Gambling Mini Games You Can Play in Video Games

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Gambling Mini-Games You Can Play in Video Games

For a long time, mini-games have been an important element of the video gaming culture. The Final Fantasy series from 1987 was most likely the first to incorporate mini-games. The first Street Fighter game, released in 1991, had a bonus level, paving the pattern for future games.

More lately, we've seen several mini-games that have become so successful that their creators have opted to make them standalone products. For example, Geometry Wars was first released as a mini-game in Blizzard Creations' Project Gotham Racing 2. Nintendoland and Mario Party are two more famous examples.

Gambling Mini-Games

Gambling mini-games have assumed prominence in the adult gaming sector. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas had a fully functional casino with a gambling floor similar to what you'd find in Vegas.

On that point, here's a rundown of the most popular video games that include casino mini-games. But first, if you're interested in trying your hand at online gambling, we recommend you take a look at this review of Sports betting at Betway casino.

Casino Mini-Games Within Popular Video Games

1. Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas

GTA is one of the most well-known action-adventure video games ever made. GTA: San Andreas was published in 2004 for PlayStation 2 as part of the main series. Many reviewers consider it to be one of the best video game storylines ever. It's all about the action, with a fair dose of reality thrown in for an augmented experience.

Carl Johnson, the protagonist, returned to Los Santos, a city plagued by corruption, narcotics, and gang violence. Carl is falsely accused of murder by corrupt officers, so he begins driving around the state of San Andreas in an attempt to restore justice to the streets.

Gambling is a natural match for the scene. Carl may play video poker, wheel of fate, slots, and blackjack in Las Venturas (a city modeled like Las Vegas). Players may utilize free spins bonus codes to play more casino games, earn more money, and enhance their gaming by taking advantage of them.

2. New Super Mario Bros - Table Games

Super Mario Bros for Ninetndo

Nintendo's New Super Mario Bros. is one of the gaming world's all-time masterpieces. It's also an example of Nintendo's penchant for including gambling mini-games in their games.

A set of table games, hosted by a rather dapper-looking Luigi, is among the various mini-games available throughout the game.

Memory Match, Picture Poker, Pair-a-Gone, Thrilling Cards, Luigi-Jack, and Speed are all Mario-themed variations on traditional card games like poker and blackjack. They're both entertaining to play and provide you with more lives, cash, and other benefits.

3. Red Dead Redemption I & II: Poker & More

Red Dead Redemtion 2

Both Red Dead Redemption games have gambling mini-games that are genuinely integrated into the open environment. You may play a variety of gambling mini-games in one of the numerous saloons available in both games, ranging from card games like poker and blackjack to more action-oriented diversions like arm wrestling and horseshoes.

They're excellent methods to put your real-life card game expertise, as well as your gaming abilities, to the test. Gambling is one of the finest methods to generate money in the game, and you can also acquire a special outfit and accomplishments in both games.

4. The Witcher III: Gwent

The Witcher III

The Witcher III is still a smash hit, selling almost as well now as it did when it first came out in 2015. It is one of the finest RPGs ever produced because of the engaging and rich plot as well as the captivating gameplay. It also spawned Gwent, a casino card game that serves as a welcome diversion from the monster slaughtering and story beats.

Gwent was such a successful and popular mini-game that it produced Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, a full-fledged stand-alone release that was almost as well-received as The Witcher III. It's frantic, strategic, and completely immersive. While you do not directly put wagers in Gwent, you can purchase the cards, which means money is exchanged indirectly.

5. Fallout: New Vegas

A Fallout Stalker

To begin, we'll look at the most remarkable video role-playing video game with casino bonuses. Everything takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. Everything seems more lifelike since the futuristic atmosphere is matched with classic aspects from Las Vegas.

Consider a major conflict between China and the United States that results in the use of nuclear weapons. Following the catastrophe, epidemics, avarice, and domination in the wrong hands strike the United States.

As a player, you take on the role of the Courier. Your mission is to deliver a crucial package to New Vegas. You won't be able to finish it without some difficulty, especially if you choose Hardcore as an available setting.

Gambling is an important part of the game since it is based on the main subject of Las Vegas. There are several casinos in the setting, each with its own set of games to try.

These are low-deposit casinos that help you win money and increase your productivity. After a win, the floor managers will also reward you with food and drinks, which will aid in your recovery. You may play roulette and blackjack, or slots.

6. Watch Dogs: Poker

Watch Dogs Poker

Watch Dogs came close to living up to its massive anticipation. It not only has engaging, unique gameplay, but it also has a poker mini-game for players to enjoy. The comprehensive poker tables included in the game provide a unique and relaxing break from the main video game action.

If you enjoy pitting your wits against other players, poker isn't the only game in Watch Dogs; there are over a half-dozen mini-games to choose from, including chess, shell, and a surprisingly deep drinking game.

It's All About Having a Good Time

Modern video games' captivating gameplay and intricate stories necessitate a pause. Mini-games within video games provide this opportunity. You can play a game of cards instead of shutting off the console or computer until you're ready to resume action.

In most circumstances, victories from the mini games will benefit your character, allowing you to purchase equipment that will increase its usefulness.

All of the games on this list incorporate casino mini games in different ways. They fit in wonderfully with the plots and contribute to the thrill that a player feels.

Diablo 3 PTR 2.7.2 Now Live - Updated

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Diablo 3 PTR 2.7.2 Now Live - Updated

Bug Fixes and Item Changes


Over the last few days, developers have fixed a bug where rank 2 soul shard affixes could sometimes change after being socketed. They also redesigned some of these shards so players have more competitive options when choosing which one is right for their build and a wider range needs (55-62% all resistance). Finally they balanced several powers on each type with this update.

With this upgrade, you'll be able to dish out more pain! The power of your attacks is greatly increased and will reduce the damage taken from incoming strikes. For every skill on cooldown there's a 12% reduction in received blows as well as 25% bonus destructive force for pure destruction when enabled with rank 3 ring or sliver torments upgrades at 100 kills each proc rate.

Fragment of Destruction is a Rank 3 upgrade that reduces the activation time and gives you more movement speed. It also lasts 10 seconds, up from 7 in its original form!

Stain of Sin power now deals 25% less damage but when you kill 50 enemies it spews out an inflammatory pool blood that increases all your average enemy's damages done by 150% for 15 seconds!

You take 25% less damage. Your pet does 50% increased damage and has an additional 2-stack chance for Remnant of Pain Rank 3 power which causes collision issues with Mystic Ally but it's now fixed so that should make things go smoother! The Essence Of Anguish base poison spell is also updated: "Every time you deal DOT (poison) damage to enemies, not only do their cooldowns get reduced by 2+ stacks per second; they also gain 5% more movement speed while under its effects."

The Spirit of Archery is a terrifying and powerful new 2-piece bonus that can be obtained by equipping the Spider Queen's stem. The first time you cast it, she will weave an infested thread for 15 seconds with 1250 health to aid your attack! When enemies are caught in this web they become just as much part of yourself - granting all Corpse Spiders killed during combat 75% increased damage against them (including their own). And since we know how important positioning is when dealing rleationships like these...You also take 75% reduced harm while inside these webs; making use only 4 seconds before breaking free again if trapped too long?

Corpse Spiders are no longer affected by crowd control effects! The Ring of Emptiness has been updated to benefit attacks from all non-Fetish pets, increasing your power in combat. Additionally, developers have added a new mechanic for Spirit Archery Set which should give it more active gameplay--and thematic playstyle too! Corpse Spider can now take advantage off several buffs that buff Pets; this allows players greater flexibility when gearing up their pet companions with items.

As the Demon Hunter Embodiment of Marauder set returns to its roots, so too does it's ability to deal damage dealt by Sentries. The developers also buffed these two new sets - The Shadow’s Mantle and Cluster Arrow- which will make them more effective against multiple targets while still retaining their old niche in toughness stacking fights

The developers of Playerghan's new game added Cluster Arrow damage to Bombardier Rucksack, which should make this, build more appealing. The Necromancer set redesign was not strong enough so they increased its power in order for players who want that extra challenge of beating bosses faster with less health!

Wizard Firebird's Finery is a bit too powerful and should be scaled back. The 2-piece bonus reduces the power of this phylactere by Disintegrate which burns enemies with 3000% weapon damage per second until they die; when you go down in combat it revives your character for 60 seconds! You can't get any closer than that without being across from each other face to fiery furnace--or at least we thought so until recently. The 6 piece clothing increases our own personal Firestarter by 5000%, giving us vast amounts more chances at igniting foes before sending them up like fireworks during celebrations or battles alike While not quite invincible ourselves.

Diablo 3 PTR 2.7.2 Preview

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Diablo 3 PTR 2.7.2 Preview

The new patch is almost here! Get ready to battle the invading forces of darkness with the latest update! The Two-Week PTR Testing Period begins on November 4th. Be sure not miss out by looking at what's coming up.  What to expect: Soul Shard System updates with a focus on item balance; bug fixes galore in an assortment of different categories including Seasons, Items, How to Participate in PTR and Character Copy.

PTR Focus & Details

During this time there may be periodic maintenances and patch updates so make sure you're current on all your software updates before going in-game during a maintenance or hotfix window. With 3 unique buffs active including increased legendary drop rates as well as double blood shard drops from enemies ( bonuses not available when logged into live service) it'll help for that extra push towards getting those elusive items needed while leveling up quickly.. But don't worry if these new goodies aren't enough because we've got one more special surprise to say that you can buy Djank Mi'em, who will exchange Blood Shards for class-specific bags full of legendary items.

The latest class changes are about to be released and we want your feedback on them! These include major revisions for the Witch Doctor, Barbarian, Necromancer. You can take part in a focus-tested test environment where you'll get immediate reaction from other players before they go live with these updates or provide direct input into which abilities should change via an interactive map that gives insight into what others think should happen when playing certain characters. The theme this year is Soul Shards, so be on lookout for some awesome additional features as well as seasonal items in stores!.

PTR Testing Tips

If you find that your PTR experience is not enjoyable, try testing with a specific piece in mind. For example: what changes impact the Wizard specifically? If there’s something about these updates or patches that leave you as a player feeling underwhelmed and frustrated - concentrate on this aspect for feedback purposes when providing criticism. Remember to mention any problems from creator’s perspective so they can see where improvement needs to be made without being told exactly how things should work again!

Patch Notes


A new type of socketable item called Soul Shards is introduced in Season 25. These demonic pieces can be found by Nephalem, based on the three different types of souls that were once trapped within them: Divine Lords from Hellfire Rise who are now free thanks to DIAGONAL'S freeing axe; Lesser Demons enslaved into serving human beings but still thirsting for power just like any other demon would want it if they had legs - which most don't anymore because being stuck

Soul Shards and Hellforge Embers can drop from anywhere in Sanctuary, but they have a higher chance to appear on bosses. You may only equip one Prime Evil Soul Shard at any given time so choose wisely! Lastly: If you play during seasonal times Soul Shards and Hellforge Embers won't transfer over when your character leaves their respective season behind him or her once again.

Item Changes

Remorseless Call of the Ancients is a must-have for any Barbarian player. The ability to buff your Hammer of the Ancient with this skill allows you more than one way to wreak havoc on enemies, while also letting it do some serious damage in return!

The Remorseless talent makes Wrath even better - not only does its duration increase by 50%, but 600% or 800%. If there was anything left unclear about how powerful these skills can be together; now everyone will know what happens when they're used simultaneously.

Shukrani's Triumph: A spirit walk that lasts until you attack 3 times or an elite enemy is within 20 yards. It also increases damage dealt by 75-100% while in her realm, and even without attacking those enemies she can still cause some serious hurt!

The powerful Lakumba's ornament not only reduces incoming damage by 60%, but also adds an extra 2% per stack of Soul Harvest.

Spider Queen's Grasp is a powerful status effect that not only increases damage by 600-800%, but also has the potential to slow enemies down.

Brood of Araneae​: This is the worst nightmare for any gamer. These bloodthirsty creatures, known as corpse spiders deal an additional 75-100% damage and each bite causes you take 1% more damage from their creepy crawlies in 5 seconds!

Spirit of Arachyr (2-piece or 4- piece bonus): The Spirit of Arachyr is a malicious and spiteful creature, not to be trifled with. The 2-piece bonus; Corpse Spiders now spawn with health and attacks twice as fast! But that's just one side effect - when you get the full four pieces into your collection? Somewhere out there waiting in ambush lives an even MORE powerful spider spirit called "The Queen". She'll crawl onto screen dragging webs behind her which lasts 15 seconds before they break apart or damage foes for 75% reduced damage while stuck inside them. By the way there are some changes on Witch Doctor's Spirit of Arachyr set, as well as several legendary Witch Doctor items

The Marauder's Encasement set: Itis a powerful 4-piece bonus that sends sonic waves through the air, dealing 400% more damage and automatically casting your Hatred spenders when you deal critical hits. In addition to this heavy boost in firepower for sentries with active skills like Elemental Arrow or Chakram & Impale, it also gives near limitless advantage due to its ability being able transfer these effects from weapons all over one’s body! The 6 piece reward provides 12000% increased damage output against enemies caught within its coverage area whether they're struck by multiple blades simultaneously while performing MultiShot attacks as well firing cluster arrows at full force into crowds

The Shadow's Mantle (6-piece bonus): The Shadow's Mantle is a 6-piece bonus that impales an enemy, dealing 75000% weapon damage to the first foe hit and 25000% additional attacks for each subsequent target. This effect is from Demon Hunter Embodiment of Marauder set with some legacy functionality restored as well as shifted power going back into Sentry builds instead just focusing on individual targets alone like before now! Additionally The Shads throat sets have been buffed making them more potent against multiple foes.

Bones of Rathma (6-piece bonus): If you're looking to take your Blighted Cultist, Bonepluder and Kholek increase their power with the new Necromancer's Bones Rathma set. With a bonus that increases damage by 1750%, up to 31 500% more than before!

Firebird's Finery (2-piece or 6 piece bonus):  Firebird's Finery is one of the strongest builds in game today. This necklace has an effect that when you die, it revives your character with a 60 second cooldown and causes them to deal fire damage amplified by Combustion stacks against Ignited enemies while also getting bonus armor from Fire Over shields passive ability at higher levels! You gain 2500% increased damage while Ignite is applied to a target with 6 piece bonus.

Bug fixes will be given during two weeks in order to make your experience as seamless and enjoyable possible.

You can copy your existing Diablo III characters from the live server into PTR directly. However, only one region per account can have its data copied at any given time.

How to Participate

Log into the live game and then log out. Log onto PTR client; create a level 1 character for yourself before returning to your main account by clicking on that "Copy" button in upper right-hand corner (the Copy button won't appear until after building up some more gold). From there select which region you want copied over with all characters from only one copy getting transferred across at once; it'll disconnects them temporarily but upon reconnection those newly found heroes should be ready make their mark!


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The war against the Burning Hells is about to enter a new chapter, offering players an early access opportunity with Diablo II: Resurrected and the Diablo Prime Evil Collection on Windows PC or eligible consoles. Starting August 13 at 10am PDT (8pm EST) longtime fans can pre-purchase these titles in order to secure their spot for Early Access Weekend starting Friday, Aug 16th at 1 pm PST until Sunday night. The first round of testing was limited strictly to those who were eligible as console players or could acquire access by watching their favorite Twitch streamers but all that changed following an Early Access weekend event on August 20th at 10:00 am PDT when everyone will be able to participate in the Open Beta Weekend. Please check FAQ for how to gain access by platform.

The Diablo II: Resurrected team is hard at work making exciting new additions to the game. Join them on their journey and see what they have in store for gamers!

Before Join Check Time Converter

In an exciting new feature, players will experience more classes as the Druid and Paladin join in on the test weekends. Next to these two there are more additional characters being introduced to play with: The Sorceress, Barbarian, Amazon and now the Druid is joining alongside them. Exclusive Twitch Drops will be enabled that allow access to the beta on your linked account starting August 13


DRUID   “So it begins."

The Druids come from what many would consider an inhospitable wasteland: The region known as Scosglen. The rugged and beautiful home of the Druid's is teeming with Werewolves and other abominations lurking within the encroaching wilderness.  There is a price for power--a cost of becoming something more than human. A Druid must give up their humanity to awaken the beast-like traits that lie deep inside themselves. They need these wilds in order to survive and rule over them.

PALADIN “There is a great evil here.”

Paladins are legendary warriors who have fought in countless wars and destroyed legions of demons. They're usually hailed from the west, but they can be found all over Sanctuary spreading their virtues where needed most. Some wander across Realms as a form of penance for past sins while others seek to purify any heresies that might arise so these dark forces will never threaten humanity again.

Originally from lands far to the West, Paladins travel around the realms fighting evil with holy magic on behalf of mankind; an army unto themselves against darkness's hordes!


The developers plan to have multiplayer enabled for both test weekends, and will also feature cross-progression from Windows PC*, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One PlayStation®5* and Play Station 4*. With up to eight players allowed in the game at a time, it's an exciting and rewarding experience. You'll have more skills help each other with battles, as well as both damage dealt by monsters and dropped items scale upwards based on how many people join your session. Players can also choose to duel one another or even claim someone else’s ear for PvP combat!

Lastly, for all players looking to get early access in the beta test of Diablo II: Resurrected, Act I and Act II will be playable. Not only that but you'll also have an opportunity to see how some reskinned graphics look with improved resolution on your PC or console. For those who wish to experience this remastered version during the Early Access Beta Test you will need a separate pre-order from each platform that they want play on.


Twitch will be rewarding viewers with items for watching their favorite streamers on Friday, August 13th. From 10:00 a.m., PDT to 12:00 p.m., PDT the viewer must tune into the Diablo II category in order to receive rewards during this time period only (in qualifying regions). To participate in early access testing of Windows PC Resurrected they'll need 2 and 1/2 hours’ worth by tuning into any other category or channel before 9:30 am PST

Those who pre-ordered the Diablo Prime Evil Collection will not only receive a Mephisto pet and Hatred's Grasp wing set in Diablo III, but also have access to Heritage of Arreat Barbarian transmog sets if they own both games as well.


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The Ethereal item line comprises 21 powerful weapons—three for each class—that provide meaningful damage boosts to your demon-slaughtering endeavors. These weapon upgrades will make you feel like the ultimate hunter, and they’re easy enough to find that is how I built my first tasty bowl!

There is a new line of exclusive weapons that you can wield against the demons. These are powerful and will give players an opportunity to experience more damage boosts than ever before with three different types for each classThe Ethereal item line comprises 21 powerful weapons—three for each class—that provide meaningful damage boosts to your demon-slaughtering endeavors. They’re instruments of prodigious potential from a bygone era that have recently resurfaced in Sanctuary to be brandished by heroes capable enough of wielding them, characterized by three preeminent attributes: they are rare, powerful, and fleeting. “You can only equip one at a time, and they have random legendary powers along with their numerous strong [fixed] affixes,” says Lee

When paving the groundwork for Season 24 and its accompanying theme, the team wanted to hearken back to Diablo II and the memories it left with them long ago. They iterated on several ideas, says Lee, but none of them felt as right as Ethereal Memory. “We really wanted to make this season feel special. We wanted to capture the spirit of Diablo II through an itemization-based seasonal theme, which led to the idea of Ethereals in Diablo III.” The concept of Ethereal items flourished, not only paying homage to the deep impact Diablo II had on Diablo III, its developers, and many of its players, but allowing the developers to reimagine how the iconic item line could be reimagined over two decades later.

For the Diablo III team, reimagining an iconic item line from Diablo II in its successor was an intricate endeavor. “One of the biggest questions we asked ourselves was, ‘what does it mean to make a Diablo II item in Diablo III?’” says Lee. “We looked deep down inside and tried to remember decades ago how it felt when a legendary in Diablo II dropped. It was rare, it was unique, it was strong, it had so many affixes, and it felt powerful.”

Some legendaries in Diablo II, Lee notes, were also never called by their unique names, but were instead referred to by their item types. They weren’t just powerful weapons and armor—they were ethereal weapons and armor. While Diablo III’s incarnation of Ethereal items don’t have the reduced durability and repair difficulty of Diablo II Ethereals that gave them a hallmark sensation of fleeting (assuming you didn’t use the Zod Rune)—but potent—power, the Ethereals introduced to Diablo III will only be obtainable and usable for the duration of Season 24. They still retain the unique icons, names, item types, and sounds they originally possessed in Diablo II, and can be transmogrified to your weapons after the season has ended if you manage to collect all 21 of them in Season 24.

With Diablo II: Resurrected launching on September 23 this year, Lee and the Diablo III team hope everyone will enjoy obtaining the unimaginable power offered by these weapons. “We want players to enjoy finding their first Ethereal and figuring out how to incorporate it into their builds after reading its numerous affixes,” Lee says. “Hopefully Ethereals can usher in new metas and give everyone an amazing experience this season.”

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