Giveaway - 50 UNID Legendary + 22 ID'd

Posted by Member gnawol on 11/16/12 03:56 AM #1
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The Giveaway is over, congratulations to member @jeb3diah please add me in-game on Bnet tag lowang#1209 to collect your winnings

First off, thank you all for entering. I will be putting together another Legendary give away with multiple winners in due course (all depends on how much free time i have to farm and how the wife is feeling ;-) )

Thank you all for participating. I welcome all the new members and hope you stick around for future giveaways as well as find yourself a new home here and contribute to the site.

Thank you again and congratulations to @jeb3diah

----------- OLD -----------
Hi All,
before anyone corrects me, yes it is 51 UNID! ;-)

I'm going to be giving away a few of my items that have been lingering around in my stash (90% of them are farmed during a 6 Hour Tempest Rush Spree)

Some items have been contributed by @zerokewl and @baldy (thanks again)

Caution: None of these items are AMAZING but may be of use to someone (maybe someone needs more brimstone?). There's some decent Tal Chests among the stuff and IK Helm/Gloves/Belt

Pictures of the items are below

How Do you Enter? Just post a comment here, i'll throw all the names into and pick a name from there (Unless @anuiran 's roomie wants to do some name drawing again)

There's only one winner, Yes, Admins may enter.

Entries close Sunday the 18th at 8AM PST and i'll notify the winner via message


Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 11/16/12 04:07 AM #2
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That's a lot of legendaries. Knowing Sarah she would love to do another drawing :)
Posted by Member Jhonka on 11/16/12 04:50 AM #3
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commenting! I <3 freebies :-P

Seriously though, thanks for doing this! This is just another reason why I keep hanging out here :-D
Posted by Member BeerMe on 11/16/12 05:10 AM #4
Posts: 3

I wish I had 6 hours to farm :-\
Posted by Member Stukthrtl on 11/16/12 05:45 AM #5
Posts: 282

Oh oh OOH!!! Shiny stuff!! Me like shiny stuff

Err.. Golden brown instead of shiny.. lmao.
Posted by Member Stukthrtl on 11/16/12 05:48 AM #6
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And just to say, if i win, i will definitely donate what i don't need/want back to the site. I think it's the right thing to do!!
Posted by Member mowuffe on 11/16/12 05:49 AM #7
Posts: 116

i love contests! thanks wang
Posted by Member SlipperyEel on 11/16/12 06:07 AM #8
Posts: 6

Loving the contests, Even if you break it into multiple winners this is great.
Posted by Member gwc123 on 11/16/12 06:13 AM #9
Posts: 8

hope i get it xD
Posted by Member Danrleycs on 11/16/12 06:17 AM #10
Posts: 7

Please count me in. I´ll sure find something very useful.
Posted by Member h311o on 11/16/12 06:31 AM #11
Posts: 204

Wow that's amazing. Next chance to get some gear for my americas chars.
Posted by Member Artemness on 11/16/12 06:31 AM #12
Posts: 4

This looks very exciting!!! :) crossing my fingers :)
Posted by Member douvinsky on 11/16/12 06:34 AM #13
Posts: 1445

Please count me in!
6 hours tempest rush? Wow.
Posted by Member jeb3diah on 11/16/12 06:48 AM #14
Posts: 13

Wow! Very generous of you! Thanks!

Good luck to all the entrants!
Posted by Member zemkezis on 11/16/12 07:18 AM #15
Posts: 1

Holy shizzle, talk about a huge prize !
Posted by Member midder on 11/16/12 07:37 AM #16
Posts: 4

New to the forum, Buzzell referred me here the other evening. Cool contest!
Posted by Member eleganthobo on 11/16/12 08:02 AM #17
Posts: 125

nice, hope i win
Posted by Member ecocd on 11/16/12 08:15 AM #18
Posts: 1059

Very generous offer gnawol. I see you're dragging your feet and you're still only Paragon 89.
Posted by Member Argento on 11/16/12 08:27 AM #19
Posts: 33

Hey everyone. I'm new to the forums here, mostly just been watching from the sidelines.
Thanks for making such an awesome contest gnawol! It's given me the kick to speak up and get involved.
Posted by Member mantice on 11/16/12 08:29 AM #20
Posts: 75

Big money, big money, big money, no whammies! :D
Posted by Member nagohs on 11/16/12 08:34 AM #21
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Wow, awesome, count me in. Thanks for doing this!
Posted by Member sabin on 11/16/12 08:34 AM #22
Posts: 338

Posted by DHAdmin at 11/16/2012 04:07 AM

That's a lot of legendaries. Knowing Sarah she would love to do another drawing :)

This time she can even try it while not feeling under the weather!

@Argento welcome to the forums!
Posted by Member gnawol on 11/16/12 08:41 AM #23
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@slipperyeel I will keep that in mind next time, i will probably put together another package either next sunday or the following, depending on how my farming time permits

@ecocd Haha, yah, i took a "vacation" for 2 weeks away from this and only recently bothered plvl'ing again, done 87-90 in the past 3 days, half way to 91 now, i guess the bnet profile is out of date. Haven't seen you on in a while, good to see you back

Welcome to all the new comers, hope you stick around for future giveaways as well as General posting
Posted by Member NightCrawler9 on 11/16/12 08:57 AM #24
Posts: 444

I'm in! Definitely want the Tals chests and Vile Wards.
Posted by Member noscin on 11/16/12 09:01 AM #25
Posts: 6

Hi, please include me too, I would like to join the contest too. Thanks.

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