The best Action RPGs of 2021

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The best Action RPGs of 2021

Console controller

Role-playing games (RPGs) are big business. Whether you are a gamer who is drawn to a PC or one who would rather be playing on the latest console, RPGs are everywhere. What makes them so popular? Perhaps it’s the fact that they allow us all an escape, even if it is just temporary. The chance to shed our own skin and take on the role of a hero holds massive appeal.

When it comes to what’s on offer in 2021, yes, there are plenty of new releases, but newer isn’t always better. There are an array of titles to consider such as Titan Quest, Dungeons and Dragons, Outrider, and many many more. For us though, there is one game that really stands out. First released back in 1997, it is Diablo that takes the crown as being the best RPG even so many years later.

What is Diablo

If you are already a gamer and if you’re already a fan of RPGs, then you may find this section a little pointless! Bear with us though as, believe it or not, there are still people out there who are yet to have the pleasure. Whether they are new to RPGs or just haven’t found their way to Diablo yet, who knows? They still need a brief overview of what this great game is though.

Diablo is an RPG that was released all the way back in 1997. This proved an instant hit as it was seen as a hack and slash game. This style of play is always going to gain a huge following. Of course, there is more than just the slashing though: this game also has a story behind it.

In the game, you will find yourself in the fictional kingdom of Khanduras. The role that players take on has a pretty important task: to rid the world of Diablo, Lord of Terror! This makes for an amazing game and one that was added to in the same year with the extension: Diablo hellfire.

Are there any new Diablo games?

It may be difficult to accept that a 1997 release is seen as the best RPG in 2021. However, there have been upgrades and newer releases along the way. The year 2000 saw the release of Diablo 2: The Lord of Destruction. This brought in a whole raft of new monsters to fight against and picked up the story where it had been left off in the original. 2012 saw the third instalment being released and this is what has kept the game so relevant and saw it being introduced to a new generation.

2021 is set to be a key year for the Diablo franchise. September sees the remastered version of Diablo 2 being released. Known as Diablo 2: Resurrected, this comes with improved graphics, better gameplay, and the chance for a multiplayer experience.

Diablo and esports

The esports market has seen phenomenal growth over recent years with games such as League of Legends captivating millions of fans. This growth has been fueled by the fact that people can now bet on these games just like they can on traditional sports. Fans search high and low looking for the best odds on league of legends so that they can maximize their wins. Given all of this, it would make sense for Diablo to perhaps enter the arena.

Previous versions of Diablo weren’t made with the world of esports in mind. However, there is a suggestion that the fourth instalment will be with us soon. This version is likely to be targeted towards esports fans. Soon you will be placing bets on this great RPG just as you can on League of Legends right now.

Why League of Legends is such a popular eSport

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Why League of Legends is such a popular eSport

League of Legends multiplay

With tournaments taking place across the world, League of Legends sees professional players looking to take the title of champion. This is not a new game by any stretch of the imagination: first launched back in 2009, it is one that has gone from strength to strength and only gained in popularity. As well as the professionals themselves, there is also an army of fans looking to get in and watch the action. Thousands cram into stadiums to watch, with just as many placing esports bets on the outcome.

Did we ever think that the day would come where people were earning full-time livings from playing computer games? The smart guys did and they have taken the world of eSports by storm. Just like with traditional sports, gamblers like nothing more than taking a punt and wagering on the outcome of a game, but with so many games around, what is it that makes League of Legends quite so popular when it comes to esports betting?

A brief introduction to League of Legends

We don’t like to assume that you are all familiar with this game, so before going into its popularity as an eSport, we thought it would be worthwhile to cover the basics of what the game actually involves. It may have been around for a good few years now, but there are still players out there who have yet to acquaint themselves with all that this game has to offer.

League of Legends is a multiplayer game that is all about battling online. Teams are formed with no more than five players in each and they are then unleashed to do battle with each other. How do you win? The winning team is the one that locates and destroys their opponents' Nexus (a structure in enemy territory).

Characters are known as ‘Champions’ and each of these starts off as a novice. These novices will have few skills and access to only basic weapons. The more that you play, and the more that you win, the more your skill grows and the more weapons are unlocked for you to use.

League of Legends as an eSport

League of Legends isn’t the only popular eSport that is bet on. One of the other most famous titles is probably Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This is a game that is played as part of a massive tournament. League of Legends differs here as the game is played within leagues. These leagues are on the large side and are often split into sub leagues that are based on towns and cities.

These leagues are great for fans who love to bet. They are much the same as a football league in that the greats will get promoted while those not so great will end up playing in a lower league. Fans can bet at the start of the season as to who they think will take titles, gain promotion, or be relegated. The similarities to betting on football and other traditional sports are obvious.

This league format attracts massive audiences. Stadiums can’t hold the crowds that want to be part of the action and so many fans will watch via pay per view to make sure that they don’t miss out. The existence of pay per view ensures that League of Legends is accessible to a global audience.

Why bet on this eSport?

We have just had a look at some of the similarities that there are with traditional sports, such as football. The truth is that the games themselves are a million miles away from each other: a team on a pitch kicking a ball is hardly comparable to a 10 person battle arena. It is the league format that makes the two so similar and what makes League of Legends so great to bet on.

Aside from the league format, League of Legends itself is a fast-paced game that is full of action. This makes it exciting to watch. There are so many twists and turns throughout a game that tension and anticipation build while fans await the outcome. It is this kind of buzz that adds to the experience and sees fans keen to place their bets.

Anticipated Games this Year

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Most Anticipated Games To Release This Year-End And Beyond

For a gamer, nothing is more satisfying than to play the best games they like. The games could be doing hundreds of things, but nothing would be more enjoyable for a gamer than playing. If you are looking for some titles constantly through the year, the times ahead have some exciting lineup of games just for you.

However, if you are a casino buff and enjoy casino games, is an excellent site. The site offers plenty of casino games and other titles to pick for you to relax and bet over the weekend. Moving on, let’s now check out the other video games all set to launch in the coming days.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel has wowed the entire generation with their creative genius. They have extended their specialization to the world of PC games, and Guardians of the Galaxy is one such title. The game will make a splash this October and has piqued the interest of all gamers globally. Marvel’s action superheroes are again taking on the world and eliminating all the evil forces with you taking the lead.

Play it on Nintendo Switch – Cloud Version besides PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, or PC. This action-adventure theme is prominent and can ensure you have a great time.

Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 for the Playstation

Join your squad in this Multiplayer first-person shooting game of Battlefield 2042. Futuristic gadgets and arsenal are at your disposal as you encounter various hazards, natural and artificial, to survive. Battlefield I has been a success, and the new 2042 will take you on a whole new level of warfare. Join 128 players on their massive rampage. The Battlefield Portal will take you on iconic and historic battlefields using your advanced machinery. The Hazard Zone is a sandbox appeal to ensure you have a gala time on the game. Indeed EA has designed a marvel of a new order is what we can anticipate.

Nerf Legends

Man holds Nerf Prophecy weapon

GameMill Entertainment has created a shooter video game for Xbox, Xbox One, Playstation 5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and other platforms. The tagline reads as blast your ways to become a legend, and we will not do otherwise. So, you can expect to encounter robotic enemies and, hence, have the most advanced weaponry ever. You may encounter them with real NERF blasting machine guns and annihilators. There are 19 levels, and with each level, you take on the more skilled NERF Master bosses. The challenges they throw at you will be nothing less than a stunner. You and your friends can join this game as a multiplayer title and blast everyone out.

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite

Halo carries on to become Halo Infinite, and we are sure to enjoy this multiplayer cross-platform sandbox-style game. Spartan customization options are available for you to enjoy, and the big team battles where you can use different machine guns to fight out. The Master Chief, who had been significant support in the prequel, is back with more mean machines and skills to die for. Halo Infinite is available on Steam and for free too.

Call of Duty Vanguard

Call of Duty Vanguard Game

The Multiplayer world knows the COD, and this Call of Duty Vanguard will heighten their excitement. There is a rise on four different fronts: the Pacific, Western, North Africa, and Eastern front. Check out the campaigns that are set to give you a nail-biting time as you take the lead here.

These games are PC titles, and they include some first-person shooting or third-person shooting games. You may pick any as per your choice.

Trends on the Horizon for Online Games and Players

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Trends on the Horizon for Online Games and Players

The online gaming industry is always in a state of flux, with changes coming thick and fast as the demands made by players shift in the blink of an eye. This means that tips and tricks can become obsolete faster than a day-old burrito.

Trying to foresee these trends is incredibly difficult, although there are hints that show themselves if people look carefully enough.

Here we delve into what some of the online gaming trends of the future could be, as we try to predict where this ever-burgeoning industry could be headed next.

zombie gamer concentrates

Gamers are always on the lookout for the next big thing or technological advance that can take their gaming experiences to the next level

US Opening Its Doors to New Types of Online Games

North America and Asia have long been in a battle for supremacy when it comes to which continent boasts the best games development companies, Esports teams, and gaming stars.

One of the things that has held the US back at times has been certain games remaining inaccessible due to state legislation. Signs are that this is now changing, with classic card games being given the go-ahead in states like New Jersey, Delaware, Nevada and most recently Michigan. This is one trend that seems only set to proliferate in the months and years to come, as online gamers demand the freedom to indulge in whatever games they want to.

Mobile Gaming Only Set to Grow

Another trend that has certainly built up a head of steam in recent years is people playing their favorite games via their mobile devices.

This has been made possible by new and powerful coding languages which mean a game can easily be adapted to perform at 100% no matter whether it is being played on PC, tablet, or mobile.

Something else which has boosted the mobile gaming trend are the numerous gaming accessories that can be attached to a mobile phone, turning it into a de facto controller or small scale console.

With the rise of powerful 5G networks around the globe, mobile gaming will suddenly become more formidable than ever before, as 5G should allow for quicker and more interconnected gameplay no matter where a player is located.

zombie gamer concentrates

Mobile gaming is one trend that appears set to stay for the long term as mobile devices become evermore powerful and capable of performing like consoles or PCs.

VR and AR Will Become Mainstream

After the runaway success of games like Pokémon Go, it was expected that the AR gaming revolution would gather pace at lighting speed. Unfortunately, that has not quite happened, as a lack of suitable games and doubts about data protection have held AR games back.

There is still no doubt that such games will play a huge part in the future of the gaming landscape, however. Allied to AR games will be the increasing visibility of VR games. This is especially true now that many VR headsets and hand controllers are completely wireless, and often only require a mobile phone to load a game from, rather than an expensive PC or console.

While VR technology and the games that come with it are still something of an online gaming niche, there is no doubt that both VR and AR will be incorporated into virtually all games in the near to long-term future.

Players Become Content Creators and Games Developers

Streaming platforms like YouTube Gaming and Twitch have long encouraged gamers to branch out and become broadcasters, entertainers, and the industry’s taste makers.

There are now signs that this is being taken a few steps further by online streaming legends, as men like Dr Disrespect go about developing their very own games, using their experience to partner with a studio to create the perfect title.

Players should expect far more of these sorts of collaborations, as the lines between consumer and producer become ever more blurred.

Season 24 Ethereal Memory Review

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Review of Season 24 - The Ethereal Memory

Season 24 Ethereal Memory

Season 24 for Diablo III is live and has many features gamers will love including 21 new weapons and new ethereals. This season, you can also become the different creatures or use Cosmetics to customize your chosen hero as you want them, but remember that there are some limitations with this charm. Here are all the details and latest information in Season 24.

Before going into battle, make sure to equip your very own Diablo-Ilona so you don't have any regrets after defeating Baal once again. Bowsers won't stand a chance against those who wield these swords!

Season 24 summary leaderboard

Table of Contents

New Season 24 Theme

In the wake of Diablo's destruction, remnants from a bygone era rise to prominence. These Ethereal Memories will grant those determined enough to search for them unimaginable power in this time of need. Legends that have long been forgotten are now being remembered once again as they return with these gifts and you must decide how best to make use of them before their fleeting nature pulls them back into myth forevermore.

Diablo II left us with fond memories when it released more than 20 years ago, and with Diablo® II: Resurrected launching in September 2021, Blizzard have introduced a seasonal theme to honor that legacy. For this Season 24 theme, Blizzed sought inspiration on how to reimagine how Ethereal items could manifest in Diablo III, with 21 iconic weapons from Diablo II making a return. In Season 24, Ethereals are rare, powerful, and fleeting items.

Etherals in Season 24

Diablo fans who pre-purchase Diablo II: Resurrected before it launches on September 23, 2021 will immediately unlock the Heritage of Arreat transmog, the Diablo II-themed Barbarian transmog set, in Diablo III on July 20 once Patch 2.7.1 goes live. More on this here Buy Diablo II Resurrected.

Diablo II Resurrected

If you play Diablo on an Xbox or PlayStation, in the release of Patch 2.7.1, console players will now be able to immediately unlock the Mephisto pet and the Hatred’s Grasp wings when they pre-order the Diablo Prime Evil Collection.

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Seasonal 24 Cosmetic Rewards in Etheral Moment

Blizzard is bringing back rewards from previous seasons to make them available for players who may have missed out since the launch of Season 17. For Season 24, this means that awards originally available in the 12th season are coming back including a set of exclusive gloves and chest slots along with two different portraits themed around high heaven. Collectors will be happy to see Fiacla-Géar return as well which gives your character a distinctly angelic look!

Season 24 Cosmetic rewards

However, Blizzard knows it’s nice to have something new to aim for if you've participated in previous Seasons. Hence they continue providing new End of Journey rewards as introduced in Season 17; with two new cosmetic ones for those who complete the entirety of the season journey and go back home a Guardian! Now is your channce to regain Ethereal Memory by completing this year's 24th Season - The Terror Resurrected Portrait is yours once again while Lesser Mummy will be your loyal companion from now on.

Terror resurrected portrait and Lesser Mummy pet

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Season 24 Journey Rewards

If you’ve been playing the past few Seasons diligently and reached Conqueror in the Season Journey each time, you’ve accrued a few extra stash tabs. Players who have not yet earned a total of five stash tabs via the Season Journey can still unlock an additional one by completing the following tasks at the Conqueror tier:

  • Complete Torment XIII Rift within 5 minutes
  • Complete Greater Rift 60 solo
  • Kill Greed on Torment XIII
  • Kill Queen Araneae on Torment XIII in under 30 seconds
  • Reforge one Legendary or Set item to its new version
  • Augment an Ancient item with a Level 50 or greater Legendary Gem
  • Level three Legendary Gems to 55
  • Complete two Conquests

"Augmenting" an Ancient Item means upgrading it from Level 50+ for the first time ever using Kanai's Cube Recipes.

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Seasonal Conquests

Speaking of Conquests, Blizzard are rotating those, too! If you enjoy moving at speedhile killing things, Boss Mode and Worlds Apart will be making a return. On A Good Day and I Can't Stop are also available for people who like levelling Legendary Gems. If you'd rather max out your kill count with Cursed Chests, Curses! and Stars Align will be right up your street. Diablo III players who enjoy seeing how far they can go without Set Items ,will get a kick out of The Thrill and Super Human. Finally, if you're keen to show off your mastery of various Class Sets, Years of War and Dynasty will be available in Season 20 for you to attempt once more.

Seasonal COnquests in 24

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Haedrig's Gift in Season 24

Finally, the Class Sets rewarded for completing certain chapters in the Season Journey courtesy of Haedrig's Gift have rotated once more. Now you can complete Chapters 2, 3, and 4 to receive three pieces from a class set! Choose wisely because this is your only chance each season (both Hardcore and Non-Hardcore) to unlock one new set per character.

Completing Chapters 2, 3, and 4 of the Season Journey will reward you with three of Haedrig's Gifts. These contain a few pieces from one of your Class Sets. Players can only unlock one Class Set in this manner per Season across Hardcore and Non-Hardcore, so choose wisely! The set you receive depends on the class of the character you're playing when you open each Haedrig's Gift. To collect a full Class Set, you'll need to open all three on the same character. Here are the sets granted by Haedrig's Gift in Season 24:

  • Monk – Uliana's Stratagem
  • Demon Hunter – Natalya's Vengeance
  • Crusader – Seeker of the Light
  • Wizard – Vyr's Amazing Arcana
  • Barbarian – Immortal King's Call
  • Witch Doctor – Spirit of Arachyr
  • Necromancer – Trag'Oul's Avatar

Season 24 Haedrig's Gift

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2.7.1 Patch Notes

Below you will find the patch notes for the upcoming update for Diablo III, Patch 2.7.1

PATCH 2.7.1

Table of Contents:

Note: All changes apply to all versions of Diablo III, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC unless otherwise indicated.

Patch Notes

Below you will find the patch notes for the upcoming update for Diablo III, Patch 2.7.1.



Your Diablo III seasonal journey is about to get a whole lot more exciting, with the introduction of Ethereals, These rare weapons have rolling affixes and bonuses that are different for every type of class in your arsenal - but they're only available during Season 24! Ethereals will give you everything from powerful set rolls to random Legendary Powers or Passive Abilities on top (which means it's always changing). With new icons, names, item types and sounds found in Diablo II territory this past year-plus since release day -- now's not the time to wait around while everyone else starts their next season adventure.

For additional details on Ethereals, check out the list below:

  • Ethereals are tied to an account and can only be dropped by monsters, chests, and destructibles, but do not require your character to be level 70 to drop. Ethereals cannot be acquired through Kanai's Cube or from Kadala.
  • Ethereal rarity drop rate is set between Ancient and Primal items.
  • There are 3 unique Ethereals per class. Each Ethereal has fixed affixes and rolls one random Legendary Weapon power and one random Class Passive Skill.
  • Only one Ethereal can be equipped at a time.
  • Ethereals ignore item durability loss.
  • Legendary Powers and Class Passive Skills rolled on Ethereals do not stack with the same power equipped through Kanai's Cube, Items or Skills.
  • Ethereals cannot be Enchanted, Transmogrified, Dyed, Reforged, or traded.
  • Ethereals can be augmented.
  • Collecting all 21 Ethereals during Season 24 will reward players with the Feat of Strength, Ethereal Recollection. Players who accomplish this will have all Ethereal transmogrify options available for future seasonal and non-seasonal play.
  • Ethereals only drop in Seasonal play, and will not transfer to your non-seasonal character when the season ends.

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  • Monk | Skill Change:
    • Mystic Ally - Fire Ally: Now splits into 2 splits instead of 5, but now all Fire Allies can split. Damage radius slightly increased and damage increased from 480% to 1920% weapon damage.
    • Mystic Ally - Fire Ally: Improved Fire Ally AI so Allies now explode more consistently.
    • Mystic Ally - Earth Ally: Damage increased from 380% to 4500% weapon damage.
    • Rabid Strike: Spirit spenders that teleport you while Epiphany is active are also mimicked on a nearby target with 350-450% increased damage for free.
  • Wizard | Skill Change:
    • Mirror Image: ?Mirror Image icon now displays a counter to display how many Mirror Images are active.

Item Changes

  • Inna's Mantra 4-Piece Set: Gain the base effect of all four Mantras at all times. You gain 5% damage reduction for each Mystic Ally you have out. Your Mystic Allies no longer take damage.
  • Inna's Mantra 6-Piece Set: Gain the passive abilities of the five runed Mystic Allies at all times. Attacking enemies creates your chosen Mystic Ally that lasts 15 seconds, up to 10 Mystic Allies. The damage of your Mystic Allies is increased by 3000% for each Mystic Ally you have out.
  • The Crudest Boots: Mystic Ally summons two Mystic Allies that fight by your side. They deal 150% to 200% increased damage and are able to attack with their active forms longer.
  • Bindings of the Lesser Gods: Enemies hit by your Cyclone Strike take 150% to 200% increased damage from your Mystic Ally for 5 seconds. Split Fire Allies gain 5 times this bonus.

  • Aegis of Valor 2-Piece Set: Attacking with Fists of the Heavens empowers you, allowing Heaven's Fury to deal 125% increased damage for 5 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.
  • Masquerade of the Burning Carnival 6-Piece Set: Bone Spear cast by you and your Simulacrums deals 6000% increased damage.

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Bug Fixes

  • Monk Fixes
    • All Mystic Allies and their abilities now benefit from +Mystic Ally Damage.
    • Fixed a bug where Shenlong's Spirit 2pc bonus did not trigger consistently while casting Tempest Rush.
  • Witch Doctor Ethereal Fix | The Gidbinn
    • +200% to all Voodoo skills now properly benefits Fetish Sycophants.

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