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These items have a chance to do something when you hit or attack an enemy.

Item Details
Andariel's Visage

This helmet is an example of the sickening work that some long-forgotten artisan put into their craft. It has been made to resemble Andariel, The Maiden of Anguish. Andariels Visage helmet is a symbol of her hatred and revenge. This ancient armor has been enchanted by the dark powers that dwell within it. Poisoning those who wear this visor with poison meant for Andarile's enemies. Keep in mind that also carrying some collateral damage: fire immunity! Andariel's Visage is one of the best helmets for hireling players because it provides strength, skills and Life Stolen Per Hit. It also has an added bonus in that Fire Resistance protects you from fires so its drawback doesn't matter as much with Treachery’s Fade ability. Many players will still try to find jewels for it in order make up for its bonus. But with Treachery's Fade ability there is no need! Chance on hit to release a Poison Nova that deals 350-450% weapon damage as Poison to enemies within 10 yards.

. Increases one of 7 Elemental Skill Damage types by 15-20%.


Bovine Bardiche

Chance on hit to summon a herd of murderous cows.



25–50% chance to sunder the ground your enemies walk on when you attack.
Crafted Two-Handed Mace that has 1 random Magic Property.

Two-Handed Mace

Cinder Switch

25–50% chance to cast a fireball when attacking.
Crafted Two-Handed Axe that has 4 random Magic Properties.

Two-Handed Axe

Cord of the Sherma

Chance on hit to create a chaos field that Blinds and Slows enemies inside for 2–4 seconds.


Demon Machine

35–65% chance to shoot explosive bolts when attacking.


Demon's Heart

Part of the Demon's Skin set

Set Chest Armor

Demon's Marrow

Crafted Set Chest Armor that has 6 random Magic Properties
Part of the Demon's Hide set

Set Chest Armor

Fire Brand

25–50% chance to cast a fireball when attacking.
Crafted Two-Handed Axe that has 3 random Magic Properties.

Two-Handed Axe

Fjord Cutter

You are surrounded by a Chilling Aura when attacking.

One-Handed Mighty Weapon

Flying Dragon

Chance to double your attack speed when attacking.



Lighting damage has a chance to turn enemies into lightning rods, causing them to pulse 444-555% weapon damage as Lightning every second to nearby enemies for 6 seconds.

One-Handed Sword


Chance to summon a ghostly Fallen Champion when attacking.

One-Handed Axe


Chance for enemies to drop gold when you hit them.
100% Extra Gold From Monsters.

Chest Armor

Hellfire Ring

Chance on hit to engulf the ground in lava, dealing 200% weapon damage per second for 6 seconds.



Chance to root enemies to the ground when you hit them.



7–10% chance on hit to summon a Spike Trap, Caltrops or Sentry

Hand Crossbow

Kekegi's Unbreakable Spirit

Damaging enemies has a chance to grant you an effect that removes the Spirit cost of your abilities for 2-4 seconds.

Spirit Stone


Chance on hit to summon a Demonic Slave.

Two-Handed Sword

Moonlight Ward

Hitting an enemy within 15 yards has a chance to ward you with shards of Arcane energy that explode when enemies get close, dealing 240-320% weapon damage as Arcane to enemies within 15 yards.


Odyn Son

20–40% chance to Chain Lightning enemies when you hit them.

One-Handed Mace

Overwhelming Desire

Chance on hit to charm the enemy. While charmed, the enemy takes 35% more damage


Pus Spitter

25–50% chance to lob an acid blob when attacking.



10% chance on hit to instantly deal 10,000% weapon damage as Cold to enemies that are Frozen.

One-Handed Sword

Sanguinary Vambraces

Chance on being hit to deal 1000% of your Thorns damage to nearby enemies.


Sash of Knives

100% chance on attack to throw a dagger at a nearby enemy for 500–650% weapon damage as Physical.



20–45% chance to explode with demonic fury when attacking.

Two-Handed Sword

Shenlong's Fist of Legend

Part of the Shenlong's Spirit set

Set Fist Weapon

Sky Splitter

10–20% chance to Smite enemies when you hit them.
Deals 600-750% damage.

One-Handed Axe

Stone Gauntlets

10.0–20.0% Chance to Immobilize on Hit


Storm Crow

20–40% chance to cast a fiery ball when attacking.
Lightning skills deal 15–20% more damage.

Wizard Hat

The Butcher's Sickle

20–25% chance to drag enemies to you when attacking.

One-Handed Axe

The Ess of Johan

Chance on hit to pull in enemies toward your target and Slow them by 60–80%.


The Gidbinn

Chance to summon a Fetish when attacking.

Ceremonial Knife

The Grin Reaper

Chance to summon horrific Mimics when attacking.

Voodoo Mask

The Tormentor

Chance to charm enemies when you hit them.


Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker

Chance on hit to blast your enemy with Lightning, dealing 279–372% weapon damage as Lightning and then jumping to additional nearby enemies. Each enemy hit has their attack speed and movement speed reduced by 30% for 3 seconds. Jumps up to 5 targets.

One-Handed Sword

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