The Flavor of Time


+10-12% Movement Speed

Item Details

Amulets do not usually have movement speed on them. The other guaranteed stats on this item are also time related.

Guaranteed Stats

The minimum level this item can drop at is 50. Below you will find the range of stats found on the level 50 version, however the item can drop at any level above 50. The legendary effect does not change with level.

Primary Stats

  • Reduces cooldown of all skills by 4.0–7.0%

+4 Random Magic Properties

Primary Stats

  • Reduces cooldown of all skills by 5.0–8.0%

+4 Random Magic Properties

Patch History

As of Patch 2.1.0 (August 26, 2014) the following changes were made to this item:

  • No longer rolls with guaranteed Increased Attack Speed.

Flavour Text

This garish amulet, once worn by an over large imp, makes time an insignificant thing.

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