blackthorne's and enjoyed the 4 set bonus (which include 15% MF). My DPS took a hit, down by 30% to 70k. My MF% in this set is close to 300 though at MP1.

For arranged team with familar faces, I will switch back to my usual battle gear for better killing experience!

BTW looted this Fire Brand leg plan Last sold in AH was like 10m............is it that good? Or maybe someone just buy it to complete the BS collection?

Posted by Member douvinsky on 5/22/13 06:56 PM #24
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ISO A2 Keys. Got 2 previously, so thought it would be nice to get a 3rd key then I would have 3 machines.

Went key hunting in co-op MP5 at Act 2. Got one key from the two runs I did.

MP5 is getting nasty and require my full attention. Had to use Serenity twice in a nasty battle against Waller/ Arcane at a narrow dead end of Lost Mine level 2.

In one of the co-op, we have a P100 Demon Hunter, and she certainly made things easier with her Rapid Fire blasting away!

Looted this "Devastator's Marrow", a unique rare.

Posted by Member douvinsky on 5/25/13 08:59 AM #25
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Legs were raining over the couple of hours. Most were brims. Worthy of mentions:

- BT chest with arcane resist dropped. Too bad it was life regen instead of %life. Probably 10m ish.
- Echoing Fury with 2.70 Lifesteal, 0.25, and a SOCKET. The DPS is lowish though, luckily it rolled strength so maybe a Sprint WW barb can find it useful. Not too many on the AH with LS and socket though. Bidded on one similar EF without buyout just to see how high it can possibly go.

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