Love this site

Posted by Member zerokewl on 4/30/14 10:47 AM #1
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Yes traffic is down, but I still make sure I check this site often and will continue to do so.

I did however leave the clan last night as I got into a HC clan and I really needed a deeper HC community for advice and groups. Do not hesitate to chat or add me if you haven't already. I will always help anyone in their HC endeavors!
Posted by Member Bort on 5/1/14 05:16 AM #2
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General traffic is def down, but to brag a little. (hehe) my book guide has already seen more than 14000 views in about a month. So at least people are aware of the site.

As for HC... I wish I was on US server to play with you guys. I mostly play alone on HC cause I simply don't trust public.
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 5/1/14 02:49 PM #3
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As @bort stated, his guide has been quite popular. In general the website is actually seeing an increase in traffic. This is mostly due to the item database and it's various features and lists:

Horadric Cache
Torment Only
Legendary Crafting Material Locations
+ Elemental Damage Items
Items that Modify Skills
Items that Cast spells

Etc etc.

We are also the most in-depth database on the internet for information on how unique legendary items work.

Mad Monarch Scepter
Harrington Waistguard
Cord of the Sherma

Etc etc.

Even though the website is getting more traffic, forum posting is down substantially. This is mostly due to the lack of contests and there being better places to post with more active communities. The official Diablo website, Reddit, DiabloFans and so on. This isn't a big concern for me, the database orientated nature of the website is where I see the future of the website. The forums will never compete with larger websites and it's a minor feature of the website. In terms of overall traffic the forums are less than 1% of daily traffic.

I have also been redesigning the guide system, so there will be changes coming there soon too. But like you said @bort, your guide has been getting attention for sure :)

@zerokewl, it's also perfectly fine you left. Keep on having fun in Hardcore!
Posted by Member Guch on 5/2/14 08:51 AM #4
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Like those items with the tracking. The puzzle ring ABSOLUTELY needs this!
Posted by Member Mannix on 5/12/14 03:07 AM #5
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Pretty much is the best site ever for everything ever,

just sayin

@Anuiran is just a god
Posted by Member zerokewl on 5/16/14 08:36 AM #6
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Posted by Mannix at 05/12/2014 03:07 AM

Pretty much is the best site ever for everything ever,

just sayin

@Anuiran is just a god

Well said...I mean when I get good loot this is the first place I want to share it...last night was amazing for my gear..+401k dps

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