Asheara's Tracks

Set Boots

Attack Speed Increased by 4.0–5.0%
Crafted Set boots that have 3 random Magic Properties
Part of the Asheara's Uniform set

Crafting Ingredients

Item Details

  • Boots don't normally roll with Attack Speed.
  • The two piece set bonus will increase your All Resist by 30.
  • The three piece set bonus will give you 2.5% Life Steal and 300 Holy Thorns damage per hit.

Set Information

Asheara's Uniform

(2) Set:

  • +30 Resistance to All Elements

(3) Set:

  • 2.50% of Damage Dealt Is Converted to Life
  • Ranged and melee attackers take 300 Holy damage per hit.

Guaranteed Stats

Level 52 stat ranges shown below.


  • 175–192 Base Armor

Primary Stats

  • Attack Speed Increased by 4.0–5.0%
  • +270–299 Dexterity

Secondary Stats

  • +61–80 Fire Resistance

+3 Random Magic Properties

Flavour Text

The Iron Wolves have traveled far and done much in the last twenty years. From the docks of Kurast to the palaces of Caldeum, they upheld their duty until they were driven from the emperor's side by the Imperial Guard.

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