Top tips for Diablo III players

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Top tips for Diablo III players

Diablo III officially launched in May 2012 and was the most pre-ordered game in the history of the PC games. The previous one in this series was launched in 2000 and the excitement and buzz for it is alive till date.

Diablo III officially launched in May 2012 and was the most pre-ordered game in the history of the PC games. The previous one in this series was launched in 2000 and the excitement and buzz for it is alive till date.

Whether you've played the games in the previous series, played the Diablo III, or are now stepping into the Sanctuary, just like all other beginners, you will also be starting on a clean slate. Most games in the industry started with a PC version, moving on to the basic PlayStation, Xbox one, and other gaming consoles. Before you start, here are 3 top tips for you to wisely spend your time on the Diablo III:

#3 - Plan one character

Most gamers don't like to initially focus on one character but if you are playing Diablo III, there's every reason to do that. Normal mode ends between level 20 and 30 and till then, you earn a skill at almost every level. Once the normal mode has been completed, you will move to a nightmare, where the real challenge begins and you have a range of effective skills to use to your advantage. Your last skill unlocks at level 30 and after that, you earn a few runes or passive skills till you reach level 60.

#2 Create a Monk

When you watch some of the videos of the Diablo III, you'll get an idea of the different classes of characters from which you can choose. In fact, gameplay videos give you an idea of the ability details of different characters and if you watch them before you start playing, you'll probably make a list of the classes you want to try and the classes that are uninteresting. However, when you actually play, chances that you'll regret your decision are high. This is because some of the classes are extremely fun to play despite earlier reservations.

[p[A lot of players had written off the Demon Hunter and the Monk based on the videos they saw, however, when they actually experienced the character, they changed their mind. It is recommended that you create one character in every class and play with each one of them for an hour before you choose the final character that you will focus on. You must explore the game before taking a decision. [/p]

#1 Smash everything

Just like every other game has upgraded to different gaming consoles, the gameplay of Diablo has also significantly improved. The game Diablo II instilled a compulsive desire in players to smash every pot they saw and kick open every barrel. The next version in the series, Diablo III, continues to encourage that obsessiveness, just that this time, you do not have to do anything manually. Certain skills have been introduced that allow you to smash everything into bits. These skills and abilities include ranged spells, area-effect, and more.

The destructive habits and efficient skill set will ensure that there is no reason for you to leave anything un-smashed and for every object you destroy, you will receive bonus XP and other achievements.

Guide to Viewing BlizzCon 2018 as a Virtual Attendee

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Buying a Virtual Ticket for BlizzCon 2018

The halls of Anaheim Convention Center were bursting with activity, as Blizzard geared up to welcome and bloodthirsty guests of the occasion.

BlizzCon 2018, is over now but you can still take part by buying a virtual ticket to watch highlights of the show online

You can now only view the event as a virtual attendee ie by watching video streams. BlizzCon, which is an annual event that is held by Blizzard for two days to display the best of their franchises, is just around the corner. The event, which took take place between the 2nd and 3rd of November at the Anaheim Convention Center, is over and had sold out all its physical tickets anyway. However, you can tune in to the festivities from the comfort of your home.

You can catch up on a bunch of exciting video presentations, and you can view them all for $50 by purchasing a virtual ticket. Holders of virtual tickets will have complete access, whether live or video on demand, to all the content of the event, which includes the whole BlizzCon 2017 as well as the 2018 show, with exclusive videos of behind-the-scenes action and panels! Panels include Diablo, Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, Heros of the Storm and Overwatch.

The main stage of BlizzCon 2018 also featured "What's next" events for each of these franchises starting from 2nd November. Blizzard planned a number of exciting sessions for BlizzCon 2018, and you can see them all by looking at the event's schedule.

What's more, virtual ticket holders can still get epic loot from their favorite Blizzard games.

The rewards of BlizzCon 2018 included:

  • Heroes of the Storm - BlizzCon 2018 Portrait and Banner and Nexus Razorgrin Mount and Spray
  • Starcraft - Portrait, StarCraft Remastered SCR Console Skin and the Protoss workers, StarCraft II Terran and Zerg Classic skins
  • World of Warcraft - Stormwind and Orgrimmar Champion's War Banners and Mantle of the Horde and Alliance
  • Hearthstone - 10 card packs and BlizzCon 2018 card pack
  • Overwatch - Skin for Legendary Demon Hunter Sombra

Keep in mind that Blizzard will not keep any major news locked because you're not a virtual ticket holder, meaning there's no cause for concern because they didn't make any announcements regarding Diablo 4. But you are likely to be engaged and have more fun if you hold a virtual ticket and want to tune into sessions from BlizzCon 2018.

Switch Bundle: Diablo III Eternal Collection Update

The Nintendo Switch bundle is customized to perfection for fans of the portable version of Diablo III there are only a couple of these bundles on the website, so get yours today before someone else snatches it up.

Diablo III: Eternal Collection

Want to take part in some Rifts with us on your Switch? You can digitally download the Diablo III: Eternal Collection from the Nintendo eShop or grab a physical copy at the Gear Store.

Note: We recommend that you download the game away from the show's floor, as it will be experiencing a high amount of traffic that could potentially slow down your download.

The Book of Adria

If you want to learn about the deadliest beasts born in the deepest depths of the Burning Hells, Sanctuary is where you will find them. Written by Adria, you will get a chance to discover all the foes you will fight against in the Diablo universe.

BlizzCon is the biggest bash of the year, and it is getting closer as each day passes. Whether you are attending the event live or virtually with your digital camera, the Blizzard team is more than excited to have you there in Anaheim.

We have a word of warning though, not everyone was enamoured with the offering (click here)

Click here to buy a virtual ticket for BlizzCon 2018.

It is Time for the Legendary Hunt

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There's not long left to take part in the Legendary Hunt

Everyone loves treasure! It doesn't matter if you are Diablo III newbie or a seasoned veteran. But to whip you into shape, you have been invited to take part in a treasure hunt before the Nintendo Switch version of Diablo III, dubbed the Eternal Collection, launches. This is your chance to exercise your loot-chasing leg muscles and win some awesome rewards in the process.

Ready to begin the treasure hunt? Items have been hidden all over the internet and in the real world as well! But never fear - you will get clues to their whereabouts and it's then up to you to use your detective skills to track them down. Read on for more information about this exciting treasure hunt!

Diablo III treasure hunt

In the days to come, keep your eyes glued on the Blizzard Twitter page for clues. Once you have unlocked what the clue means, head on over to the location (on the internet or physically) and locate the QR code or item. You will be teleported to the collection page, where you can also keep track of all the items in the treasure hunt, after scanning the item or clicking the link.

You will be entered in the prize drawing, where all sorts of cool treasures are up for grabs, with every item you find. Be on the lookout for Legendary loot since the quality of the item you find affects the number of entries you get for the draw!

The Nintendo Switch Version of Diablo III is Around the Corner

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Nintendo Switch Pack Box set

The Eternal Collection of Diablo III for Nintendo Switch is just weeks away, and we know you can't wait to slay demons, hunt for loot and make memories with the online and local co-op modes!

On top of giving you the chance to play the Burning Hells on the move, there is a surprise that will make it worth the wait. Blizzard has teamed up with Nintendo and created the Diablo III Eternal Collection Bundle for the Switch, and it's filled with plenty of goodies that even Greed would be envious of.

Diablo III Eternal collection screenshot

The Eternal Collection Bundle for Nintendo Switch contains a Diablo III Eternal Collection download code and a Switch console, dock and carrying case with a Diablo theme. This is the definitive edition of Diablo III, as it contains all the features and updates released thus far, as well as the expansion, Reaper of Souls, and content pack, Rise of the Necromancer. Fans of the Zelda series also get the Ganondorf cosmetic armour set, allowing them to play as one of the greatest villains of all time, as well as other goodies from the magical land of Hyrule.

Necromancer Cosmetic Pack

Whether you are a newbie looking to kill their first demon or a seasoned pro who wants to collect more loot in the Eternal Conflict, playing Diablo III on the Switch is the best way to take this infinite adventure with you everywhere you go. Grab your special edition Switch console while stocks last. Don't let them get away from you like a Treasure Goblin making a b-line for a portal!

Want to know how you can grab one of these consoles? If you're in North America, head on to GameStop. If you're in Canada, go to EB Games. People in New Zealand and Australia should check with their local retailers.

Are you ready to party up with other Nintendo Switchers? November 2nd is around the corner so leave your thoughts in the comments section, and we'll talk again when the Diablo III's portable version launches!

Boon of the Horadrim Sweepstakes | Diablohub

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Blizzard Quote [source]

Blizzard are giving out free Diablo 3-themed gaming devices. Find out how you can win one for yourself.

Diablo 3 Custom Console

From today, Blizzard are giving away a Playstation® 4 Pro and an Xbox One® X, for which both feature a Kanai's Cube theme; the powerful Horadric artifact in Diablo III.

To find out more about the competiton and the competition rules, click here.

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