Aughild's Ultimatum

Set Bracers

Crafted Set Bracers that have 3 random Magic Properties
Part of the Aughild's Victory set

Crafting Ingredients

Note: Some of the required ingredients can only be found in Reaper of Souls.

Item Details

  • The two piece set bonus will decrease the damage you receive from melee attacks by 2%.
  • The three piece bonus will decrease the damage you receive from ranged attacks by 2%.

Set Information

Aughild's Victory

(2) Set:

  • Reduces damage from melee attacks by 2.0%

(3) Set:

  • Reduces damage from ranged attacks by 2.0%.

Guaranteed Stats

Level 42 stat ranges shown below.


  • 175–247 base Armor

Primary Stats

  • +135–159 Vitality
  • +85–145 Armor
  • Critical Hit Chance Increased by 3.5–4.0%

+3 Random Magic Properties

Flavour Text

Aughild had 50 demands that had to be met before he would spare the lives of the nobles. Those demands are written in the wrappings of these bracers.

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