Hellfire Amulet


Gain the effect of a random passive skill of your class type.

Crafting Ingredients

You can find a guide on how to gather the ingredients to craft this item here.

Guaranteed Stats

One of 3 Magic Properties (varies)

  • +626–750 Dexterity
  • +626–750 Strength
  • +626–750 Intelligence

+3 Random Magic Properties

Empty Socket

Patch History

As of Patch 2.2.3 (August 24th, 2015) the following changes were made to this item:

  • Now rolls with a guaranteed socket.

Flavour Text

The Hellfire Amulet is truly a badge of dedication to those who, at great cost to themselves, have sworn their lives to eradicating the demon scourge from the lands of Sanctuary.

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