Crown of the Invoker

Set Helmet

Part of the Thorns of the Invoker set

Item Details

  • The two piece set bonus will increase your Thorns by 4,000.
  • The three piece bonus will cause any enemies within 15 yards to be hit by your Thorns damage.

Set Information

Thorns of the Invoker

(2) Set:

  • Ranged and melee attackers take 4000 damage per hit

(4) Set:

  • Your Thorns damage now hits all enemies in a 15 yard radius.

Guaranteed Stats

Level 70 stat ranges shown below.


  • 660–759 Base Armor

One of 3 Magic Properties (varies)

  • +626–750 Dexterity
  • +626–750 Strength
  • +626–750 Intelligence

Secondary Stat

  • Ranged and melee attackers take 1525–2000 damage per hit

+3 Random Magic Properties

Empty Socket

Flavour Text

This helm is clearly manmade, but the fetid black brambles that adorn it thrum with unmistakable demonic energy.

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