Asheara's Finders

Set Boots

Crafted Set Boots that have 6 random Magic Properties
Part of the Asheara's Vestments set

Item Details

  • Has a one minute cooldown on summoning your Followers.
  • Followers fight with you for 30 seconds.
  • Followers are equipped with all the items you gave them and the skills you choose for them.

Crafting Ingredients

Note: Some of the required ingredients can only be found in Reaper of Souls.

Set Information

Asheara's Vestments

(2) Set:

  • +100 Resistance to All Elements

(3) Set:

  • +20% Life

(4) Set:

  • Attacks cause your followers to occasionally come to your aid.

Guaranteed Stats

Level 70 stat ranges shown below.


  • 513–590 Armor

+6 Random Magic Properties

Flavour Text

The Iron Wolves have traveled far and done much in the last twenty years. From the docks of Kurast to the palaces of Caldeum, they upheld their duty until they were driven from the emperor's side by the Imperial Guard.

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