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This page lists all the New & Changed Legendary Items for Patch 2.3.

Item Details
Arreat's Law

Weapon Throw generates up to 15–20 additional Fury based on how far away the enemy hit is. Maximum benefit when the enemy hit is 20 or more yards away.



Undead and Demon enemies within 25 yards take 500-650 weapon damage as Holy every second and are sometimes knocked into the air.

One-Handed Sword

Bane of the Stricken

Each attack you make against an enemy increases the damage it takes from your attacks by 0.8% Gain 25% increased damage against Rift Guardians and bosses (Requires Rank 25)


Binding of the Lost

Each hit with Seven-Sided Strike grants 3.0–3.5% damage reduction for 7 seconds.


Bracers of Destruction

Seismic Slam deals 300–400% increased damage to the first 5 enemies it hits.


Bracers of the First Men

Hammer of the Ancients attacks 50% faster and deals 150–200% increased damage.


Coils of the First Spider

While channeling Firebats, you take 30% reduced damage and gain 60000–80000 Life per Hit.


Dishonored Legacy

Cleave deals up to 300–400% increased damage based on percentage of missing Fury.

One-Handed Mighty Weapon

Fazula's Improbable Chain

You automatically start with 15–20 Archon stacks when entering Archon form.


Fjord Cutter

You are surrounded by a Chilling Aura when attacking.

One-Handed Mighty Weapon


Lighting damage has a chance to turn enemies into lightning rods, causing them to pulse 444-555% weapon damage as Lightning every second to nearby enemies for 6 seconds.

One-Handed Sword

Fury of the Ancients

Call of the Ancients gains the effect of the Ancients' Fury rune.


Gabriel's Vambraces

When your Blessed Hammer hits 3 or fewer enemies, 75–100% of its Wrath Cost is refunded.


Henri's Perquisition

The first time an enemy deals damage to you, reduce that damage by 60–80% and Charm the enemy for 3 seconds.


Hunter's Wrath

Your primary skills attack 30% faster and deal 45–60% increased damage.


Jeram's Bracers

Wall of Death deals 75–100% increased damage and can be cast up to three times within 2 seconds before the cooldown begins. Increases the attack speed of Wall of Death by 30%


Johanna's Argument

Increase the attack speed of Blessed Hammer by 100%.

One-Handed Flail

Kanai's Cube

Found in the Elder Sanctum of The Ruins of Sescheron in Act Three. This cube allows players to gain an additional three legendary powers. The item can also be used to convert, breakdown and transmute Legendary Items, Crafting Materials and Gems.


Lion's Claw

Seven-Sided Strike performs an additional 7 strikes.

Fist Weapon

Sacred Harness

Judgment gains the effect of the Debilitate rune and is cast at your landing location when casting Falling Sword.



Reduces the Mana cost of Zombie Charger by 40–50%.


SuWong Diviner

Acid Cloud gains the effect of the Lob Blob Bomb rune.


The Demon's Demise

Spike Trap - Sticky Trap spreads to nearby enemies when it explodes.

Hand Crossbow

Valla's Bequest

Strafe projectiles pierce.

Hand Crossbow

Wraps of Clarity

Your Hatred Generators reduce your damage taken by 30–35% for 5 seconds.


Yang's Recurve

Multishot attacks 50% faster.


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