She's here!!!

Posted by Member Baldy on 9/5/13 11:42 AM #1
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My wife and I welcomed our daughter on 09/03/13.

19 1/2 inches and 7 lbs. 2 oz.


Sorry, @Lowang, we named her Carly.
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 9/5/13 01:45 PM #2
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Congrats :)
Posted by Member tsukiyomi on 9/5/13 02:50 PM #3
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Congratulations :)
Posted by Member nuhertz on 9/5/13 02:55 PM #4
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Awesome! Congrats on the little Carly.
Posted by Member douvinsky on 9/5/13 07:16 PM #5
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Posted by Member moloch154 on 9/5/13 08:14 PM #6
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Such a happy time! Congratulations :)
Posted by Member ClericID on 9/5/13 10:36 PM #7
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I love being a father more than anything. Especially once babies become interactive. :)

Hope Mum and Carly are doing fine.
Posted by Member Bort on 9/6/13 01:03 AM #8
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GZ and enjoy!!!!
Posted by Member h311o on 9/6/13 03:02 AM #9
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Grats @Baldy and grats to your wife too

Enjoy every little moment :)
Posted by Member yoyo on 9/6/13 10:19 AM #10
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Grats my good man!
Posted by Member ecocd on 9/6/13 11:41 AM #11
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Congrats @Baldy! Best wishes to you and yours!
Posted by Member mentok1982 on 9/6/13 11:54 AM #12
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Put a ruby in her helm and turn up the monster power!
Posted by Member zerokewl on 9/7/13 08:58 AM #13
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Congrats baldy!!
Posted by Member gnawol on 9/8/13 09:06 AM #14
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@Baldy Congrats, may you enjoy the crying at night like a boss

I guess I can live with Carly as a name, i bet she's got more hair on her head than you already ;-)
Posted by Member jagang01 on 9/8/13 01:12 PM #15
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Congratulations being a dad is the best thing that will ever happen to you, it has been for me.

The one thing I wish someone had told me is if she wont stop crying ask the pharmacist for infant gas drops, they are gas-x in liquid form. Since it doesn't absorb it is safe and it will calm her within 5 minutes.

Posted by Member Baldy on 9/9/13 07:34 AM #16
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Posted by gnawol at 09/08/2013 09:06 AM

I bet she's got more hair on her head than you already ;-)

This is actually more true than I care to admit :)

Thank you all for the grats and well wishes...sleep deprivation is a real bitch...
Posted by Member Insane on 9/9/13 05:43 PM #17
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Posted by Member eastdragon42 on 9/10/13 05:23 AM #18
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Congratulations, @Baldy!! & don't worry so much about your daughter having more hair on her head than you already--my son had more hair on his head than me when he was born too...! :-) hehehee...

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