Cosmic Strand


Teleport gains the effect of the Wormhole rune.
Crafted orb with 5 Random Magic Properties.

Crafting Ingredients

Note: Some of the required ingredients can only be found in Reaper of Souls.

Item Details

  • This source allows you to use another Teleport rune while still receiving the benefit of the Wormhole rune.
  • The description for the Wormhole rune is: "After casting Teleport, there is a 1 second delay before the cooldown begins, allowing you to Teleport again."

Guaranteed Stats

The minimum level this item can drop at is 70. Below you will find the range of stats found on the level 70 version. The legendary effect does not change with level.

Primary Stats

  • +(340–406)–(341–450) Damage

+5 Random Magic Properties

Flavour Text

Holds the secret to existence for those who can decipher its intricate design.

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