Diablo 3 - Season 26 - The Fall of the Nephalem

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Diablo 3 - Season 26 - The Fall of the Nephalem

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Get ready for Season 26! The season will begin on April 15 at 5 PM (PDT/CEST/KST) and we're expecting this update to be released in the afternoon of Friday, April 12th. We hope you are as excited about re-visiting Sanctuary.

What We Expect from New Season Theme?

The Nephalem is being called by the souls of fallen heroes. The souls of heroes defeated in the eternal struggle against evil! Astute Nephalem will listen to the petrified screams of fallen enemies, find themselves attuned with what remains.  These brave individuals have lost their battle with evil and now call for aid in this new season! Only one question remains: will these attuned warriors survive or be forever trapped their echoing nightmare?

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The first season of the Echoing Nightmare is extremely tough. This is a new activity that challenges players and requires them fight through increasingly.  The events in this game will seem like nothing at all before they're too difficult to handle! It's dense with Nephalem standing where you are now but few have succeeded in overcoming these trials before being overwhelmed by an enemy wave. What will happen next time around when your party faces off against theirs again. What happens to those who failed?

Which Seasonal Cosmetic Rewards from Season 14 Back Again?

diablo 3 season 26 cosmetic rewards screenshot

For those who missed out on the exclusive Conqueror Set and portrait frames from Season 14, rejoice! Developer reintroducing these items for a second time around. But there's more than just booties in this package. They are also bringing back all of your old memories with an epic new banner dedicated to Tal Rasha as well as some returning gear that you've probably forgotten about

The nephalem hero who wants to embody the spirit of Justice can find a pennant dedicated to everyone’s favorite archangel.  The world may not always be safe, but you are able take whatever comes your way with confidence and grace!

What's better than being able to finally get your hands on some new cosmetic items? Having the opportunity for these awesome Rewards after completing such an epic journey! .Endure The Fall of Nephalem and get your hands on a Rakkis' Remembrance portrait or Toothsome Trooper pet in celebration!

Watch Out for the New Season Journey Rewards!

The New Season Journey is a great way to earn some extra stash tabs! If you haven't yet unlocked your fifth tab, here's how it works. You need only complete these tasks at the Conqueror tier in order for an additional slot to open up.

Complete a level 70 Torment XIII Rift in under 5 minutes. Complete Greater Rift 60 solo, kill Greed on that same difficulty setting and get your hands dirty with The Butcher! You can also get some amazing gear by Reforging items with either Level 50 or higher legendries. Then Level three Legendary Gems to 55 and Complete two Conquests.

Seasonal Conquests

 diablo 3 season 26 conquests list

The season of Greed is here! Avarice and Avarita, where every gold piece you find will count!   

Speed Demon Conquest  and Need for Speed: Race against time to see who can complete Nephalem Rift at Level 70 under 2 minutes. You have been given the power of speed farming and

now it's your turn!The only question left unanswered: Will you be able take advantage of this new found ability?

On a Good Day and I Can’t Stop:  On a Good Day and I Can’t Stop is here to help you get your Legendary Gems Level six quickly. Empowering low level Greater Rifts can be quite quick, which means it will take less time than ever before! You'll also have an easier life if want or need plenty of these powerful items.  Climb the heights of a Greater Rift with your lonesome self in Divinity and Lionhearted. Reach level 75 Solo to unlock this ability, which will allow you search for public games at Torment XVI

Years of War and Dynasty will challenge you of at least six classes. You can reach Greater Rift 55 Solo while using the full bonus from six of that Class Sets.

Haedrig’s Gift It is time to get a shiny new Class Set courtesy of Haedrig’s Gift for completing certain chapters in the Season Journey.  

First for those newbies out there, here is how is this new season works:

Completing chapters 2-4 of your season journey will reward you with three Hedrigs gifts. Each gift contains a few pieces from one class set in any given season--so choose wisely!!

When you open Haedrig’s Gifts, the class set that comes out depends on what character it is for. If your main is an Explorer or Warrior then they will receive pieces from this specific collection while other classes have different sets available to them such as Architect's armor which includes helmet and shield but not boots or gloves since those are only found through crafting instead!

Sets Granted by Haedrig’s Gift in Season 26

diablo 3 character headrings gift sets

Barbarian – The Legacy of Raekor, Crusader – Armor of Akkhan, Demon Hunter – Embodiment of the Marauder, Monk – Inna’s Reach, Necromancer – Pestilence Master’s Shroud, Witch Doctor – Zunimassa’s Haunt, Wizard – Delsere’s Magnum Opus.

Latest Update for Patch Notes:

The latest update for Patch Notes has been released and it's mandatory on all platforms including PlayStation 4. All changes are applicable to the game unless otherwise indicated!

The new challenge in Season 26 is the Echoing Nightmare. It's an optional and rewarding end game activity where players fight within memories of those who fell at a Greater Rift.  Bear in mind you have to stand your ground until it gets too tough or else be overwhelmed by enemies! To get there though--you'll need some help from Kanai’s Cube: transmute any petrified scream into its own portal which will let us take on these horrors once again as soon as possible.

Season Theme Details with Updates:

diablo 3 season theme screenshot with characters

When a player steps into the Petrified Screams, they are faced with an unforgettable experience. The echoing nightmare can only be accessed through seasonal characters and requires all players in your party to accept it before moving on towards success or failure at their own pace!

Players receive EXP, Legendary Items, Blood Shards, Gems, and a new Legendary Gem, Whisper of Atonement as rewards upon completing an Echoing Nightmare

The Whisper of Atonement is a powerful new gem that can be used to Augment Ancient legendary items. It drops based on your performance in the Echoing Nightmare, so it's worth doing all three stages!

The further you go into the Echoing Nightmare; the more monsters will spawn. There is a chance for rarer creatures to appear as well! The Exploding Lunatics now have an increased frequency and Rift Guardians can be found at various locations throughout this area too.  Look out if they start stacking on top each other while fiery death rains down around them.

Whisper of Atonement now has an exit timer! The possible rank it can drop at is 125, up from 100. Monsters in Echoing Nightmares cannot be Frozen anymore and they're also less susceptible to other status effects like Stunned or Knocked Back - but you'll still want some conduit shrines around for that damage boost.

Additional Notes from Developers includes Bugs Fixes:

Diablo 3 characters bug fixing screenshot

The developers have adjusted some of the monsters in this game. They no longer drop gold or items, but they still pose a threat with their attacks! The Exploding Lunatics and Meteors will do more damage than before - both physically speaking (from molten). Lastly there's been an adjustment made to how Meteor damaging entities work as well; now it feels like physical contact instead of magical awe might be needed for victory over these foes.

The developers have been readying a new patch for all of the players to enjoy! The first change is that Tier difficulty has increased by 100+. They have replaced the Shield Pylon with Speed Pylons, and they also reduced how long you can get out of an echo before monsters move on (from 60 seconds down 30!). There are now fewer opportunities for players who don't quite reach level 70 yet because these new changes mean that your chances will only decrease as time goes by - which could be sooner rather than later if something doesn’t change!

Greater Rifts have been modified so that the player's progression is increased after each additional kill. This means it will take longer for your character to max out at level 90, but you'll still get there faster with these changes! Several monsters in Greater Rapses previously granted less rewards now grant more; this includes Fallen Shaman (10% increase), Conjurers and Prophetess (15%). The visuals of entering an Orek’s Dream also received some updates – its vignette gets bolder as soon as they enter into their world which makes them stand apart from other enemies without warning until later stages when combat begins. 3 maps have been added and 2 maps have been removed from the Greater Rift pool.

The developers have added additional Weapon Throw buffs to give players more build options when playing the reworked Legacy of Raekor set. They have also updated Arreat's Law so that you can reach new levels in Fury with it.  They even made sure this particular buff would be most useful while using Thorns on your enemies! The Norvald’s Fervor is over performing across multiple sets right now but soon might not last long before being designers go back and bump up its power again.

The monks have been working on a new skill for their allies, and it's finally ready! This Mystic Ally can be used to fight off foes in the form of rocks. Not only these mini-allies rain down upon your enemies with amazing power but you will also get access abilities that let you control.

Bug fixes on ptr 2.7.3 prevented players from changing difficulty while an Echoing Nightmare is active, fixed a bug where Boon of the Hoarder allowed gold to drop in those neighbourhoods and made it so that Orek's Dream vignette doesn't go away when entering anything other than level 1 or below during playtime - which also resolved some issues with how often they appear/disappear throughout different areas depending upon your progress within them!

Diablo 3 PTR 2.7.3 is Live Now

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Diablo 3 PTR 2.7.3 is Live Now

picture of public test announce

The 2.7 update is right around the corner, and we can't wait! The Testing period for this exciting new patch begins on March 10th - during that time there may be occasional maintenance or updates like hotfixes which will happen every day at varying times throughout each week. Take a look at what's coming in Patch 2.7.3 Echoing Nightmare seasonal theme from Cage Lake; balancing changes involving Greater Rifts and more importantly-the return of Seasonal Skins. You will have enough information before downloading these next few days so get started theory crafting how you plan on making use out all those awesome features sans any pesky bugs.

PTR Focus Tips Details

The new season is finally here! The enemies are stronger and more difficult than ever before. There is a unique buff increased experience gains and double Blood Shard Drops! You can also buy class specific items from our special vendor in return. Djank Mi'em will exchange these shavings instead of currency at his shop which means more Legendaries may come out soon too.

In this season's first change: The barbarian now boasts greater durability in exchange for reduced attack speed; crusader gains protection from ranged attacks but sacrifices mobility - how will these two revisions affect their play styles? What about monks who had been neglecting defense due only focusing on damages already dealt out by weapons or hands without weapon use at range!? There are many questions need to be answered. We want everyone's feedback about these changes so please let us know what is working well or not.

ptr tips and details header picture

The developers have provided a short testing period for Echoing Nightmare seasonal theme because the duration is limited.  Developers team is asking all participants to focus their attention in picking one portion. They want to make sure that players are focused on testing the changes in one specific area at a time. If you’re primarily a Wizard, take some time and think about how your character will be impacted by these updates so they can better prepare for future patches!

For those of you who are testing out the new Echoing Nightmare seasonal theme, developers would like your help in identifying any issues that might arise during this period before it ends. This PTR has a limited duration so make sure not to miss out on anything!

Seasons Changes and Details

The new season brings with it an exciting challenge: The Echoing Nightmare. This end-game activity can be accessed once players have gathered enough Nephalem obliged them to face their past in order for victory against this foe that are too powerful even though they're weakened from previous battles. What will you do? You'll need to collect a Petrified Scream dropped by fallen Greater Rift Guardians before entering this terrifying realm; doing so summons one single portal that leads you into your very own personal nightmare. Transmuting a Petrified Scream in Kanai's Cube summons a portal that players can enter to face the horrors of the Nephalem's past.

The first time you face the Petrified Screams and Echoing nightmares, it is a challenge to transpose each petrified scream into an echoing nightmare. But as players progress through these encounters, they will discover that this becomes increasingly harder; however, there are ways for them make things easier! You can receive the following rewards upon completing an Echoing Nightmare: EXP, Legendary Items, Blood Shards, Gems, and a new Legendary Gem, Whisper of Atonement

The Whisper of Atonement is an exclusive item used to Augment Pre-Ranked Ancient Items. This gem will drop in the Echoing Nightmare, a First Seasonal Theme that introduces new challenges for players and stretches their ability stay engaged as long into this intense event where enemies are exponentially harder than before!

Greater Rift Updates

greater rift characters about updates

Developers are always looking for ways to make the game more enjoyable. They keep reviewing all of Greater Rift maps is one-way developers can improve your playing experience by making sure you spend time with content like monsters or boss fights which interest you most!

Greater Rifts are now more diverse and interesting! Starting with a small chance of rolling as Orek's Dream, these dreamlike rifts have curated lists for both map types (Fields Of Misery & Desolate Sands) along with certain monster compositions that can only be found on those particular maps. Additionally, there is also an adjusted Greater Rift pool consisting entirely new content not seen before such as Sewers Caldeum or Hidden Aqueducts which will make your journey through this challenging world even greater than ever before.

Greater Rift progressions have been adjusted so that you can gain more experience in each wave. The following monsters are now helping to bring your team towards victory: Blazing Guardians, Smoldering Guardians, Frost Guardian, Noxious Guardian, Shock Guardian, Blood Clan Spearman, Dark Moon Clan Impaler, Moon Clan Impaler, Blood Clan Impaler, Ice Clan Impaler, Hell Witch, Vile Temptress. When a single player game is in progress, players can interact with Orek to close an active Greater Rift.

What To Expect From Class Set Bags?

class characters with item bags

Developers have made changes to the bags sold by Djank Mi'em in order for more precise drop rate testing. The buff that was previously granted has been removed. Class set bags are consolidated into a single bag so players will find items based on their class.

What is added in each bag?

PTR Weapons Pack In-geom and The Furnace.

PTR Armament Pack :Andariel's Visage, Broken Crown, Cindercoat, Depth Diggers, Frostburn, Goldwrap, Ice Climbers, Lacuni Prowlers, Magefist, Tasker and Theo, Warzechian Armguards.

PTR Jewelry Bag : Ess of Johan, Puzzle Ring, Rechel’s Ring of Larceny, Rondal’s Locket

PTR Bag of Fortune: 1 billion Gold, 3 of all Flawless Royal Gems, 3 of all Imperial Gems, 3 of all Hellfire Materials, 5 Greater Rift Keystone, Patch 2.7.3 Items

What is new as Bag?

PTR Bag of Recipes: Gives all Blacksmith and Jeweler Recipes

PTR Bag of Legendary Gems Gives all Legendary Gems at Rank 25, Gives Legacy of Dreams at Rank 99, Gives 13 Whisper of Atonement at Rank 100

PTR Bag of Followers

Smoking Thurible, Hand of the Prophet, Vadim's Surge, Skeleton Key, Slipka's Letter Opener, Ribald Etchings, Relic of Akarat, Enchanting Favor, Hillenbrand's Training Sword, Broken Crown, Gladiator Gauntlets, Spaulders of Zakara, Rakoff's Glass of Life, Krede's Flame, Homing Pads, Nemesis Bracers, Gloves of Worship, The Flavor of Time, Avarice Band, Dovu Energy Trap, Custerian Wristguards, Goldskin, Cord of the Sherma, Ring of Royal Grandeur, Oculus Ring, Unity, Leoric's Crown, Blind Faith Ice Climbers, Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit, Thunderfury, Blesssed Blade of the Windseeker, Pig Sticker, Cluckeye

Which Items Are Changed on Builds?

characters of diablo 3


The legacy of Raekor is a 4-piece bonus that increases your attack speed and causes you to gain the effects from every rune. It also makes Ancient Spears deal 1000% more damage! The damage of your Ancient Spear is increased by 2% for every 1% Life you miss.

The legacy of Raekor is a 6-piece bonus that will cause your next Ancient Spear to do an extra 5500% damage when you hit with Furious Charge. The effect can only stack up five times at once, but each new instance adds more force behind its sharpened edge!

The Arreat's Law, a set of weapons that have been passed down for generations. These finely crafted blades deal 150-200% increased damage and Generation Synergy allows them to generate up 25 Fury per hit if thrown at your enemies from close range or refund some back on successful hits while fighting far away foes!

With the Three Hundredth Spear, you'll be able to unleash a devastating attack with your weapon throw and ancient spear that will leave any opponent in pieces! The 150-200% increase is just too much for this veteran warrior.

The ancient spear has been given a boost in Skular's Salvation, increasing its damage by 150-200%. If it hits 5 enemies or fewer with Boulder Toss then there is also an additional 100% added onto that strike!


Thorns of the Invoker has been adjusted to compensate for its ability. The attack speed and damage dealt by Punish are increased by 100%, while Slash will deal 67,500% more than before!

Norvald's Fervor is a powerful buff that gives you 200% increased damage while using Steed Charge and for 5 seconds after it ends.


Bindings of the Lesser Gods has been adjusted to allow for more flexibility in your raid group. Enemies hit by Cyclone Strike take 150%-200% extra damage from Mystic Ally, as well as no longer receiving any benefit from Fire's boundless loyalty ability!

What Rewards Are Available in Diablo 3 Season 26?

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What Rewards Are Available in Diablo 3 Season 26?

pokemon ball

Since its launch in 2012, Diablo 3 has managed to retain and expand its fanbase via a number of different measures. Just as the casino industry rewards loyal players with exclusive memberships like Bombay Club and supermarkets keep their customers coming back for more through point-earning schemes, the creators of Diablo 3 have tapped into a way to maintain interest in the title through their own innovative method: seasons.

By regularly issuing new seasons that are packed with new themes, journeys, conquests and original endgame content, the team behind the game are able to keep things fresh and interesting for its legions of fans. With that in mind, we take a sneak peek at what’s in store in season 26, as well as some of the rewards on offer for completing the challenges contained within.

What conquests are available in Diablo 3 season 26?

seasonal conquests

There are five different conquests for players to tackle in the upcoming Diablo 3 season, while each challenge is available in both Standard mode and Hardcore mode, making for a total of 10 challenges. These are as follows:

Race to the Top / Living Dangerously

These conquests require the player to make their character reach level 70 in Standard and Hardcore modes, respectively.

Sprinter / Speed Racer

These challenges require the player to finish the entire Diablo 3 campaign, from Act I all the way until the end of Act V, in under one hour, in Standard and Hardcore modes, respectively.

Death Gets Got / Top Spot

These challenges require players to defeat Malthael (the endgame boss in Act V) on level Torment VI or higher with a character at level 70, in Standard and Hardcore modes, respectively.

Now You’ve Done It / Now You’ve Really Done It

These challenges require players to kill the Soul of Evil on level Torment VI or higher with a character at level 70, in Standard and Hardcore modes, respectively.

It’s a Marathon / Better Lucky Than Good

These challenges require you to reach level 30 of Greater Rift in Standard and Hardcore modes, respectively.

In addition to these conquests, players can earn reward items by completing Greater Rift guardians, which will equip them with the tools they need to unlock the Echoing Nightmare challenge in the endgame.

What is the Echoing Nightmare challenge and what rewards can be won from it?

challenge of echoing nightmare

The Echoing Nightmare challenge is composed of entirely new content made for season 26. In order to unlock this feature of the game, players must first collect Petrified Screams from defeated Greater Rift guardians, then transmute them in Kanai’s Cube to open the portal which takes you to the challenge. The following rewards are on offer here:

  • Blood shards. 
  • Experience points (EXP).
  • Legendary items. 
  • Gems.
  • Whisper of Atonement (this seasonal gem can be used to augment legendary items).

Because the Echoing Nightmare is a seasonal challenge, it can only be attempted by using seasonal characters. In multiplayer games, only one player must submit a Petrified Scream for the whole team to access the portal, but all must verify the invitation before the portal is opened. The difficulty of the monsters faced will increase as the players progress, but more rapid progress can be achieved by vanquishing monsters quickly.

With so much new content and so many enticing rewards on offer, fans of Diablo 3 are waiting with bated breath for season 26 to arrive. Watch this space!


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Detailed Explanation of The Sound Design of Diablo IV

diablo multiple changes in years

The soundscape for Diablo IV is being created by a team of dedicated professionals. In this Diablohub post, you'll find out more about the audio processes and content behind one aspect. Before we begin reading, please enjoy an acoustic track that has been imagined to represent snowy mountain sides during stormy weather-envisioning dark skies filled with winds howl around your ears leaving frost upon everything they touch.

Games are all about immersion, and sound can create it. The music in games tunes your mind into the experience so that you feel like part of what's happening on-screen with every step or swing--even if they're invisible! This article will explore the different aspects and effects that sound has on gamers. It’s an amazing medium, sometimes subtle or over-the top but always present in gameplay to help you through those tough moments! We hope this dive into various aspects of our soundtrack has given insight into what kinds awaits players who get their hands on upcoming open world action adventure.

Find The Devil is in the details

The developers behind Diablo IV have taken great care to ensure the game's audio is as satisfying and compelling. Soundscapes are expansive, with sometimes chaotic combat providing an appropriate level of tension; they also expand upon previous traditions by adding more ambience for open world exploration while still embracing dark tone that fits well within this new landscape--especially since it can now adapt based on what you're doing at any given moment!

The goal of sound designers is to make sure the player feels as if they are in a world that has been created with their sounds. The more believable and grounded these noises feel, the better for your game! Imagine a world where sounds never play back the same way. They're always changing due to your listening environment and where they come from, which means you have no idea what will happen next! The randomness of audio playback in games is key for keeping things exciting-especially since nothing can ever be heard at exactly replicated sound pressure levels or with reflections inside a room when someone else might be talking nearby too. Sound designers for video games try to introduce subtle, randomized variation in both sound design and when you hear it.

diablo devil is out

So, when developers are creating audio for Diablo IV, they have to make sure that everything on your screen makes a sound. There’s world ambience and monsters off-screen or queuing up in the background as well as tiny chunks of wood colliding against each other when you break them. All these subtle sounds add up together into an immersive experience where players feel like they're really there!

Hero Fire Skills Captured in California Deserts.

The game of Diablo is all about the sound. Fire skills captured in California's deserts, a feat for which one team travelled with multiple recording rigs and microphones to capture exactly what they needed - flame effects at its finest! Other sounds also came together nicely during this adventure: wood impacts; metal scraping against rock

How Sorcerer Skills Firebolt and Inferno created?

picture about how fire bolt created

The recording for this spell was with wispy and smouldering sounds that were made using a staff or piece of wood as well as various ways around microphones to create different types attacks against foes! The one thing that made it challenging are fire whooshes, which have different sounds and processed versions to create game-ready files with editing techniques in order they can be casted or impacted by various things such as projectiles travelling through air."

The Inferno cannot be compared with anything because its power transcends all boundaries. It creates explosion after explosion without end for the Inferno Sorcerer skill. When the snake form constricts its body, shots for when it’s time to take a breather. The Inferno skill is different from other skills in that while fire sounds are used - they've taken on an ethereal tone with lighter rattle SFX paired efficiently against darker toned basses so you'll never run out magic sound.

How Monster Sound Created?

picture about how devil sound created

It's not just about the monsters you kill, it is also their sound that makes them so much more fun to play with. Imagine the sound of approaching footsteps and then sudden silence. You're standing in an abandoned warehouse; you know there are monsters nearby but all that fear is pushed away by determination as your weapon grows hot with flame ready to take down any demon collagen or whatever they may be called this time around!

Monster Movements

picture about how devil movement sound created

The team of sound designers starts by adding footsteps and foley to their movement animations. This process brings life, personality and a unique tone for each new monster they create in the game based on what it's like to be him or her - from how fast he walks down an aisle at night while carrying candelabras all way through adjusting vocal cords depending if its prey has been caught yet!

Monster Voice

The creature is born from its voice and screams. As you take it down, the sound design layers change to more animalistic traits or even everyday objects that we will manipulate for screeches and howls in order create a final layer of noise when taking out each monster family member individually

Other way to make a monster sound dangerous is with the help of creature voice actors. They can provide you core tone and build it around other sounds, which will give your video game character more personality for gamers who are looking into getting scared!

The Wood Wraith is a creature of shadows and sound; it's almost fully designed from the woods creaks and strains processed to extreme lengths. It takes on an eerie presence with its mostly freaky wood sounds, plus low-pitched human tone underneath everything that adds depth to this horror story in progress!

The fly host is another interesting creature in Diablo IV. This malevolent piece of botany walks around the world birthing flies to attack players, and it's fascinating when you watch its video! The first thing that'll catch your eye are ripped cabbages being hit with a smacked melon or salsa dish while being stirred into an already disgusting 7-layer dip just so they can make some great sounds for sound design purposes. Slimy slurry isn't something most people want their ears tested against?

Open World Ambience

With the Living Audio pillar, soundscape in Diablo IV is ever-changing and dynamic. This means that not only does it have a variety of different sounds but those tones change with time as well. Think about how much more natural it feels when everything changes over time instead if being repetitive or staying stagnant for too long! To make sure this pillar shines through nicely the team used real time occlusion effects alongside high quality reverb's so that each step you take sounds like your surroundings reflecting off them too. The clips were recorded around 5-6 minutes and looped to be almost one hour.

Dungeon Ambience

When it comes to the Diablo dungeon crawling-style ambience, there are many different sounds that can create a more immersive experience. For example, approach isn't as intense or distracting from what makes up for an enjoyable game in this series; "What you hear is literally all around." These long reverberation periods with sound occlusion help prepare players mentally before they encounter any future enemies which will undoubtedly come out of nowhere at times but also give attention paid towards every little detail within these dank caves.

Breakable Interactives

The sound design for Diablo is absolutely incredible. The amount of detail they put into every object as it breaks has left us wanting more. A plethora and variety exist within these Dungeons thanks not just from small details like this but also because each room contains something new waiting around every corner! With sounds tailor made by talented artists who've taken pride on behalf all their work being true simulations of destruction found throughout any given situation whether its taking down monsters.

Read more →

Best Megaways Games

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Diablo 13 Slot Game Reviewed

We look at some of the top Megaways Games and see how they stack up against Diablo 13.

Diablo 13 by Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Gaming

Pragmatic Play is a leading iGaming content provider that offers an innovative, premium and mobile-focused product portfolio. They are passionate about delivering high quality entertainment for all their customers across many products including slots, live casino or bingo scratchcards - whatever you want to play!

Diablo 13 slot

Diablo 13 is an exciting slot with 5 reels and 13 pay lines. It features the devilish theme that you can win up 2,250 coins from a special bonus feature called Dungeon Treasure! There are also 26 free spins scattered throughout this game for those who find five goat symbols. Keep in mind that 5 goat symbols in the game will reward you with 13,000 coins!

The theme of Diablo 13 is all about hell. From the names and graphics, you can tell this game has something to do with lurkers from other worlds who want your soul! The first thing players see when they start up this slot machine are skulls, demons and bibles .

The game combines progressive jackpots and an overall theme that will either attract or repulse most players. This unique combination makes it a decent title with the power to entertain, despite its controversial subject matter in regards to evil beings from hell such as Diablo 13 who embody everything “diabolical” but are capable of entertaining you if you’re willing enough!

The dark, doomed world of Diablo 13 is a place where horror and fantasy mix with religion to create an entirely new atmosphere. Be Wizardry and Wonder around when you are dancing with the Devil.

Megaways Online Games

Megaways games

Megaways is an innovative slots machine created by Australian software developer Big Time Gaming. The shape-shifting reels allow for each spin to produce between 2 and 7 symbols, which are all generated at random on every pull of the lever/ buttons press during gameplay!

Megaways games are like nothing you've ever seen before! They have a random reel modifier, which changes how many symbols appear on the reels and what kind of pay lines there will be for each spin. While the game's rules may seem complicated at first, it is easier than one might think. There are between 2-7 special symbols and 324 -117649 different ways to win!

Megaways Slots is a revolutionary slot that will change the way you think about slots. Instead of earning wins by lining up symbols along pay lines, players can land identical ones on adjacent reels from three to six without any limits!

Bonanza Megaways

Megaways bonanza game

The most popular slot machine in the world is now available for your device. Play Big Time Gaming’s Bonanza Megaways game on 6 reels with up to 117,649 winning combinations and a Free Spin feature that will give you 26 thousand x stake wins every time! it comes completely FREE as an Android marketplace download or through Google play store updates so there's no excuse not to try.

When you match symbols on adjacent reels, it's called a winning combination. You'll need at least two of these to start your count with reel 1-3 already matching up perfectly for potential pay outs!

Bonanza is a medium to high variance slot game with the bigger wins coming from an increasing multiplier in Free Spins. The maximum per-free spin win range goes up to 26,000 x your stake which makes this one of those titles where you have got to be patient and lucky!

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