Locked: Gigantic Holiday Giveaway

Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 12/18/12 07:04 PM #1
Posts: 938

All prizes are for North American Diablo 3 servers only

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment in this thread, multiple comments will not get you multiple entries. The names of everyone who entered will be put on a piece of paper and drawn at random from a box. If your name is drawn another piece of paper will be drawn from the prize box to determine what you have won. I feel this is the most random and fair way to handle the prize.

Thread will be locked on January 1st, at 8:00PM PST. Winners will be announced shortly after.

Now for the important part.... Prizes!

Diablo 3 SteelSeries Mouse - More info on the mouse can be found here.

Diablo 3 Book of Cain - More info on the Book of Cain can be found here.

200 Million Gold - Donated by @Euggie

100 Million Gold - Donated by @Khan

100 Million Gold - Donated by @Gnawol

100 Million Gold

50 Million Gold

25 Million Gold

10 Million Gold - Donated by lagger1269

100 UNID Legendary Items - Donated by @Gnawol

200 Fiery Brimstone

100 Fiery Brimstone

1 Radiant Star Topaz Gem

1 Radiant Star Emerald Gem

1 Radiant Star Ruby Gem

1 Radiant Star Amethyst Gem

A 25% Leoric's Signet

A 20% Leoric's Signet

25 UNID Legendary Items - Donated by @Hdvision

More prizes may be added before the contest ends, but this is all the guaranteed prizes for now

I am forgetting two peoples donations and as such have not added their items to the list. Please, if you have donated contact me! I accidentally saved over a few names in a text document.
Posted by Member Shihiko on 12/18/12 07:29 PM #2
Posts: 62

Thanks for the heads up Anuiran.

Good Luck and Happy Holidays everyone! :D
Posted by Member shniggies on 12/18/12 07:32 PM #3
Posts: 909

in for that mouse! my mouse is getting a bit beat up :/
Posted by Member Khan on 12/18/12 07:44 PM #4
Posts: 1195

Good luck everyone!

Please do not count me as an entry. Thanks!
Posted by Member Baldy on 12/18/12 07:58 PM #5
Posts: 706

Posted by shniggies at 12/18/2012 07:32 PM

in for that mouse! my mouse is getting a bit beat up :/

Really @Euggie? Aren't you like Donald Trump now? Good lord if he wins I quit!

hehehe j/k!!

Count me in YO!
Posted by Member razer22 on 12/18/12 08:04 PM #6
Posts: 194

Anyways many thanks to Anuiran and the other d3rmt members that contributed to this giveaway.
Posted by Member kltl28 on 12/18/12 08:06 PM #7
Posts: 2

Good luck everyone!!

count in me pls
Posted by Admin Artishir on 12/18/12 08:15 PM #8
Posts: 182

Good luck everyone ;)
Posted by Member xiaojisu on 12/18/12 08:16 PM #9
Posts: 4

Wow, what a huge giveaway!

Good luck to everyone :)
Posted by Member shniggies on 12/18/12 08:27 PM #10
Posts: 909

Posted by Baldy at 12/18/2012 07:58 PM

Posted by shniggies at 12/18/2012 07:32 PM

in for that mouse! my mouse is getting a bit beat up :/

Really @Euggie? Aren't you like Donald Trump now? Good lord if he wins I quit!

hehehe j/k!!

Count me in YO!

LOL i'm still poor at heart :)
if i win any of the gold giveaways, it'll just go back to the site for another giveaway...
Posted by Member Undertaker on 12/18/12 08:42 PM #11
Posts: 103

count me in good luck everyone
Posted by Member douvinsky on 12/18/12 09:00 PM #12
Posts: 1445

Good luck everyone! Please count me in!
Posted by Member spifspaz on 12/18/12 09:02 PM #13
Posts: 16

how do all, good luck
Posted by Member jonnied on 12/18/12 09:04 PM #14
Posts: 1

Count me in too :)
Posted by Member ecocd on 12/18/12 09:10 PM #15
Posts: 1059

You can count me in for an entry. Thanks for keeping the Site up and running!
Posted by Member Buzzell on 12/18/12 09:13 PM #16
Posts: 296

I'm in!
[obligatory character count]
Posted by Member TheGreyFox on 12/18/12 09:22 PM #17
Posts: 1

*mouth waters* Count me in :D
Posted by Member Stukthrtl on 12/18/12 09:23 PM #18
Posts: 282

Oh wow, big thanks to all the super generous people on this site!! Lots of stuff i would never have even thought i would have been able to acquire. I am so in!! I also pledge to give back to our community if i happen to win. Good luck everyone!!!!
Posted by Member NightCrawler9 on 12/18/12 09:32 PM #19
Posts: 444

Post! Maybe I'll finally win something here haha.
Posted by Member MiKaEl on 12/18/12 09:46 PM #20
Posts: 17

wow...count me in too.. :D Happy holidays all!
Posted by Member someone on 12/18/12 09:58 PM #21
Posts: 1

Great Holiday giveaway thanks for the chance!
Posted by Member markymark128 on 12/18/12 10:02 PM #22
Posts: 1

good luck and happy holidays everyone
Posted by Member Storm on 12/18/12 10:03 PM #23
Posts: 6

Good luck to all. Merry christmas=)
Posted by Member despereaux on 12/18/12 10:08 PM #24
Posts: 1

happy holidays ;o
Posted by Member ufabao on 12/18/12 10:10 PM #25
Posts: 1

happy holidays everyone

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