Sage's Orbit

Set Helmet

Reduces duration of control impairing effects by 10–20%
Crafted Set helmet that has 4 random Magic Properties
Part of the Sage's Plight set

Crafting Ingredients

Item Details

  • This helmet has a very large amount of Crowd Control Reduction.
  • The two piece set bonus will give you 35 Dexterity, Intel, Strength and Vitality.

Set Information

Sage's Plight

(2) Set:

  • +35 Strength
  • +35 Dexterity
  • +35 Intelligence
  • +35 Vitality

Guaranteed Stats

Level 60 stat ranges shown below.


  • 807–917 Base Armor

Primary Stats

  • +410–446 Armor

+4 Random Magic Properties

Flavour Text

Patterned after Imris's unique circle of protection, which was powered by his own magic to not only ward off attackers but also strengthen his mind.

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