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These items were exclusively found in Season Two, but now that Season Two is complete can found in all game modes.

Item Details
Belt of the Trove

Every 6–8 seconds, call down Bombardment on a random nearby enemy.


Esoteric Alteration

Gain 10.0% non-Physical damage reduction.

While below half Life, your resistances to Cold, Fire, Lightning, Poison, and Arcane are increased by 75%. (Requires Rank 25)


Gem of Ease

Monster kills grant +500 experience.

Level Requirement Set to 1. (Requires Rank 25)


Gungdo Gear

Exploding Palm's on-death explosion applies Exploding Palm.


Halo of Arlyse

Your Ice Armor now reduces damage from melee attacks by 50–60% and automatically casts Frost Nova whenever you take 10% of your Life in damage.


Molten Wildebeest’s Gizzard

Regenerates 10000 Life per Second.

After not taking damage for 4 seconds, gain an absorb shield for 200% of your total Life per Second. (Requires Rank 25)


Odyssey's End

Enemies snared by your Entangling Shot take 20–25% increased damage from all sources.


The Undisputed Champion

Frenzy gains the effect of every rune.

Mighty Belt


Locust Swarm is cast on a nearby enemy every second.


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