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This is a list of equipabble items that are acquried from a specific monster or zone.

Note: All other equipabble items in the game can drop from any monster or area, except for the Horadric Cache exclusive items. There are also items that can only drop in Torment 1 or higher, you can view a list of those items here.

Item Details

You can find a guide on how to enter Whimyshire at this link.

  • Drops from Unique monsters in Whimsyshire
    • Creampuff
    • Killaire
    • Maisie the Daisy
    • Maulin Sorely
    • Midnight Sparkle
    • Nightmarity
    • R'Lyeh
    • Tubbers

One-Handed Sword

The Horadric Hamburger

This tasty dagger only drops from Piñatas in Whimsyshire.


The Murlocket

Summons a Murloc that follows the player around.

Drops from Moontooth in the Sewers of Caldeum.


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