The Cloak of the Garwulf


Companion - Wolf Companion now summons 3 wolves.

Item Details

Wolves travel in packs and this Cloak allows you to summon a pack of 3. Also, Movement Speed doesn't normally roll on chest items.

Guaranteed Stats

The minimum level this item can drop at is 31. Below you will find the range of stats found on the level 31 version, however the item can drop at any level above 31. The legendary effect does not change with level.


  • 360-472 Base Armor

Primary Stats

  • +160–179 Dexterity

+4 Random Magic Properties


  • 660-759 Base Armor

Primary Stats

  • +416–500 Dexterity

+4 Random Magic Properties

Patch History

  • Patch 2.0.5 on May 13th, 2014 - The buff applied by this item will now display the correct number of wolves.

As of Patch 2.1.0 (August 26, 2014) the following changes were made to this item:

  • No longer rolls with guaranteed All Resistance. Replaced with two extra random property.

Flavour Text

The cloak of one with an affinity toward wolves.

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