Armor of the Kind Regent

Chest Armor

The Kind Regent of Taubej took great pleasure in torturing his enemies. His armour is a legendary chest piece that can only be found on those who have incurred Yoels wrath. This item requires level 70 characters to wear and features an impressive passive ability called 'Torture'. This armour is perfect for any Crusader who wants to be an effective fighter. It features special skills that will make them even more dangerous in battle. When you use your Smite skill on its own or combined with other attacks not only do they hit twice but each strike continues further independently. There are some limitations though - if there’s just one enemy within range then this nifty little bonus won't work at all. The Smart Drop system is an innovative way to ensure that chest armour will usually roll with the mainstat appropriate for your class. If you find a piece of gear with +skill bonuses, they're also likely going into skills relevant to what build or roles are needed in battle!

Item Details

The crusader skill Smite will be cast on a second nearby enemy every time it is used.

Guaranteed Stats

Level 70 stat ranges shown below.


  • 660–759 Base Armor

One of 3 Magic Properties (varies)

  • +416–500 Strength
  • +416–500 Dexterity
  • +416–500 Intelligence

+4 Random Magic Properties

Flavour Text

"Yoel, the so called 'Kind Regent' of Taubej, was anything but. He took great pleasure in torturing his enemies, real or imagined, and periodically would have a random peon dragged out into the square to be tortured to death, just to keep his people scared and docile. Yoel named himself the Kind Regent, as he truly believed he was a benevolent ruler. Of course, he was quite mad." — Deckard Cain

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