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This page lists the various "easter egg" items in Diablo 3. They are usually inside jokes, hidden messages or references to pop culture.

Item Details
Barter Town Pads

Both the name of this item and it's flavour text "Used in the arena in the center of the city of Kalden, the famed 'Barter Town.'" is a reference to Bartertown from the Mad Max movie series.


Beckon Sail

The name of this cloak is similar to the actress Kate Beckinsale. However that's not the only connection. The items flavour text "Favored by those who do their fighting in the underworld." is a reference to the character Selene, that she plays in the Underworld movie franchise.


Blind Faith

The flavour text of this item "Do not trust your eyes; they can deceive you." is a reference to the 1977 film Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Specifically it is spoken by Ben Kenobi to Luke Skywalker while first training him how to use a Lightsaber.


Bottomless Potion of Kulle-Aid

The effect and flavour text of this item is a reference to the Kool-Aid Man, who is a mascot for Kool-Aid and is known for his catch phrase "Oh, yeah!" He would generally make his grand entrance in commercials by breaking through walls.


Cape of the Dark Night

This cape is a reference to Batman. The flavour text in particular "Those who seek to do evil are a cowardly and superstitious lot." is very similair to the quote "Criminals are a superstitious cowardly lot" seen in the first comic to mention Batman's Origin (Detective Comics Issue 33.) However the character first appears in Detective Comics Issue 27.


Defender of Westmarch

The items graphic is strikingly similar to shields used by members of House Stark in Game of Thrones, based on the Song of Ice and Fire book series. You can see the exact shield in various episodes of the TV show.

Defender of Westmarch Easter Egg



Etrayu is very similair to the name of the main character in The Neverending Story, Atreyu. However, the flavour text "The warrior surveyed the dead and dying arrayed about him. There would be more—many more. He felt as if he were trapped in a tale that would never end." is the biggest hint.


Halcyon's Ascent

This amulet is designed to look like the helmet of the progressive-house music producer and performer known as Deadmau5. Halcyon441 was an alias used by Deadmau5 to release the 2006 album titled Deadmau5 Circa 1998–2002.

The item's flavour text "Raise your weapon, raise your weapon... and it's over." is a reference to the song "Raise your Weapon" by Deadmau5.

The following video was made by Jaetch and showcases the amulets effect along with the song Raise Your Weapon.


Hammer Jammers

Everything about these pants points to the song "U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer. Their name, their graphic and the flavour text "These large pants cannot be touched."


Justice Lantern

The items flavour text "Once worn by the self-appointed guardians of Sanctuary, who were said to feel no fear." is a reference to the ring used by the super hero Green Lantern. The items name is also a big hint.



The flavour text on this dagger "In their last moments, people show you who they really are..." is spoken by the Joker in the movie "The Dark Knight."



The items flavour text "Ideal for crushing your enemies and driving them before you." is a reference to a quote in the 1982 movie "Conan the Barbarian" starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. You can hear the quote at the end of this video.

Mighty Belt

Logan's Claw

This Fist weapon makes various references too the character Wolverine from the X-Men franchise.

  • Logan is Wolverine's real name.
  • Wolverine has three claws that he can extend from his hand.
  • The Life on Hit and Life per Second stats guaranteed to appear on this weapon are most likely in reference to Wolverines healing powers.
  • Lastly the flavour text "Bearing this weapon can release the feral beast within." is the third and final reference this item makes to Wolverine.

Fist Weapon

Monster Hunter

The flavour text "Be wary when you fight monsters, lest you become one." Is a quote from Friedrich Nietzsche.

Original German Quote: Wer mit Ungeheuern kämpft, mag zusehn, dass er nicht dabei zum Ungeheuer wird. Und wenn du lange in einen Abgrund blickst, blickt der Abgrund auch in dich hinein.

Translation: He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster.

Source [1] Source [2]

One-Handed Sword


The flavour text "It's big. It's heavy. It's wood." is a quote from the Log Song which comes from an episode of Ren and Stimpy. You can listen to the song below.

One-Handed Mace

Odyn Son

This weapon is a reference to Odin a god in the Norse mythology and his son Thor a hammer-wielding god commonly associated with thunder and lightning.

One-Handed Mace

Pride of Cassius

The flavour text "He moved swiftly and he struck hard. Truly the greatest warrior to have walked the land." and name of the item is in reference to Muahammad Ali. His birth name was Cassius Marcellus Clay before he changed it.

Mighty Belt

Schaefer's Hammer

This mace is named after Erich and Max Schaefer two of the lead designers and founders of the company Condor, the team that worked on the original Diablo game. The company was later renamed "Blizzard North" after being purchased by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. The flavour text "Forged in the frigid wastes of the north to honor the famed Schaefer artisans." also pays homage to the Schaefer brothers and the entire Blizzard North team.

Two-Handed Mace

Tasker And Theo

Theo was an English Springer Spaniel who served as a bomb detection dog for the British Army whilst stationed in Afghanistan. His handler, Lance Corporal Liam Tasker, was killed in March 2011, and Theo died hours after, following a seizure. The pair had set a new record for bomb finds during their time on deployment. Source

The flavour text of item is as follows: "The master and his hound were the most famed hunters of their day. He died fighting beside his favorite dog, just as the way he would have wanted it. His loyal companion soon followed."


The Ancient Bonesaber of Zumakalis

In the episode "Universal Remonster" of Aqua Teen Hunger Force Oglethorpe makes a claim that the Remonster can only be killed with the Ancient Bonesaber of Zumakalis. You can hear the sound clip of that conversation here.

One-Handed Sword

The Horadric Hamburger

It's a hamburger, enough said.


The Murlocket

When equipped this Amulet summons a Murloc a popular monster from World of Warcraft.


The Three Hundredth Spear

This item is a reference to the Battle of Thermopylae which had a movie created based on the events that took place at this battle. That movie 300. Movie the Spears name and flavour text "They fought against incredible odds, down to the last warrior." reference it.


Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker

Thunderfury is one of the most well known and coveted items in World of Warcraft for collectors. You can read more about the World of Warcraft version at

One-Handed Sword


Unity is a ring from a Dave Chapelle comedy skit. The flavour text "A symbol of peace, love and togetherness for all mankind. Also good for leaving an imprint on someone's head." is in reference to a scene where Rick James hits Charlie Murphy in the head with the Unity ring, but unfortunately the scene is too shocking to show here.


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