Locked: I love Mondays -300M Giveaway (Sept 2nd, 2013)

Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 9/2/13 11:45 AM #1
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Contest is now closed

@eastdragon42 (two in a row!) @Detrimental and @jagang01 are this weeks winners.

Another week and again we have 3 prizes of 100 million gold each to be given away.

Rules & How to Enter:

- The contest is for North American Diablo 3 servers only.
- To enter leave a single comment on this post. Multiple comments will be deleted.
- If you enter with multiple accounts I will know and disqualify your entries.
- At 11:00PM PST (today) I will stop collecting entries and any post after that point will not be eligible to win. The winners will be announced shortly after.
- You do not need to be online at the time of the drawing.
- Winners will be contacted directly by me and have his or her name edited into this post.
- If you have any other questions or concerns please send me a message directly.
Posted by Member jackbauer2 on 9/2/13 11:55 AM #2
Posts: 9

It´s back and I´m in...
Posted by Member zerokewl on 9/2/13 11:56 AM #3
Posts: 816

Welcome back and thanks for contest.
Posted by Member gnawol on 9/2/13 11:59 AM #4
Posts: 349

if i win, i shall give @baldy 's wife my winnings to accept that their next daughter will be named lowang
Posted by Member nuhertz on 9/2/13 12:01 PM #5
Posts: 512

On a holiday weekend? I'm in!
Posted by Member Garbhad on 9/2/13 12:26 PM #6
Posts: 2

Sign me up!
Posted by Member shinyhammer on 9/2/13 12:55 PM #7
Posts: 10

Yay Monday!!!
Posted by Member tsukiyomi on 9/2/13 12:56 PM #8
Posts: 118

Good luck everyone!
Posted by Member jagang01 on 9/2/13 01:02 PM #9
Posts: 2

Hello to all
Posted by Member berzerkerxx on 9/2/13 01:21 PM #10
Posts: 59

Happy monday
Posted by Member h311o on 9/2/13 02:00 PM #11
Posts: 204

I love these mondays
Posted by Member Bort on 9/2/13 02:44 PM #12
Posts: 551

Get me playing on US server!
Posted by Member rschuyl2 on 9/2/13 04:18 PM #13
Posts: 30

Good luck all!
Posted by Member Austarian on 9/2/13 04:27 PM #14
Posts: 1

do you come from the land down under? where women glow and men plunder? can't you hear can't you hear the thunder? you better run you better take cover! Yeah!
Posted by Member Seank23 on 9/2/13 04:34 PM #15
Posts: 6

I'm in! Good luck guys!
Posted by Member eastdragon42 on 9/2/13 04:52 PM #16
Posts: 413

Welcome back! How was the camping trip? :-)

Good luck to all..!! :-)
Posted by Member flytiger on 9/2/13 05:15 PM #17
Posts: 10

Welcome back. :-)
Posted by Member Windvool on 9/2/13 05:32 PM #18
Posts: 37

In to win!
Posted by Member Nightmare on 9/2/13 05:36 PM #19
Posts: 1

"Take one last look at your shining heaven Imperius. For soon, nothing of it shall remain but my laughter" - Diablo
Posted by Member escpy on 9/2/13 05:58 PM #20
Posts: 8

gimme pls ;p
Posted by Member LuckyLamp on 9/2/13 06:00 PM #21
Posts: 1

Good luck, have fun.
Posted by Member yoyo on 9/2/13 06:01 PM #22
Posts: 191

free is good
Posted by Member DarkSeymor on 9/2/13 06:39 PM #23
Posts: 5

Greed is good.
Posted by Member Detrimental on 9/2/13 06:48 PM #24
Posts: 8

I hope you enjoyed camping Anuiran.
Posted by Member batmanila on 9/2/13 06:59 PM #25
Posts: 15

I'm in it to win it.

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