Diablo III Season 27

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Diablo 3 Light’s Calling

diablo 3 new season header

Come home, Nephalem! The light calls for your faithful return to Sanctuary—Season 27 will begin on August 26 at 5 p.m PST/CEST/KST.

Make sure you don't miss it by signing up now and getting ready with all new rewards just in time for some serious Mythic+ dungeons action.

The theme for this year's seasonal event is based on light and its relation to prayer as well at what we see through our eyes in life: darkness or sanctuary? We may not know which side you choose until after events have played out but there will be plenty more chances throughout Season 27.

Seasonal Journey of Season 27 Theme

screen shot of season 27 opening page

With the angels' blessings, you can become an instrument of God's wrath and justice. Stealing through dark corners to vanquish your enemies is second nature now that they have given us their seal. This season empowered by celestial forces beyond our understanding!

The Valiant Nephalem who has found the Angelic Crucibles. There are three new powers in the Angelic Crucible that can be used to either sanctify an item with one of its classes' expertise, infusing it and making your favorite gear even more awesome. The Nephalem has been introduced as a result; they will recover these sacred devices if you're not already holding onto them for later use!

What Are This Seasons Cosmetic Rewards?

new season pet

Good News! The developers are bringing back some old rewards from Diablo 3 to make them available for players. For this season alone there's a chance that you will find awards originally available from Seasons 15. The exclusive Conqueror Set returns and offers an additional glove slot as well!

For the cosmetic pet collectors out there, Belphegor is eager to keep a grip on your coin as it accompanies you on your adventures across Sanctuary!

Some of the End of Journey Cosmetic Rewards are coming back. Stand hand-in-hand against demonic threats with the Corvus Cadaverous pet and emphasize your cerebral nature with the Laurels of Knowledge portrait.

What Are the Season 27 Journey Rewards

With so many challenges and enemies to defeat, it's not easy for a player at any level of play-throughs. But with the right strategies you can get through these levels.

Players who have not yet earned a total of five stash tabs via the Season Journey can still unlock an additional one by completing the following tasks at the Conqueror tier:

To conquer the Nephalem Rift, you need to be at least level 70 and have completed two Conquests this season. To complete a Greater Rift in solo mode, take under five minutes on Torment XIII difficulty with three Legendary Gems equipped.

Claim your prize for killing Malthael at level seventy in 1minute30seconds. Reach Greater Rifts60 solo, or with friends as enemies if you dare! You can reach Greater Rift level 60 Solo with the help of Kanai’s Cube. This will allow you to use an Ancient Legendary items power even if it doesn't have any gemstones attached.

diablo 3 characters

Challenging New Season Conquest

Why not take on the Most Difficult Challenge in all of Diablo III? The Season 27 challenges you to complete Act I-V at level 70 UNDER ONE HOUR.

The allure of the flashy, gold-coloured items in this season you cannot resist. But be careful when you head outside. You might complete a 50 million gold streak outside of The Vault or Avarice/Avaritias Inner Sanctum.

They say the best things in life are worth waiting for, and this is certainly true of Boss Mode! Put your skills to use as you race against time to complete a series of challenging boss encounters. You have to destroy all bosses at max level on Torment X before your 20-minute timer ends.

The Greater Rift is the best way to test your Superhuman might. It's a solo level 45 quest that tests how strong you really are without any of those pesky set items slowing down progress or distracting from getting through it faster!

You'll need a little more than just your class set knowledge to succeed in Masters of the Universe/Masters Set Dungeons. You must also achieve a mastery rank completion on eight different sets! Get ready to start collecting!

Courtesy of Haedrig’s Gift

diablo 3 headrings gifts

Here are available Sets below. For those new to Seasons, here’s how it works:

The more you explore the Sanctuary and unlock its secrets, the better your chances become! Completing till Chapter 4 will reward Haedrig's Gift with three pieces from one of our class sets. You can only get this item once per season so choose wisely!

When you open a Haedrig’s Gift, the set that comes out depends on which class of character it is. You can only get one full set by opening all three items on the same character once so good luck.

Here are the sets granted by Haedrig’s Gift in Season 27:

Barbarian – Wrath of the Wastes, Crusader – Roland’s Legacy, Demon Hunter – Unhallowed Essence

Monk – Raiment of a Thousand Storms, Necromancer – Bones of Rathma, Witch Doctor – Helltooth

Harness, Wizard – Tal Rasha’s Elements


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Controller map for users

The demons from the burning hells have invaded Sanctuary at Skarn's command. These dark beings are bent on destruction and they will go to any length for it even unleash unspeakable terror onto our world if successful in their quest! But hope is not lost: there are many brave heroes who want nothing more than to put an end these atrocious schemes once for all.

Whether you're new to the game, or a veteran, there are many ways of playing Diablo Immortal. One way is with an analog stick and controller in hand!

Fantastic news: we'll be taking a look at how this works today so that your skills can find success on enemy waves more effectively than ever before when battles arrive.

Make sure you have your analog sticks at the ready, we’re going to take a look using controllers in Diablo Immortal.

how controllers work


There are many ways to play the game, but using a controller will provide you with an optimal experience. The Diablo Immortal development team is always striving to provide the most comfortable experience possible for all players. Using a controller provides this level or playability and comfort too! You can tell that you passionate about ensuring your time in Sanctuary goes seamlessly from beginning through end with nothing but action-packed adventures!

Diablo Immortal offers a wide range of controller options, so that you can play comfortably and without worry. You'll be able to play with a controller if that's what you prefer. From now on everyone will experience playing the game, whether it is long nights saving Sanctuary or quick weekends venturing into town for some fresh meat!

screen shot of angry barbarian with controller


Consider yourself a warrior on one of Sanctuary's front lines, defending the innocent from Burning Hell forces that would surely incinerate them. This time you are not alone, but your success is guaranteed! Developers offer various ways of cutting through Burning Hell's forces. Playing with a controller is intended to feel the same on mobile and PC. A controller makes it easy to use Immortal's cross-play features too. The game also offers additional features that speak directly towards creating an immersive experience whether you're playing solely through controllers or switching between other input options.

The game play straight forward, but the strategy can be complex. You'll find yourself swapping back and forth between playing on a mobile device or PC depending what best suits your needs at any given time - even trying out touch screen controls if that's how you want to play.

With our automatic detection, you can get back to playing your game as soon as possible. When connecting the controller with your device or PC, Immortal will sense this and make any necessary adjustments for optimal play without having tinker with settings yourself!

With a host of climatic fights, you're sure to outpace your opponent with nimble reflexes. The controls in this game can be customized and remapped for the best experience possible!

Diablo Immortal launched for Windows PC in Open Beta. In this stage, feedback will help shaping the game into an even better experience with controllers.

Diablo Demon with Back Bone Controller


The developers behind Diablo Immortal have done their best to make sure that as many people can enjoy this game with a controller. Several devices are compatible for each platform: iOS, Android and Windows PC!

While mobile devices are great for playing on the go, they can get tiring after hours of gameplay. That's why Diablo Immortal was made with controller support. Providing additional comfort while you play your favorite character or quest and explore all that Sanctuary has to offer!

 The Backbone One controller is a lightweight and collapsible device that makes it easy to play games on iPhone no matter where you are. It also records your most memorable moments. So, you have got an iPhone and want to play Diablo Immortal? Well, look no further than the Backbone One controller!

You are not limited to just one device! Check out our list below for more devices that can help enhance your game.

Picture of all controller for devices


iOS Devices: Backbone One Controller, Razer Kishi, Rotor Riot Controller (Mfi), SteelSeries Nimbus (Mfi) Sony Dualshock 4, Sony DualSense Wireless Controller (PS5), Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 (iOS 15+) Xbox Adaptive Controller (iOS 14+), Xbox One Wireless Bluetooth Controller, Xbox Series X/S Bluetooth Controller

Android Devices: Xbox One Wireless Bluetooth Controller, Xbox Series X/S Bluetooth Controller, SteelSeries Stratus Duo, Sony Dualshock 4, Sony DualSense Wireless Controller (PS5), Xbox Elite Controller Series 2, Xbox Adaptive Controller, Razer Kishi, 8bitdo SN30 Pro Controller

Windows Wired Controllers: Xbox 360 Wired Controller, Xbox One Wireless Controller, Logitech Gamepad F510, Logitech Gamepad F710, Sony Dualshock 3, Sony Dualshock 4, Sony DualSense Controller (PS5), Nintendo Switch Joycons (via Grip and USB C), Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (via USB C), Xbox Adaptive Controller, Xbox Elite Controller, Xbox Elite Controller Series 2

Windows Bluetooth Controllers/Proprietary Dongle:  Xbox One Wireless Bluetooth Controller, SteelSeries Stratus Duo (via Bluetooth), Sony Dualshock 3 (via 8 Bitdo Bluetooth Adapter), Sony Dualshock 4 (via Bluetooth), Sony DualSense Controller (PS5), Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (via Mayflash Magic NS)


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To celebrate Diablo’s 25th anniversary, Blizzard is launching the “Diablo Hell's Ink Tattoo Shop Overthrow Tour."

We all know about the branding and promotion tactics used by Blizzard, but this time they're going one step further. They are giving away beta access to their upcoming game Diablo 4 as well as a digital copy for free!

The price? A permanent place on your skin of course- how could it be any other way with such awesome offers coming out from them? You can get a tattoo done whilst also grabbing some precious betas which will help shape gameplay before release day comes knocking at our doorsteps soon enough.

The Blizzard campaign has eight city pop-up stores across North America, Europe and Australia, with each pop-up opening for one day only. A competition ran in June which gave fans an opportunity to win a custom Diablo tattoo but anyone who missed out on these can still get involved!

The world’s greatest tattoo artists are coming to your city for an event that will be unlike anything else you have ever seen. These talented individuals, with their own unique styles and creativity inked right onto people's bodies.

All participants can enter this promotion by visiting one of official “Diablo” social media pages or just going through Blizzard's Battle.net website.


Often, relaxation and chilling out is associated with the physical, like sitting, lying down, reading a book or meditating. But you don’t actually have to be completely inactive in order to chill out and certain types of games can help. Diablo can be intense and fast paced. It requires concentration, critical thinking and strategies; this is not so relaxing on the mind. Online casino games are much more chilled out, as you can take your time and play at your leisure. The music is light and easy, unlike the soundscape for Diablo. The games are simple to play and unintrusive, giving you a break from Diablo and helping you to wind down and chill out.

• Date: July 16, 2022
• Studio: Vatican Studios - 22622 Lambert St Ste 306, Lake Forest, CA 92630
• Headlining Artist: Dmitry Troshingo
• Date: July 23, 2022
• Studio: Mayday Tattoo Co. - 1610 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60622
• Headlining Artist: Pony Lawsonw York
• Date: July 30, 2022
• Studio: Inked NYC - 150 W 22nd St, New York, NY 10011
• Headlining Artist: DJ Tambe

• Date: August 6, 2022
• Studio: Till The End Tattoos - 14285 SW 42nd St Ste 204, Miami, FL 33175
• Headlining Artist: Tatu Babydon
• Date: August 13, 2022
• Studio: Noir Ink Studio - 10E Printing House Yard, London, E2 7PR
• Headlining Artist: Thomas Jarlier
• Date: August 18,2022
• Studio: Das Kabinett Studio - Solmsstrasse 7, 10965, Berlin Germany
• Headlining Artist: Matteo Maldentiourne

• Date: September 3, 2022
• Studio: Oculus Tattoo - 561 High St, Thornbury VIC 3071, Australia
• Headlining Artist: Beny Pearceey
• Date: September 10, 2022
• Studio: Little Tokyo Tattoo - Suite 505, 342 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia
• Headlining Artist: Jimi May

How Technology Affected the Gaming Industry

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How Technology Affected the Gaming Industry

nvidia RTX gaming graphic card

The gaming industry consists of two main branches; or sub-categories. One is video games, and the other one is casino games. Both of these categories have been heavily influenced by developments in the technological or hardware department. Not only that but the way these games are designed has also been affected. Today we have video games with lots of RNG or luck-based elements, and casino games that require players to rely on their skills.

Even payment technologies have an impact on the design, or overall monetization of this content. Nowadays, you can easily get a refund for a digital copy of the game you don’t like, or simply try it out before you buy it. As for casinos, players have access to no deposit bonus promotions, and cashback offers, and can even play the games for free before they bet money. So, let’s see just how much of an impact the tech industry had on the gaming industry.

Improved Graphics in Video and Casino Games

In an excellent article on how Nvidia GPUs have evolved through the ages, the Nvidia graphic card is charted from its humble beginning in 1995 as the NV1 or Diamond Edge 3D for which a number of Sega Saturn games were ported to the PC with the favorites at the time; Panzer Dragoon and Virtua Fighter Remix - to the state of the art Nvidia GeForce 3090 Ti series we’re all keen to get our hands on but can’t because of chip shortages.

Nowadays, online games don’t just have to look even better, they have to be optimized for mobile devices as well. The goal is to make content more accessible rather than make it look amazing and demanding. When it comes to triple-A titles the hardware capabilities give developers more freedom. Today they use motion capture technology to make in-game characters feel more real, and you really feel like you are playing in an interactive movie or TV series.

More Indie Developers

You would think that competing in this market is more difficult than ever, and wouldn’t exactly be wrong. However, there is also a mobile gaming market, and you will find that most indie studios are focused on developing content for mobile users. Over 80% of the world’s population owns a smartphone, which is over 6 billion users. So, it makes more sense to focus on this demographic than to develop content exclusively for people who own the latest console or top-notch PC.

Additionally, graphics aren’t the only important element when it comes to games. Gamers are primarily interested in having fun, testing their skills, or having a good laugh. You don’t need graphics to achieve this. Engaging mechanics, thought-provoking puzzles, and witty dialog can go a long way in this industry.

More Immersive Content VR

immersive content VR

For some time now, developers have been focused on revolutionizing the way we play games. Even in the past 2 decades, we had games that required players to be more physically active rather than sit on their couch. However, these were mostly dancing experiences, which are in all honesty still fun today. But now we have access to VR technology, and that can be massive going forward. The current VR experiences are still fun, but they are not living up to the hype. Players imagine more immersive worlds and expect developers to mimic The Matrix or Ready Player One movies.

Admittedly we are not there yet, but it’s not something that won’t become a reality at one point. Even now we have extremely responsive and engaging VR titles that require players to be more agile and precise with their movement. Moreover, there are even a few VR casinos, which can be a nice upgrade for those looking to get a more authentic experience. Up until this point, the most innovative content online casinos could offer was live dealer games.


Finally, we should talk about how games are now monetized thanks to advancements in technology. You can see that many titles are free to play and they rely on selling in-game cosmetics or items in order to generate revenue. Additionally, there are titles that rely on a subscription model, and also regular games that are monetized through purchasing updates or DLCs. Given the higher production costs, these models make a lot of sense.

The problem that the industry faces due to this monetization model is franchise fatigue. Payers love to have a big community and invest their time playing something that will be relevant for years to come. However, sooner or later you get bored and player numbers start to dwindle. So, abandoning the project feels like betraying the existing player base, but continuous investment in the same game also starts to feel counterproductive.


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Grab some of the most sought-after Diablo Immortal items on your way to Heaven or Infernal realms. Might as well be prepared for all those nasty creatures that await you in these places, so why not pick up a few new toys?

Call of Duty Gifts

Skarn’s diabolical followers have invaded the world of gaming and left behind some pretty awesome rewards for players to acquire. The first is a set in Hearthstone, which includes all sorts or cards from different sets as well an exclusive card never seen before by any other player! Next up there's Blizzard's Call Of Duty: Mobile where you can find another cool devilish device - this time around it could be either weapons or gear that are sure make your adventure even more enjoyable...and finally we come back over here at Diablo III where yet again Skarface offers something special depending upon how far through gameplay one may currently stand

Some may be sought after for their status as rare gear, while others will provide helpful cosmetics to dress up your character in style or fill that missing slot on any completed set—but all have one thing in common: they're not just useful; these gifts are also dangerous! Who knows what strange power could unleash itself if you open them without proper ceremony? Well then get out there and explore those ruins

If you haven’t already joined the fight to reclaim Sanctuary, download Diablo Immortal (apk) for iOS, Android, or PC in Open Beta. You’ll also receive the Horadrim Cosmetic set if you complete the Immortal tutorial within 30 days after the game’s release in your region.

Diablo Immortal Horadrim Cosmetic Set


Log in to Diablo III and celebrate the launch of its newest expansion with a special reward. Add some blood-crazed demons to your inventory by earning both physical rewards, like weapons or armor pieces made from demon flesh; as well an ornamental plant called "Blood Rose Pet." The flatteringly humanlike Sanguine Flight Wings can be found exclusively inside this area too!

The Blood Rose Pet, with its blood red leaves and tummy full of barbecued meat is one for all meats lovers. The flatteringly fleshy Sanguine Flight Wings will have you feeling like an angel in flight as it trails behind your body like a gorgeous charm against this world's chaos!

Diablo Immortal Hearthstone


Welcome the Lord of Terror to the Hearthstone. This powerful hero will be added to all players' pools in Healerstone Battlegrounds. He can unleash fire or brimstone as often as you like during your next run through these game modes with this cinematic creature from hell.

He may have raised hell at The Tavern before but now there's no going wrong when playing against him because everyone gets equal access—that means YOU could actually breakthrough into

The earth shook, fire and brimstone spilled out of the sky like blood from a wound. Diablo himself emerged onto his battlefield with an eagerness. That could only be matched by those who know how to milk this moment for all its worth. This is exactly what players are going do once they experience. HEARTHSTONE BATTLEGROUNDS at unleashing fire sensation! Download Hearthstone Battlegrounds APK for iOS, Android, or PC in Open Beta.

Archangel Tyrael


The Angelic Sheriff has arrived to keep the peace in your quest for justice. Recruit him and set foot into The Hearthstone Tavern, where you will be able add this paragon of virtue as a member of merc group!

Get ready for a fight! Now is the time to induct an Archangel into your band of Cutthroat Mercenaries. Add him as a Party Member so that he can lend his considerable virtue during any future bounties! Bring justice to the table with this powerful angel.

Immortal Call of Duty


Are you ready for hell events? You can earn an exclusive Lord of Terror Weapon Charm card by fighting off the enemies from hell. You'll also get a Great One sticker as well as another Prime Evil Showcase Calling Card in your inventory. Hellish battle waiting for you against these soulless creatures that want nothing more than your destruction...

The Operators must be prepared at all times because there are plenty hostiles waiting around every corner.  They're going straight down guns blazing so make sure to get your gears on before heading into battle.

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