Locked: I love Mondays - 120 Unidentified Rings & Amulets

Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 9/23/13 12:27 AM #1
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Contest is now closed

@Dcozzi01 @Thor69 and @naki21 are this weeks winners.

Another week and this time we have 3 prizes of 40 Unidentified Rings & Amulets each to be won. These were kindly donated by @Mehsiah, so pass along some good vibes. I also apologize to him for the late posting of these items.

Rules & How to Enter:

- The contest is for North American Diablo 3 servers only.
- To enter leave a single comment on this post. Multiple comments will be deleted.
- If you enter with multiple accounts I will know and disqualify your entries.
- At 9:00PM PST (today) I will stop collecting entries and any post after that point will not be eligible to win. The winners will be announced shortly after.
- You do not need to be online at the time of the drawing.
- Winners will be contacted directly by me and have his or her name edited into this post.
- If you have any other questions or concerns please send me a message directly.
Posted by Member Seank23 on 9/23/13 12:38 AM #2
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Am I first?? Lord of the rings!!
Posted by Member redux1031 on 9/23/13 12:51 AM #3
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second!!! muhahahha... sorry good luck everyone!
Posted by Member TheKidRock on 9/23/13 01:31 AM #4
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Posted by Member nightmaresc on 9/23/13 02:21 AM #5
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fourth, good luck to the winners
Posted by Member Kurgansauce on 9/23/13 03:15 AM #6
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bling bling
Posted by Member ranger03 on 9/23/13 03:26 AM #7
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just escaped Usagi, hope my luck continues! Cheers~
Posted by Member h311o on 9/23/13 03:35 AM #8
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Thanks @Mehsiah for the donation.
Crossing fingers for drawing :) as I could need some upgrades on my US chars
Posted by Member rschuyl2 on 9/23/13 03:59 AM #9
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Happy Monday!
Posted by Member billhere on 9/23/13 04:19 AM #10
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Ohhhhh, pretty rings. Thanks @Mehsiah for the donations...
Posted by Member rayvern on 9/23/13 05:05 AM #11
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Thank you for the donations. Good luck to all.
Posted by Member sirketo on 9/23/13 05:42 AM #12
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good luck to us all
Posted by Member moloch154 on 9/23/13 06:23 AM #13
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ring, ring...Hello?
Posted by Member Dcozzi01 on 9/23/13 06:35 AM #14
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Sounds cool!
Posted by Member ecocd on 9/23/13 07:15 AM #15
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I'm a bit surprised by how many people are new and show up for the contests. It bodes well for the health of the game and the prospects for DiabloHub to continue to exist after the AH shuts down.
Posted by Member Bloodbathe on 9/23/13 07:51 AM #16
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Deckard Cain takes his much younger girlfriend to Gheed's to buy her a new ring.
Gheed brings out a $50,000 ring and Cain says, "I don't think you understand, I want to buy her something very special."
So Gheed goes in the back and quickly returns with a rare trifecta ring priced at $9,000,000.
She LOVES it, and without hesitation Cain says "We'll take it."

Cain gets out his checkbook, and Gheed points to a sign in the window "Gold only!".
So Cain suggests he could write Gheed the check now, and then come back on Monday afternoon to pickup the ring. (allowing Gheed time to call the bank and confirm the funds).
"Besides," he says "everyone knows where Deckard Cain's house is".

First thing on Monday morning Gheed phones Cain, and yells: "There's no money in that account!"

"I know...", says Deckard, "...I'm broke. But can you imagine the weekend I just had?"
Posted by Member nuhertz on 9/23/13 07:57 AM #17
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I'm willing to donate some legendaries for future contests.
Posted by Member eastdragon42 on 9/23/13 08:15 AM #18
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@ranger03: You just escaped Typhoon Usagi too? Are you in TW or HK? :)

Good luck to everyone!
Posted by Member Ramo on 9/23/13 08:27 AM #19
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Good luck!
Posted by Member Thor69 on 9/23/13 08:35 AM #20
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My little precious.
Posted by Member RossLaughton on 9/23/13 09:38 AM #21
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this would be sweet!
Posted by Member jackbauer2 on 9/23/13 09:41 AM #22
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Let me try again...
Posted by Member Unknown on 9/23/13 09:50 AM #23
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3rd times the charm?
Posted by Member flytiger on 9/23/13 09:54 AM #24
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good luck everyone.
Posted by Member pyromarshall on 9/23/13 10:02 AM #25
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I love this place

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