Fire Brand

Two-Handed Axe

25–50% chance to cast a fireball when attacking.
Crafted Two-Handed Axe that has 3 random Magic Properties.

Item Details

  • The fireball shoots out in the direction that you are facing.
  • Does not need to target to proc.
  • While testing with 107,000 DPS, the largest fireball crit observed was only 1,037 damage.

Crafting Ingredients

Guaranteed Stats

Below you will find the range of stats found on the level 60 version. The legendary effect does not change with level.


  • 1561.0–1759.0 Base DPS
  • (1416–1578)–(1706–1940) Damage
  • 1.00 Attacks per Second

Primary Stats

  • 81–100 Fire Resistance
  • +(732–894)–(877–1111) Fire Damage

+3 Random Magic Properties

Flavour Text

Ensorcelled with the essence of living flame.

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